[] Siegebreaker Paladin: All Celestials, SR 100 (vid)

This is a tanky melee Paladin, built to facetank superbosses and push high SR.

Siegebreaker Paladin buffs
With all buffs update
With the introduction of patch and the update of physical conversion / armor interaction, I thought this build was going to suffer. However, there were many buffs to compensate this loss of hidden power, including tons of OA on Octavius and 100% conversion on gloves. I reworked the whole build it is stronger than ever! GRIMTOOLS (CLICK ME)


Older versions of the build

Patch Grimtools: Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
Patch Grimtools: Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
First version Grimtools: Paladin, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Achievements ( videos)


Callagadra easy facetank
Ravager of Souls easier if you don’t pick the fumble one
Sloppy Crate kill. Not the most efficient Crate killer but it works, even with a lot of mistakes
No video of Mogdrogen but it was a piece of cake I swear

Shattered Realm

Sr 75-76 is safe and relatively quick. Up to SR 90-ish, you don’t need to use potions and should be relatively safe, as long as you don’t try to bite more than you can chew.
SR 100 is dangerous and you have to fish for good mutators. Took me a few attempts to record a deathless run, ngl.
Full SR 75-76 run
Full SR 90 run
Full SR 100 run


This guy is not built for Crucible, so it’s rather slow. I redid 150-170 with buffs in 7:37 ish. No buffs is possible too but zzz.
150-170 run

Older videos

CRATE kill: [] Siegebreaker Paladin vs Crate of Entertainment - YouTube

Ravager kill: Siegebreaker Paladin vs Ravager of Souls - YouTube Don’t be an idiot like me and choose another Ravager to avoid annoying fumble pools

Callagadra kill: Siegebreaker Paladin vs Callagadra - YouTube

Crucible 161-170 Gladiator in 5:18: Siegebreaker Paladin vs Crucible - YouTube

Crucible 161-170 Gladiator extra spawns, no buff/banner: Siegebreaker Paladin vs Crucible 161-170 extra spawns, no buff/banner - YouTube *Third attempt, with lots of mistakes. Shattered Realm 80 Boss Room: Siegebreaker Paladin vs SR 80 Boss Room [] - YouTube SR85 Boss Room: [] Siegebreaker Paladin SR85 Boss Room - YouTube SR90 Boss Room: [ ]Siegebreaker Paladin SR90 Boss Room - YouTube SR95 Boss Room: [] Siegebreaker Paladin SR 95 Boss Room - YouTube

Gear discussion

  • Shield: Siegebreaker is build defining, no other option there.

  • Gloves: No other option but to use Grasp of the Unchained Might here.

  • Weapon: With the buff to the gloves, Earthsplitter is no longer necessary to reach 100% conversion. I farmed ancient grove vendor for 8 hours to get this weapon, but any Bargoll Root with attack speed will do.

  • 3 piece Octavius is the best option in my opinion, with its conversion and impressive defensive stats. Avenger is also possible, but more squishy and lacks conversion. Gaze of Empyrion helm is also an option.

  • Amulet: Storm Box conduit is very good. Azrakaa’s Sands is safer but less damage, but since I don’t use Horn of Gandarr it loses some of it appeal.

  • Rings: 1 Black Matriarch and 1 Gargabol (with attack speed). Combustion Band is also an option now, but it’s much harder to get 24/16 RF with it. Use Steelbloom augment over Hammerfall now

  • Medal: Mark of Kalastor gives every stat we want. Can be replaced by a gg Wendigo Glare.

  • Belt: Avenger is great even though we can’t use the granted skill. Cord of Deception is a decent replacement if you need to fix DA.

  • Boots: I like Final March here. Can be replaced by Earthshatter Treads (but those lack slow resist) or Boneshatter Treads (but those lack useful resistances and DA).

Devotion discussion
What we want here is Light of Empyrion for the damage reduction debuff. No reason not to use use Bear now, which procs like mad with Storm Box. Rest is standard tanky physical stuff.

Skill points distribution
With Steelbloom Powder and additional OA on Octavius, Judgment is no longer necessary to get Assassin’s Mark on superbosses. Max Ascension if you want, but I prefer the racial damage on Steel Resolve and the temporary OA buff on Clarity of Purpose.

Big thanks to @Ulvar1 for his much needed help with the build!


Nice work with the build! Also fun to see calla fights without pharma

You have a timer for CR 150-170?

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I don’t, I only recorded one 161-170 run, but it was surprinsly fast I must say. Was able to do two 150-170 runs without having to buy buffs again.

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Nice to see this get tested and posted. I had a similar idea some weeks ago and threw some GT links together for it but went with 3pc Avenger and as much focus on Shattering Smash/Smite as I could like this: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2gQR0gZ. And this for a Warlord version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZP8WoKZ. I like the tankiness that Octavius adds though, never would have considered it :+1:.


Hey, man, by “Crucible 5:18” builders usually mean buffed/bannered 150-170 run not 160-170 run, you might be confusing people with that title a bit.

Other than that, congrats on your first build!


Oops sorry about that, I’m kind of a Crucible noob, I just added that because I know some people are interested in Crucible timers. Fixing the title right now!


Congratulations on facetanking Callagadra, nice to see new builder on forum :smile:

As Lee said, there on forum our “metric” for Crucible is 150-170. With tanky characters you can attempt too “170ex” which is extra spawn + 0 buffs/banners.


IT’S A FACETANKER. Nice build.
Check this @grey-maybe, a paladin that is up to date.

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just to remind you, he also posted this paladin :slight_smile:

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Congrats on the build, I really dig it!

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Added youtube link for this challenge as well.

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Updated Grimtools, just moved 1 point in Obelisk due to new layout.

Verry nice build!

I noticed that with current setup, if you put one point in rune of kalastor, this will put it at lvl 14 (at least that is what grimtools tells me for build).
The current modifiers on your items already convert almost all the dammage for rune of Kalastor dammage to physical.
This would get you a dps increase I think?

Octavius set is indeed oriented towards rune of Kalastor and the medal I use also provides a bonus to it. However, these are not the reason I picked these items, they just happened to provide the right stats for the build. It’s already kind of a piano build, plus rune of Kalastor at 1 point would deal less damage than siegebreaker due to the lack of weapon damage. Would advise to just go full Octavius if you want to use rune of Kalastor.

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Platemail of Octavius and Mythical Chausses of Barbaros both require 1035 Physique while the character’s physique attribute goes only up to 1034. In this case you can’t equip those two pieces. What am I doing wrong?

Some of the items (e.g. gargabol ring, final march, octavius shoulders) have variable physique rolls. I expect this is where the difference is made up.

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Added SR85 boss run. It’s easier than before since I don’t have to worry about fighting multiple bosses at the same time (I never understood camera exploit).

Put my patience to the test to reach SR 90, added video of boss room as proof. Probably can’t go higher since damage is rather low.

Also adjusted the build with a few more points in Smite. Damage is slightly better, but still bad in Crucible.

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Have you tried working in Dire Bear constellation for the armor reduction? It might have an impact on certain bosses for such an amount on unconverted physical? Pure curiosity on my part.

I haven’t tried it. I could give up Toad and the 3 nodes in Obelisk to afford that. Losing a lot of armor and DA though. Guess it’s worth a shot.