Add Damage converted to Physical Damage to Inquisitor Seal to another item

The wish in the title is pretty much just a visual one - the damage to be gained there is fairly insignificant.

There is such a nice physical FX available to Inquisitor Seal but it is sadly tied to Mythical Korvan Wyrm that blocks both weapon and shield slots and thus ties the effect to more or less strictly one build and one build only. It would be nice if this FX could also be used on other physical Inquisitor builds such as
[] Siegebreaker Paladin: Celestial Killer, Crucible 170, SR80 (vid) as an example. And there are several other physical Inquisitor builds out there.

Perhaps this mod (100% Fire Damage converted to Physical Damage to Inquisitor Seal) could additionally be added to another item. Mythical Mark of Kalastor looks like a prime candidate both thematically and power wise but having it on some amulet or belt could be fine too.

  • and this build is super niche as a harder to make exotic cousin of Raka’Jax Lightning Primal Strike
  • and Inquisitor is not your only choice as a support class for Shaman in this case (Occ, OK, Soldier)

I’d also see it on Octavius maybe? 2p bonus/helm/armor
This way Octavius Inquisitor could have it or partial Octavius Inquisitors out there

I would vouch for it to gain 10-15% physical RR instead, as going physical PS Vindicator doesn’t sound like much.

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