[] Warder, 150-170(3+1) 6m 23s, SR 83

A very resilient Warder. The build plays through Cadence, lightning and storm totem. Easy to use. The character fights in melee, but there is a possibility of a kite at the expense of Storm totems. Has a good amount of health 21.5k. In the crucible it reaches 32.5k


150-170 6m 23s:

Added. The passage of 150-170 without auras the crucible 8m 50s:

Mad Queen 6s:

Avatar 5m:

Lokarr 23s:

Clones of Bourbon:


SR 75-83:












Is this putting the Ultos set performance to shame? How’s that set compare/doing these days? I know primal strike and savagery are different. Just curious

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Im so glad to see builds like this… I keep reading Warders are terrible. :frowning:

The SR set is definitely doing a lot of leg work as usual. But this is definitely what I’ll be linking to players on the unofficial Discord who want to try warder, from now on.

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+1. :wink:

Great build, only thing I don´t like is that you have to use Savagery to get Tenacity of the Boar. Well, can´t be changed. :slight_smile:

Ultos still does faster, maybe 6:20-6:30 in Cruci

Nice build! @AlexGoldFish_322
A buddy of mine played this build in HC during Patch with Light’s Defender set. Now I wonder, have you tried Light’s Defender Version and how much faster/safer is this SR set setup than Light’s Defender Version?

thanks and nice build!. i take it savagery is to charge up to use cadence?.

yes, for raising OA, DA, physical and slow resistance, AS

The light set is good. But he gives few points. And it will be difficult to take everything you need.

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With this set it turns out good Vindicator

Alright, thx for the quick answer. :smile:

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Added. The passage of 150-170 without auras the crucible 8m 50s:

Now that’s a nice build! Being able to do SR 75 and buffless Crucible is a serious accomplishment!

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Might be worthwhile if author could indicate that he uses pharma during these runs, lest these items/sets get rebalanced in ways which aren’t necessary.

EDIT: nice naked clear though! Nice unbuffed clear though!

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Any Augment recommendations for Medal?

Maybe it´s a noob question, but what´s the point of cadence and savagery together?

Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

To answer your question - OA, DA, slow res, and attack speed from tenacity of the boar + storm touched. You also get phys res.

Savagery is used as a buff here, not an attack.

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Thank you!

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Can you give some advices for leveling?