Any Acid/Poison Ranged Builds Out There?

It totally depends on standards though. For casual campaign playthrough it’s totally possible, I think I can even come up with one playable from low levels. For high end gameplay - no, I’m afraid not. Or at least noone managed to make it work yet.

That is really surprising! So many uber theorycrafters and none has made a ranged acidbuild!!!
What a shame…
@mad_lee @sir_spanksalot @Superfluff @Maya @Nery @Nandi @thejabrixone @Valinov @adoomgod etc…
Well who gets first!?

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I tried it as Dervish but the gun that I used - Venomlance isn’t impressive and definitely build was lacking end game. But for campaign and lower levels of Crucible/ SR will be fine. Also there’s leveling weapon called Udgenbog Bilethrower.

I think this is little off topic though. @medea_fleecestealer I think this could be topic called acid ranged builds!

I assumed he meant pistol builds, since he saud “guns”, not “rifles”.

Pistols also seems weak. Morgul have attack speed and RR proc but flat and base damage is vitality.

Green Venom launchers have nice conversion to BoD. Deciever with Radaggan set is possible but you have to use Beronath as auto attack replacer. Maybe will try it just for the @Unionbaron achievement. :smile:

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Radaggan converts elemental to vitality though.

Thanks. Might try it as Dervish to mess around idk. Just the thought of melting nasties with acid rounds seems fun.

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how bout you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Theorycrafting is open to all mate <3

I never tested it, but feel free… It was made at a time when the chest gave pierce to acid conversion… so venomblade might be better

edit for sure venomblade would be better

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Posts moved, new thread - please keep the compendium just for build submissions folks. Thanks.

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For what it’s worth i’ve had a DEE spam build ready for a month now but can’t do anything until after patch is launched.

A few days after the patch is launched actually

I did that long ago. Was tragic at that time. [] Acid Blazin - Acid DW Ranged Deceiver (Crucible 9 min). Can hybridize with SoC for some juice but on its lonesome acid gunslinging is tragic unless there’s something no-one yet discovered.

Wild guess but ranged ABB with Bilelaucher might be the strongest acid “ranged” (it’s a caster, really).

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Sentinel (occultist/oathkeeper) seems like it might be one of the better options for a venomancer. Since there are transmutes for several of the skills (like righteous fury replacing auto-attack) that change fire to poison/acid, eye/blood of dreeg it seems viable to me. Haven’t quite played around with one yet, but it’s certainly something I’m going to look in to.
Especially considering the Perdition set is basically made for doing so.
As well as Curse of Frailty in occultist gets rr for your damage type.

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I Had great fun with this, but as soon as i got to lvl 100 i switched to a new toon… (altoholic…)
Just the gear I hade at the moment, not optimized in any way, but great fun!

Maybe back to this one when i get tired of @Maya s warlord… :heart_eyes:

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You could do something with Pyro FS, such as Firestrike Ubvl DW

If you want more Blast shield investment, points can be juggled. Also Immortal Sage belt could help juggle resists at the cost of some damage output.

(I’ve used magic prefix/affix for the MIs, which are not terrible to find. Alacrity is a desired suffix and any flat elemental or chaos prefix will do, as well. Specific double rares… you’d probably need GDstash)

Here’s a Acid/Vitality DW Ranged Sentinel I just put together. Probably not the best, but maybe it’ll work?? :thinking:

It most likely is terrible, but it’s always fun to theorycraft! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for taking a look and knocking something together, does actually seem pretty cool! I’ll be giving it a try in the near future :slight_smile:

Also, there is the possibility of retaliation ranged Auto-attack. This could look like this: Sentinel RF ranged retaliation AA

RF spams a % of the total retaliation in the attack, and Jaxxon rings add the rta to each projectile, when activated. 27% of the total retaliation amount can be quite a bit of damage. It is possible that a pistol such as Morguul’s Mortality would work as well or better here, as the attack speed and RR would compensate for the relatively smallish loss in %retaliation damage.

Oleron’s Blood on the shield is simply for the damage reduction on tough enemies. Bosses and such.


After reading x1’s comment in the Burning Devil build thread, I realized that Degallion’s Destroyer pistol could be optimal for this suggested build. 100% chance to pass through enemies is potent. The gains far outweigh the small retaliation dmg and % loss.

Tweaked and wth Degallion

I can verify that ranged acid Sentinel with venomlance works decently well. It won’t be setting any records, but it can do SR70-ish.

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Bumping to shamelessly promote my new build. Maybe it’s what you’re looking for.