[] vulkn's TSS Allagast Mage Hunter (g4) (c+) (sr+) (vid)

Hi everyone, this is the first build that I will share with this community. I’ve recently seen lots of Allagast set builds that emphasized SBoE, even on classes not entirely suported by the set such as the Vindicator, and TSS builds that relied either on Trozan’s set or on Iskandra’s set, but no TSS fully utilizing Allagast’s set.

As a rather inexperienced player that gave me the misconception that Allagast’s TSS would be a rather weak build. This idea was also fueled by the occasional complaints on the set formalized on this forum, that I stumbled upon during my research.

Having a soft spot for underappreciated things and hidden gems I took it as a personal challenge to make the build work and post it here as an original concept. Ironically, I was unknowingly working with what I believe is one of the strongest TSS sets right now.

I wish to thank @Dmt , for sharing her build with me in advance, giving me some nice ideas (spider devotion and seal of skies), and of course my bro @sir_spanksalot, who practically godfathered this build and refined it into what it is today (yeah you told me so :roll_eyes:). Thank you both for welcoming me into this community.

Finally, as per request, you are only allowed to read this guide while listening to the following song, or else you will be cursed with bad mutators for the rest of the month. You’ve been warned…

                              **VULKN'S TSS ALLAGAST MAGE HUNTER**

*In-game stats with Deadly Aim proc.

>>> GRIM TOOLS <<<

Item Choices

I went for an Allagast Mage Hunter build where TSS was the star of it, so Starfury Amulet for that sixth shard and Rolderathis Tome (off-hand) for the reduced cd are both no-brainer picks.

An argument could be made in favor of Aetherbolt Pendant (amulet) due to the -10% aether and lightning rr and +1 to inquisitor skills, as the build hurts for skill points. Though as well pointed by @sir_spanksalot, going so heavy on aether to lightning damage conversion is capitalized upon by adding one more projectile to the skill. Also, the huge +% lightning damage we can attain (~3000%) and crit chance are both multiplied by 6 projectiles instead of 5. This build deeply synergizes with critcal hits (deadly aim and eternity procs).

I like to believe that Storm Shepherd (belt) and Glyph of the Storm Witch (ring) damage conversion are doing more than increasing the build’s DPS. Since we are getting roughly 75% of aether damage converted to lightning, it also converts the 36-44 aether damage portion of our main hand Allagast Stormbinder. This, multiplied by the +% lightning damage modifier, will likely benefit our ADctH (16%, 96% with ghoul devotion proc) and Bat devotion proc (20%WD + 45% of Attack Damage converted to Health x 2 piercing projectiles) .

Probably one of the reasons why even though this build feel so squishy it refuses to die on dire situations.

For me, Mark of the Shadow Queen (medal) is BiS with % aether and elemental damage, increased OA and +2 to Aura of Censure. Trozan’s hat (headgear) is BiS for it’s bonuses to TSS and +1 to all skills in arcanist.

Eternity is BiS relic and potentializes the build’s offence and defence. The flat CD reduction on a crit allows for more TSS spam in a skill rotation and resets devotions (Ultos and Spear of Heavens) for overall more DPS. Defence-wise, it shortens the downtime of Ghoul devotion, WoR, MoE and nullification.

I went with Footpads of the Grey Magi for that nice % physical resistance proc, though if you want to push down crucible clear times Wyrmscale Footguards are also an option.

The remaining item slots are filled with Allagast’s Masterpiece (duh :crazy_face:) and 2/3 pieces of the Eastern Oath, to help hard cap TSS and for that nice % OA bonus.


Standard lightning devotion with spider for flat OA/DA and casting speed, and Revenant instead of Rhowan’s Crown, bound to Aether Corruption (Seal of Corruption skill).

Revenant has some nice nodes and, correct me if I’m wrong, I believe Raise the Dead flat reduction will also reduce nemesis’ life leech resistance, something that improves the build’s sustainability. It also benefits the Aether damage portion of the build (do we even do any aether damage? lol).

Bat + Ghoul is doing the heavy lifting to keep this build alive. SBoE is a great proccer for Bat. If there is something that satisfyingly works in this build is Bat + Ghoul + Eternity reset.

Ultos bound to Chain Lightining (Seal of Skies’ Skill) for spammability. Hitting an Eternity proc while Hand of Ultos is on CD skyrockets DPS.

Widow for % lighting and aether rr, bound to TSS for more chance of proccing.

Spear of Heavens and Ghoul bound to whichever permanent buffs.


Skill point allocation is pretty much self explanatory. Focus of the build is TSS tree with one point in Frozen Core to benefit from skill bonuses. Maiven’s Sphere overcapped for improved defence. SBoE and Aura of Censure overcapped for offence.

Mental Alacrity is soft Capped for improved casting speed.

One pointers are there due to +Arcanist bonus. MoE is at 7, as that is the last milestone which reduces CD by 2 seconds (next levels only reduce it by 1). WoR is left at 11 as %Less Damage from Eldritch and Chthonics bonuses only improves at odd numbers.

This free points to max Overload and Elemental Balance. I dumped the last 4 points into Vigor for increased Health and secondary resistances.


You must learn the build’s limits to properly use it (I confess I myself, as a new player, am still learning proper piloting skills). It’s not a solid defence build, they seem more virtual to me, and if enemies get you with important answers on CD you are going to die if you don’t reposition.

That being said, paradoxically, the build can be resilient and walk away of situations where you know you should have died due to some lucky crit refilling your health.

It’s almost as if the build had a protocol to be played by order of priority:

  1. One cast of corruption on new wave of enemies;
  2. Cast TSS whenever off CD;
  3. Cast SBoE on strong enemies as debuff (DA and resistance reduction) and as means of proccing bat;
  4. Watch your buffs (WoR), TSS and MoE cds.
  5. Reposition if things go south;
  6. Cast seal of skies if nothing else to do;

Down below are some videos of me tackling Ultimate SR 76 boss room and Gladiator Crucible (i’m still learning Crucible tho):

Vulkn’s Allagast TSS Mage Hunter (Gladiator Crucible)

Vulkn’s Allagast TSS Mage Hunter (Ultimate SR 76)

*SR setup is what I shared on top of the guide. Crucible is a bit more offensive and reminiscent of what sir_spaksalot tried when he took the build for a Crucible run, with some changes made by me. In retrospect, I would change the SR setup, regarding the Sanctified Bone component, on chest armor, for a Hallowed Ground, increasing DA against Fabius + bad mutator (dying to crits sucks).

Final Words

The build performance is much improved by GDstash, which I used to craft items for %physique and for a BiS MI rolled Rolderathis’ Tome. That being said, it should not discourage new players. I myself was theorycrafting the bulk of the build with legit items until last tuesday, when i downloaded GDstash for a Starfury Amulet to finish it.

Until then I was running with a self-found Destroyer’s Rolderathis’ Tome of Thunder that I got from maybe 20-30 attempts (lucky I know).

The thing is, BiS is only important if you are at a point of the game where min-maxing matters, and that is: getting crazy good times in crucible. And even if you are there, you need GDstash to be able to achieve those records in this lifetime.

Go farm Rolderathis, he is accessible. I only advocate for an affix that gives you %physical damage resistance, and then the build will be just as functional. Sure enough, if you are not using GDstashed items with perfect rolls, the build will have to be customized for more defensive choices, regarding skill points and attributes points allocation (go full physique dump).

At last, I’d like to thank you all for your attention and again, to those that helped me finish this build.

EDITS: Text revision.


Glad you finally posted it!

I’m looking forward to more builds from you. <3

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Nice build!

It’s great way to start your forum experience. And I love when new players are posting builds. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Holy fuck, is it just me, or was that SR clear lightning quick? (pun intended)


Truer words have never been said

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I’m fairly certain that generic RR has no effect on LLR. You need RR specific to LLR. What I think you are seeing with 30%cdr = spear and bat + ghoul are very frequent for leech. Bat is quite potent for machine-gun style leech. Spear has a fair chunk of %WD and ultos also adds in. So when Ghoul kicks in frequently, the %WD leech can be relevant even against a mob that has 95%LLR.

Thank you for the warm reception.

They rode the lightning lol

That was only a guess by me, as I never saw anyone broach the subject here (also did not do a forum research regarding it). Nonetheless, Revenant will still be a strong pick due to it’s nodes, the flat rr that benefits aether damage and, sure enough, due to the aether to lightning damage conversion the empowers the pets.

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For certain. Revenant is strong. And with 30%cdr, you’ll be pumping out those skelly packs much faster too.

Nice job, btw.

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It’s actually 40% cdr with Deadly Aim modifier granted by set completion.

Thank you very much.

Jokes on you I probably won’t be playing for a month!

Nice build! Spanks shared this to us once and it really rocks. I remember when first build posts of new users were shit. Ohh how times have changed.

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If you don’t play this month, the curse will be transferred to the next :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for mentioning and welcome to TSS club :sunglasses:

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First of, very nice build and certainly one of if not the best TSS build.

But, so Trozan gets a crappy meteor and here u are with 2 extra shard, 10% cooldown, 200% lightning damage by default, and bunch of damage to storm box which also gets converted to lightning. Allegast le balanced.

The full set bonuses cover nearly half page lol.

Also im scared mavien + inquis combo might be nerfed because it seems people start catching on that you can get 40% damage reduction for doing nothing.

Now, since this build doesnt actually have that much RR, if you roll into an ele resist modifier does that hurt the build alot?

Censure has been overdue for a nerf since forever and magehunter is only the latest example (hey go figure you give arcanist a skill that can actually do damage for once), the %RTD values are just a tad over the top. Now that Gandarr has %phys RTD it seems like the perfect time to finally pare things down.

If you look at that deadly aim mod its pretty ridiculous too. This isn’t a case where class suddently became op in a patch because of some previously neglected stuff, nor is it a case where you have to run with extreme precision to get to such rewards. This is a purely a case of gear being really really really overtuned…

The only other one i saw was abit eyebrow raising was the Lost Soul one but vit pet sucks anyway and skeletons vaporize in seconds with today’s mobs.