Can someone recommend me an awesome build for HC?

Hey guys.

Any build that’s not pets or retal, as I’ve tried some of those.
While I know those are good for HC due to their survivability, are there any other builds you found good for HC purposes?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Gun & Shield Guardian or Erulan ?
Ultra-tanky but also a bit clunky compared to dual pistols ; damage output is heratic. It is forgivable on gear. I’m still using faction gear on chest and shoulder and it works just fine (here’s my WIP version).

This paladin should also be as solid.

Avenger Warder
Physical Forcewave DK/Warlord/Withblade
BWC , Mortar trap Sorc
Blitz Warlord

all of these are my fav. build for HC
good survivability , good damage & plenty of support items while leveling

2h bonk warder
sword and shield warlord (doesn’t have to be retal) (could be 2h bonk too i suppose)
vitality conjurer
Paladin, (gunner or sword & board)

on the less universal more personal side of things; pierce blademaster - if more daring you could go infiltrator

And of course… Any pet build :wink:
(I know you tried those, just messing around the forum)

I did it all achievements from the first time with a fire canister bomb/bwc sorcerer. Sorcerer has multiple layers of defense with blast shield, mirror, arcane will and nulli, and with VF combined with other hp regen sources like behemoth it gives you quite some room for mistakes. And pick up ghoul on top of it and aeons
Hourglass, the cooldowns are drastically reduced as well. The pro is that I didnt have to farm for anything, with this combo of masteries and devotions, you zre not gear depandant at all imo for a first hc experience

Do you know any guide I can follow which might be close to a build like that?

mergos posted this recently, [] Pyrans Blazing Light, Regen based Fire Mortars, Devastation, Stormfire Sorcerer (Celestial Killer, SR 75-76, SR 80, Gladi 150-170), whether or not “as is” it’s HC proof i don’t know, can’t imagine it would take much adjustments tho