[] Fire Rune of Kalastor and Guardians Paladin ( SR 90, 4:21 Crucible, Callagadra, Crate, Ravager of Minds)

Hello, everyone. It’s been a minute since I last posted a build. I have been playing around with Fire Rune of Kalastor + Guardians for some days and Afanasenkov’s Lightning Purifier got me thinking. These are the results I’ve come up with.

crafts for stun res
Look for cooldown reduction prefix on the shield, you can buy it from the vendor in Bastion of Chaos.
Look for fire prefix on the scepter for physical to fire conversion.
For the rest of the greens, you need pierce/poison/aether resistance. You can use a second Runebound Topaz for more stun res if you don’t get it from greens. If your resistances are fine you can also use Health/DA augments on gear. Consider replacing Sanctified bone with a Runestone and Arcane Spark with Tainted Heart if you need aether resistance.
Should also mention that you can use Rune of Blazing Ends as a movement augment ( the one that I used on my fastest crucible run), it does more dmg but requires a target.

Stats with all permanent auras

Pretty simple, throw down your Rune and Inquisitor Seal, spam Stormfire, use Ascension in tight spots and kite when needed.
The build is rather squishy, but it can still facetank while the defensive procs are up. Beware of Iron maiden/ Fabius ( and physical hitters in general). Also remember than in SR during boss rooms you can stack your Runes and lure enemies into them before the start of the fight.
For a more relaxing/ safer version you can try something like this. The dps loss is noticable, but it has better defensive stats + 2 more circuit breakers.


Crate of Entertainment


Ravager of Minds

SR 90 bosses with some deaths to Fabius

4:21 Crucible run

4:34 Crucible run

4:36 Crucible run

SR 75-76 run

Rune of Kalastor with Obsidian Bulwark is in a pretty good spot right now.


You had me at Paladin :slight_smile:

Great build!

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Retal abuser but with caster pally ?
( awesome build build btw, time to change my EoR pally to this one)

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Gotta love how versatile Paladin is. Great build man

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