[] Acid Ranged Dervish - 5:50 Crucible [g5][c+][vid]


I saw a recent post lamenting the fact that there are no ranged acid builds so I tried to make one. The results are surprisingly good even though it has to rely on a lot of greens. Credit to @ya1 for helping me polish the build.


BiS GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2B1znkN
More reasonable GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQDdoEZ

The BiS version is completely full of impossible greens, but that’s what functions best in this build. I haven’t tested the cheaper version but it should still function. Final march has chaos resist and more aether resist, and the blue rings have pierce resist in the new patch so ignore those holes in the GT.

Character sheet with permanent buffs, Lethal Assault and Righteous Fervor


5:22 is my best run so far, but it can probably go a bit faster. The average time is under 6 minutes in my hands. The build can be a bit fragile, so don’t be afraid to reposition or kite a bit.



Players: so how good can the double rares really be?
Zantai: yes


It’s a bit ridiculous. To be fair, that was already there in the last patch so it’s not a new thing.

Beautiful. You could take sth like a tatooing needle and redesign it a new invention: ABB masher.

Anyway, it’s not really RANGED… it’s a CASTER… kinda HYBRID… :smirk:

It shoots things with a gun, that’s ranged enough for me.


Is it, really? :smirk: It’s Amarasta’s BLADE Burst… :smirk::nerd_face:

I was just about to recommend Mark of Lethal Intents for +3 to LA when I saw this… :rofl:

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I tried something similar but without any greens. Actually can’t be similar then :thinking:

But you made fast&furious ranged Dervish.

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Nice build. But tbh, even for one double rare MI, realistically you are going to have to GT stash. So no real point in putting the same weapon affixes again.

Yeah, it’s hard to make it so it’s actually farmable. Anything with attack speed and some acid damage will at least work though.

However they both support some relevant skills of both classes, I assume the mythical weapons Venomlance and Quillthrower of Dreeg are obviously not close to a GDStashed double rare MI in performance, but maybe can work to some degree and are much more obtainable. (Maybe you could do a test of a no-green setup, because no-green setups are more popular :slight_smile: )

I think the MI with totally random affixes will still perform better than those weapons. Farming one with at least somewhat relevant stats should be doable at least.

Those weapons are really that bad? :confused:

It’s not about them being bad, it’s just that this build relies on being able to spam ABB. There’s probably another build where those weapons can fit, but this one is designed around the weapon.