[] Witch Hunter in Rah`Zin`s Torment. 150-170(3+1) 6m 35s. SR 80

Hi, everybody. A good chaos melee fighter. Shows normal results in crucible and SR. Good damage in single target. A bit lacks AOE damage, so decided to take here Ring of Steel, so as 100% converted piercing dmg by chaos. In devotion Imp was taken for 3 green and 3 blue points. In this builds 5 things to do at the blacksmith. 2 of them we do on Reduced Stun Duration and 2 others we do on Slow resist and a helmet we do on +% armor.

Builds: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28egn7V

150-170 (3+1) 6m 35s:

Lokarr 16s:

Mad queen 5s:


Slatsaar + Crab



77 - adrenaline, mad queen:

78: Grava+Korvaak




why you didnt put 1 point in doom bolt ? well done BTW



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Listen to me, dude. When I make my builds, I don’t look at other people’s work and make them as I want and achieve results. Your persistence and toxicity in the address of my assemblies, I was tired. I ask you not to write comments under my publications. And to impose to me your opinion how to make this or that. In this moment, you show me your build, in which is used accurately such same set, but under this on all the rest of the indices, both builds are absolutely different (the entire the rest of other items, results in combat). So your comments are inappropriate. I hope you can hear me and understand.

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With all due respect let me point out three things.

The first is AlexGoldFish is also part of Safarel’s Discord Community.

The second is these two builds have different item setups and different devotion setups.

The third is that rule appeared after one guy just took one of the mad_lee’s builds and included it as an alternative setup in his guide. That time it was just really obvious because he didn’t even bother to generate a new GT link, which are unique.

I’m all for giving credits when it’s necessary, but let’s not overdo it. Crediting builds just because they are built around the same set is just not right.


Very nice build. Only question is, is Grim Tools’ completion bonuses incorrect for the Eldritch Pact relic? Cuz the 3% OA completion bonus your GT link shows does not appear as an option in GT.

I will repeat myself but giving credit is/should be common courtesy and not mandatory. I will not throw accusations lightly at any of the involved parties.

I agree about same set isn’t equal to same build. In this case RahZin have been posted now 4 or 5 times. You wont discover the wheel of course and no one should expect it.

Plus there’s difference between creating similar setup and outright take the GT as you mentioned. I will say that don’t see problems here.

my mistake, fixed on the bonus that is in the game

honnesly this is not the same build

Imo if you’re WPS isn’t over 100% dual Seal of void will be better. DW’s strongest part is the interaction between auto attack and WPS skills.