[] Dawnshard Dave - the all-Dawnshard Paladin [SR 80] [Ravager of Minds, Mogdrogen]


This is Dave. Dave is such a diehard Dawnshard fanboy, he insists on wearing all of the Dawnshard items. That’s right. Every single one in existence (why aren’t they a set, actually? Who knows).

This is 100% a meme build, so I won’t bother going into much detail. I’ll just say it uses Rune of Kalastor and Elemental Aegis (itself a meme) as its main skills, and its performance is surprisingly decent- though that’s mostly due to RoK being so innately powerful rather than the build itself being particularly good. Dave is capable of clearing SR 80 without any fuss, including Fabius, and he can even kill Mogdrogen and Ravager of Minds before pot timers run out. Not the most jawdropping feats, but within extremely acceptable parameters for a meme I’d say.

Also all the Dawnshard procs do look pretty nice.

:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: GT Link :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Stats with permabuffs, Ascension, and Deadly Aim



  • Dawnshard
  • Dawnshard
  • Dawnshard
  • Dawnshard
  • Can’t wear Dawnshard in every slot
Gameplay RoK and elemental Aegis for nukes (even though the Dawnshard blocks the gear that would reduce their cooldowns, RIP), Inquisitor Seal and Ascension for survival. Devotion procs and Dawnshard procs round out the damage. Phys res is terrible, but at least armor is nice. That and all the absorb/natural tankiness of the paladin class help it stay alive, as well as the Dryad devotion.

All Dawnshard, all day, baby. Plus the Conduit for elemental Aegis, and the Martin’s Crest medal for Rune of Kalastor conversion.

For whatever it’s worth, I crafted for physique, armor, and freeze res.


This build would actually be a pretty okay SR farmer (65-75), if someone were to want to play it more seriously.

SR 80
Ravager of Minds Whee
Mogdrogen Actually super easy, I definitely didn't need all these pots.

May you all be blessed by the light of Empyrion DAWNSHARD :pray:


Casting Speed does not exist in this build :laughing:. Good build nonetheless.

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Hey, Dave is a very busy cosplayer. You can’t expect him to worry about paltry things like casting speed.