[] OL' REAVER (vindicator remake)

(permanent buffs + Deadly Aim)

GT https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrOg0LN (crafted with 1 x slow res, 2 x physique)
SR 90 https://youtu.be/bI_FBLZV-CY (Cruel+Brutal)
Crucible Naked https://youtu.be/r6ydTSmHDmg (starts at 1:28, the first minute is my failed attempt at SR91)
Crucible 3B/VB [REDACTED OUT OF FEAR OF REPERCUSSIONS] (just kidding, here)

Alternative setup inspired by Mad_Lee: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1mlqmV (best crafted with 1 x slow res, 1 x armor and 1 x physique)



…aka Best Build in GD. A little remake for the increasingly difficult environment in GD. An alternative setup here by Alexgoldfish.

Some explanation for first-timers. This is a very tanky caster build with Savagery melee autoattack for extra damage and sustain. It’s an all-time classic, and has always been one of the best builds ever. If you want a very strong build with more than one button to press - there you go. The only downside is that it’s what I call a foxhole build - has quite a long wind-up till you deal max dmg upon entering a new area. Another downside is that in deeper endgame it depends too much on Feral Hunger for sustain and if you get unlucky and it doesn’t proc when you need it you might die. But this only matters in SR80+, naked Crucible and celestials. Also, low phys res - but this particular setup makes up for it with excellent armor and resistance overcaps.


Conduit of Wild Whispers vs. Aetherbolt Pendant. After Alexgoldfish’s impressive results (link above) I was leaning towards Aetherbolt Pendant for a long while because there’s nothing like extra 10% RR. However, after some deeper testing in I decided it’s time to go back to the classic- the conduit. It is undefeated because it gives 110% uptime to all 4 Totems and quicker setting them up, +1 to shaman is better than +1 to Inquisitor and resistances is king. Aetherbolt is slightly better offensively, though.

Barbaros vs. Tranquil Mind. The two pants you can never go wrong with (the third one - Harmony pants - is making a comeback now due to overwhelming disrupt). Barbaros is better here. 61% slow res is enough for a hybrid non-spam caster. Slow only affects Savagery and Tether. The only problem this build has is phys res and, due to absolutely undefeated Wyrmscale Footguards, pants is the only extra source we got. Barbaros got better stats.

Korvaak’s Brand vs. Calamitous Desires. That’s right. Calamitous does fit in here very well, and I was undecided for a long while. Calamitous got very high acid res which is much needed, and it’s craftable, allowing for more options when shuffling components and augments. But Korvaak is ultimately better. Attack speed, flat and max res make it so.

No Prismatic Diamond? Not a single one! Prismatic Diamond is indeed the best helmet component there is. But combined defensive benefits of 3 armor absorption components are ultimately better for an all-round do-it-all setup. And Stormreaver doesn’t need more health or energy. But it does need more res and armor to make up for very little phys res.

Nerfs? NO!



Cth_devo is this remake or not?

What’s the Crucible time, I mean span, not best?

But definitely is great build, you have long history of making Storm totem builds :+1:

@Maya Oops, typo! Corrected!

@Nery Times are… timely! :wink: Vids are ready.

Good spec. Could be done differently but this one is very solid. My OCD tingles tho that neither Bat nor Tsunami were utilized and we have unused activators left. If your hp dips below 50% frequently I think Prismatic would be a solid dps boost.

Devo points are used to the last one. Solemn Watcher is needed for deep SR with res, da and armor, and it’s only possible to take all that with Rat (I wanted that Bat, one point missing…). Thing is Solemn really gives a lot here. Allows to use all offensive components which are very good on lightning.

As for Prismatic, I used to auto-pick it but that extra res and armor really counts. If I made it just for buffed Crucible then yeah, sure.

I’m pretty sure this setup is best up to date as an all-rounder. No death SR90 boss room with Cruel and Brutal mutators - and no greens no pharma no shrines - is no joke no matter the boss combo. As for dmg, can’t complain, Crucible times are also some of the best in… :sunglasses:

I wonder why still noone tries to drop full set for Titan pauldrons :crazy_face:

Extra res is easily compensated with different weapon augment. You don’t really need flat lightning damage here (I mean, it’s good to have it, but nothing will change without it really). So it’s the case of Prismatic proc versus ~150 constant armor. Either one works on a good ol’ reaver so I guess it’s a personal preference.

Ahhh, good old Light’s defender.
One of the best set in the game…
The ugliest set in the game…

Only pierce and vitality. Maybe elemental but on a shitty augment with %elemental and no %DoT. It’s the aether or chaos/elemental that would be lost.

But I do. The whole sustain depends on it.

Well… there’s also aether and chaos res, flat health, oa, a pinch of physique… it adds up. I stand by my choice of not using Prismatic here. Anyway, it was a conscious choice and I did try the alternatives. Prismatic is real good for buffed Crucible when you don’t care if it’s down. 150-200 armor does make a difference in SR especially with S-Reaver’s low phys res.

The LD crystals are like another totem. And other stuff from 4pc, all worth it.

You will lose about 10% aether overcap or 2% if you change 15% poison augment into 8 aether/10 poison one.

Why not overcap Savagery itself then? A lot of flat and weapon damage there. And again, imo, Bat is just so good on this archetype. You have tonns of great activators for it. When you kite in SR and 4 totems procing it - it’s pretty big. But, different approaches, I understand, each viable of course.

Shouldn’t Prismatic proc be more than enough to compensate for that armor loss tho? Or is it incosistent?

For that reason I don’t like those boots. Sure, convinient Stun res but man, they are so glassy.

Prismatic gives more hp btw.

Great build and great to watch.
I was wondering if you could tell us what is your CPU as you seem to have a smooth framerate in crucible (is is also th same in Shattered realm ?).
Thank you.

Not really, +3 to totem and a little damage is negligible compare to all those res and armor

Yes, maybe. Shattered Guardian is trying to challenge both top spots :slightly_smiling_face:

Ugliest definitely goes to LD. Haven’t played with that set since FG came due to that reason.

You can always use illusion to something beautiful like… Alagast set :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it’s the first time I did this. I tested this on the dummy for like 20 minutes. Savagery gives 4 flat and 1% wpn dmg per point. There are better results from both overcap on rr and on Storm Touched. Unless Savagery can be pushed to 24/16 or it’s the main source of dmg with high attack speed boosted by, say, nightblade’s wps, imo no reason to push it beyond 16/16 when tight on points. But I am having second thoughts whenever I look at this gt lol…

It’s not just armor. You always lose something going for Prismatic here. The proc is great for boosting Crucible times but for defense it’s inconsistent. Would love to have it but the alternative is imo better, at least for SR.

BUT OK! CHECK OUT THE OP! :wink: Your points are valid but IMO overall setup build is better. Check dmg stats.

It’s not just a little dmg. It’s like 500-800 lightning a second (2-3 Storm Shards, 150 to Box) plus 100% lighting down plus 50 oa down plus like 7 skill points down. But I gotta admit Titan shoulders bonuses are exactly what the build needs. I would not do that, though, feels criminal to break up such a HANDSOME set…

Thanks! I got i5-6500 with GTX970 8MB. But the secret is outside main game I play with zero graphics.

Mythical Titan pauldrons is good, but breaking the set will reduce your clear time significantly imo. Losing +5 storm totem and another damaging skill is not little damage.

BTW, clairvoyant and light’s defender are competing for the ugliest set in the game.

That’s how I would do it, yeah! But it’s probably more or less the same time in Crucible I imagine. At this point it’s more about luck and it’s really hard to tell if one spec is better than another unless you do like 20 runs with each.

Maybe that’s what saved them from nerfs so far…

Totems can be saved but RR overcap goes, and some oa and %dmg. Res are the same after augment shuffling. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2p6EEKZ. Doesn’t look bad on the first page of the char sheet but the loss of 150 to Box (the mod alone is like 40% boost to Box dmg) and Storm Shards is crushing, though. I never tried Titans but in the past I tested LD setups with Cinder gloves. No go.

But it’s tempting. Titans actually make Savagery stronger through 2 ranks in Brute Force (21 good flat). But still. Shards are too good.

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