[] Icicle Ivan - The Meme Ice-Spike God - [c+][g9000][vid] Credit to Xervous/Tomodak

Ultimate Ice Spike Meme Version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/M2g1xbKZ
_Icicle Ivan.zip (1.3 MB)
use arcane spark in medal slot if you get tired of using energy potions in campaign.

Tomodak/Xervous’ sub 5 minute crucible (the good version) if you get better mutators version: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/eZP5RQgN

Tomodak and Xervous did everything. I’m just posting it. This build is a companion to Fireball Frank. Lightning Larry or Stormy Steve might be in the works. I’ll roll this character later to get a nice transmog going for the squad.

Build highlights:

  • Over 3700 OA
  • 3600% Cold Damage
  • 300% elemental resist overcap
  • More Icicles than you’ve ever seen.

Thank you @Xervous and @TomoDaK for making sure dreams don’t stay as just memes.


I have a meme build with 3594% to lightning :innocent:


PS: build w/o augments

Lol wow. How does it do?

Not tested yet
Will play it early 2020 :blush:

Dat 30/10 Night’s Chill…

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That looks like perfect winter’s build. :damage_cold:

From 1 point invested


So I tested the meme version out. Made a couple changes to grimtools… can swap in arcane spark if you want to be free from energy pots forever, don’t need it in crucible thanks to the buffs tho.

I might like the melee version better because it feels like chillspikes on the meme version actually sort of overshadows the procs themselves but at times it’s fun to have so so so many ice spikes going on.

It turns out the meme version is an amazing auradin build though. You can just kite enemies to death as tons of procs go off.



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Needs more MIs :scorv:


No yellow items. 0/10

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Love these meme builds @adoomgod!

Question though, why use SBoE in the meme version to trigger Raise the Dead when you could just attach it to Lethal Assault? Seems like SBoE isn’t worth the extra button press here. :thinking:

Nice memes, although I’m a bit disappointed to see shadow strike instead of rune of hagraad for more icicles

I thought of that when this was shared with me but honestly the big ice-spikes I think would overshadow the icicles themselves. If anything I’m remorseful that there isn’t a great ice-spike gun option.

Because the version you’re looking at mainly uses chillspikes so is at a range, only really uses lethal assault on bosses. But you could use it too but then it becomes more like the second link listed.

That and SBoE Procs it a lot.

I’ve just test it


What can I say…
With ~3700% to Lightning Damage Tome of the Arcane Wastes have a little bit less damage compare with my Fire AAR
And it’s very very nice for one item
But where is ONE big minus - I have nothing to heal myselft
If AAR have items with WD or Life Steal, this book haven’t got both
Hard to play w/o ADctH
This off need some ADctH of WD for be playable

Reminds me of my Magehunter Stormfire build…except this one is blowing away CR with amazing results!
Almost want to play this dude again to perfect it.

Congrats on that crazy build