[] Vitality DW melee Death Knight

funny i just managed to pull off an sr 65-66 with 0 deaths with an even squisher version of this build but man it was rough even with the good mutators and had to pull super carefully. Having hardly any max res bonus really hurts plus damn those swords are shit.


this is what I used lol.

It’s funny dps wise you can actually outperform the mythical edge of deaths by using dual decree of malmouth. The sheet dps is significantly higher with all buffs up. Something like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/nZoBYXBV kills considerably faster. shows how terrible edge of death swords are even with perfect rolls.

I would go like this:


I don’t like no Ghoul for a melee build. Vitality can use ofc Wenfigo instead.

Also I use dual Decree on my melee Ritualist and it’s way better than melee weapons, but DK I am not sure :thinking:

No ghoul on melee? :open_mouth:

i think he got it the wrong way around hehe
personally i think ghoul is overrated af. devos like wendigo and scales have given me better results when it comes to surviving.

Goul is meaning of life

hehe look at vitality modifer, 2800% with soul harvest up, over 3k with DG. all flat ele from relic, gloves and medal converted to vitality through weapons. beronath strikes and maxed bone harvest outperforming cadence in my tests.

Yes but Savagery is the beast(no pun intended) for vitality melee. Soldier have to use Cadence, I can’t skip it :smile:

Oh and I meant Ghoul for melee is very good.

yeah ghoul is very good for melee but i find that i make do fine without it and it allows me to choose different devotion paths. it gives that physical resist bonus but i find usually that physical damage isnt the primary thing killing me its magic damage and aoe stacking.

Life Steal on vitality build is in abundance, so yeah but usually is crucial for melee. Physical res is also important.

For Deathchill+Malmouth Scepters, I think this is the build:

Hello :slight_smile: Is this build still good for by any chance…? Asking, as I have the gear and would like to try next!

Probably is lower in ranking, compared to when I’ve made it. Vitality DW melee isn’t strong. I know @Ymiraku played it more recently, maybe can provide better information.

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I played with my version at and nothing changed after that. If @Nery allows I can share the link since this is his thread but my version has a few more MIs. And I assume there will be some changes about vitality items including the Mythical Edge of Death so anything can change in

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Of course you can post your version!

Yeah, hopefully weapons will be buffed in next patch, it’s in the feedback.

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Ty guys! Much appreciated

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