[] Fireball Frank - The Purifireball Meme. SR65 [g>9000][sr][vid]


Meet Fireball Frank. He shoots many Fireballs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TIDEpTUTeQ

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lV77Yy6V
Save File: _Fireball Frank.zip (1.2 MB)


  • Fireballs


  • Physical resistance is poor, lifesteal could be better, life could be higher, and lots of room for improvement.

Gear (basically impossible to obtain legitimately):

  • 2 Mythical Deviltongue’s
  • Ignaffar’s Combustion
  • Alacrity on gloves for attack speed.
  • of Scorched Ends on everything else.


  • Stand in Inquisitor Seal and attack. Teleport away and set down another Inquisitor Seal if things get too hot to handle.

Anyone want to help optimize this while staying true to the heart of the theme?


i dont think that’s skill’s items chance stack, and the build is so amazing i mean this is great and what i have in mind is fireball+eye of reckoning x)

Relic doesn’t shoot fireballs/10

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The chances don’t stack but the fireballs from one slot can proc all the others. Item attack procs can proc your other chance for attack procs. Eye of reckoning fireball paladin might work out.

I’ll have to mod in a mythical version of the calamity relic.

there is Bane and Ulzuin’s Pyroclasm!

Not good enough for build.

Doesn’t Ulzuin Pyroclasm shoot same projectiles as Deviltongue tho? Also, Bane shoots literal Fireball I think.

There’s a level of performance I’d rather not sacrifice for the meme. It’d have to be tested.

Bane is ± same performance as Ignaffar on a lot of Purifiers/Vindicators that I have tested.

People are really missing out on Fireball Frank

Frank’s certainly got lots of fireBALLS! :joy:

Great build - kind of like that classic Boogermancer meme build.

But only 5/10 points since no save file. :wink:

Edit: Now you get 10/10!

Save file added

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Swapped out “of the Dranghoul” on the amulet for another fireball suffix and it turns out it still works fine. Don’t know what I was thinking. Fireball frank now has another fireball for a total of 16.

@mad_lee Bane looks like a thunder ball instead of a lightning ball so not acceptable. Maybe if I try and pull off a lightning sphere build.

edit Edited transmog photo to look even more coherent and Fireball Frank doesn’t need that much flashiness.

What the frank? Those greens are scorching my eyes… but thanks for the savefile I assume this toon is legitly leveled up?

Obviously not. I whipped this up pretty quick in GDStash

omg you posted it lol, GJ man