[] The last fire warrior 7:55. cruci 150 - 170 (Archon) (c+) (sr+) (g3) (vid)

Hi guys!

I am kind of want to check how good is blazerush, but it took me time, since i didn’t want to rush time, like back when i was active. Mad_Lee made his blazeheart build, that gave me some inspiration so the items and devotion are almost the same, except few things. Thx to Ya to gave some ideas and feedback to me.



:damage_fire:Savagery version by Rhylthar

Gear: Ensure you get as much stun resist crafts on items.

Crucible: 7:55 Thx to Ya.


Wish the build was better. Fissures on Wind Devil proc nicely. Fire melee is fun.

Super susceptible to mutators like Aethermarked (had it on 161-170) and Resistant.

Build is OK. Playing the Elementalist version myself, build have lot of time fluctuations depending on mutators, also can be squishy as hell.

Who good is that in cruci, sr?

Maybe stupid idea, but perhaps you want to have a look:

Instead of using Righteous Fervor Line, you could take Savagery Line. You will lose some Armor (and sadly AS) but get 8 % Physical Resistance (and some more OA). I didn´t see a damage loss in GrimTools.

Crucible is similar. Build isn’t mine and haven’t play it in SR. Elementalist ofc use Savagery and max mines.

Don´t know if the last 15 minutes were worth it, but maybe this could be an alternative: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BnbRb2

Or even:

Loss of 200 Armor, some loss of Trap Resist, gain of OA/DA (including Bonus from Serenity, which can be put to good use), capped Stun Resist.

Welcome back btw :slight_smile:

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I don’t know really… It depends on how u want to play. I chose it cause fit for the build better (fire). Yeah savagery has more OA DA and the 8% physic. I add ur version too.

Thx. I won’t be that active then before, and there are not much concept that i want to do right now.

Let’s see that, when the new patch hits :smiling_imp: