[] Vindicator - tank. 150-170 5m 32s

Good old Vindicator. Became even better after buffing the 2hander and adding stun res to boots. Facetanks almost everything and hits like a truck (both solo and AoE-damage)

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g9DKBZ

150-170 5m 32s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSL56-3g7l8

SR: 75-76, 11 minutes, without death in a row: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMZm5y3_3l8

Bourbon clones: 1m 30s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwAJ9-tqG3s

Locarr 15s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38atUCQK6z4

Mad Queen 6s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJdEjVY5p1M

Avatar 2m 25s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iOPUcsQ3QVI


What is the differences compared to this build? [] Duel of Savage Totemists - Ludrigan and Stormreaver vindicators comparison (rings, boots, pants and amulet)

Nevertheless it look solid, good job man

EDIT sorry I am tired, you did Savagery and Ya1 did Primal strike :slight_smile:

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devotion, OA, DA, AS, CS, slowdown resistance, stun resistance, % vampirism

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Indeed you are. I posted maybe 5 different setups in that link and all are Savagery, too. :wink:

This is better updated. Stormreaver was buffed itemization-wise. Wyrmscales are BiS now, no doubt. Aetherbolt amulet is also good, although uptime of all 4 totems might be testy. I used Direwolf medal because I’m a 24/26 Savagery whore but Korvaak medal is better. But I don’t think this particular setup will survive the hotfix. If I were to guess Stormreaver nerfs I bet it will be flat cdr to totems.

Also, I’m not so crazy about the polish on this but that’s just my own opinion, no offense. Using 4 Dreeg’s Omens when your aether res sits at 16%, acid at 10%? Enchanted Earth instead of Living Armor for 100% armor absorption with da almost 3.2k? 3 nodes in Dying God? Hawk gives you almost the same oa AND 8% crit. I also don’t like Tranquil pants on this. 48% slow res is more than enough for a hybrid and Barbaros gives phys res, a few lucky dodges, more oa/da and better armor.

Last thing (GD feedback compulsion, sorry… :wink: ), Feral Hunger is so worth at least 8/10 and imo even 10/10. Every forth hit heals you to almost to full. But I guess with the new Wendigo Totem sustain is a non-issue (also, why the Seal of Blades, then?)

Nice build! Stormreaver is one of the surprised buffs, but build got some interesting ideas and deals with Crucible in very good time!

Wyrmscale boots are crazy good now. Same with Wraithwalkers. Commendable, egalitarian gesture on the part of Crate. I’m so glad Z finally came out of soldier’s ass and gave stun res to everyone. Bravo! :ok_hand:

I can swear to the almighty Z that I had a grim tool build with Primal Strike in my browser :stuck_out_tongue: Now I need to figure out where that build came from :mag_right:

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hi im new to the game and want to follow this build, where to spend my skill points for leveling?

Your best option to leveling your build is pick primal strike with a ranged weapon. You must pay attention to gear with a +% to lightning damage and (that’s very best) if weapon got some of lifeleech. Also you want to get more resistance on any damage types. On devotion main points of your interest are Kraken, Bat and Rhowan’s Crown


Oh god, I want to try this build so much!! Grimtools is down however, so would it be at all possible if someone could tell me what items, devotions and skills are used for it…? Pics or whatever works!

The Stormreaver got nerfed and lost its +2 all inquisitor, so the build is a little bit point hungry right now. Still seems strong though. I will be interested to see if Alex updates this build for the patch.

This setup had maxed Tether iirc. That’s where you can pull points from to fix -2 to inquisitor. With cast speed below 140-150 Tether isn’t so great anyway.

Or some overcaps on the shaman side, Heart of the Wild, Oak Skin, Raging Tempest, Storm Touched, maybe even Savagery to 16/16.

Would this Vindicator be able to make it through as a self find build from level 1 to finish?

You won’t have enough skill points to play it exactly as is, but vindicator is very strong class and will just be fine with self found/faction gear. Can either go the caster route with totems/box alongside rr devils or go primal strike, caster is a bit safer imo, but both are fun and effective

Thanks Tom for the advice I love the lightning stuff and looking to play a self found from scratch!

Hello, what addon you using for show those buffs above your target ? is it grim internals if yes i didnt found how to make it can you explain ?

Good dps, but highly fragile in high SR due to low phys. resistance esp. in boss rooms. Avoid taking on 2 or more bosses at a time.

Ah the build got shadow updated? Since the GD shows the right patch version and i think the was some points changes. It was also edited 4 four days ago
@AlexGoldFish_322 : Can you confirm the update?

Yes, I updated GT since the ax was nerfed

Hello :slight_smile:
First of all, thanks for this build, it looks really fun to play.
I’m a newbie trying to follow it but I have a question. What skills did you focus while leveling? Also, I’ve tried to create a “good route” for the constellations. Here it is (in case anyone is interested), feel free to criticize it and suggest other route:

blue -> eel -> reset blue
green -> scholar’s light -> kraken -> spider -> reset green -> widow -> ghoul -> sailor’s guide -> viper
pink -> revenant -> reset pink -> spear of the heavens -> ulto -> dying god