[] Spinning Chaos; The Reckoning of Tenebris - 2H Chaos EoR Sentinel - 5:30 average 170

I’ve been doing testing on most EoR variants. I plan on having a post for each type for the best possible clears in crucible. This will be one of many spin builds to come.

Chaos has long been considered the red-headed step child of the EoR variants. With chaos RR and full fire to chaos conversion tied to the amulet; most people either gave up, or tried to make some version with RR work. Unfortunately giving up the conduit really gimps the damage on eor for a couple of reasons. You no longer can get full fire to chaos conversion. Even if you take 50% by using two rings, you then gimp your EoR skill level. I found the answer to be just going all out for dps. Taking the conduit mod, maxing EoR, and trying to get your attack speed as high as possible was the solution that worked best.
EoR dps with x4 buffs +procs in crucible is very high.


The Build:
This was the absolute dream run with double marked mutator, and no minus attack speed or + enemy chaos resist mutators. With perfect piloting I could have went maybe another 10-15 seconds faster… Most runs will be in the 6:15ish range, and if you hit the corrupted mutator expect to add around 30 seconds on to your run (maybe more) New build updates for [] Since we lost some of our valuable racial damage against reaper and cthonics changes were needed to maintain speeds. A crafted pair of stonehides with the of scorched ends suffix is required so we can take combustion band to get extra RR. All crafted item slots should be done with the slow resist crafting bonus @ Egellon the forgotten smith. Demonbone pants are taken to help with DA issues. Devotion map is also changed for addition dps. We only gained a net of 10k dps, but a large chunk of that dps is up all times instead of relying on the proc from barb pants. We also gain the valuable gaze of dreeg proc which when found to vire’s might gives a lot of addition damage/healing.


Racial damage is stacked to help deal with the lack of RR this build has. The only two mobs that will slow you down are Reaper and Ben’Jahr. They both have 94% chaos resist. Against all other large targets stacking the damage nets much more dps than trying for RR variants. (Honestly it isnt that far behind even against those nems) Devotions we opt to not finish hourglass so we can take kraken because of how well attack speed scales with dps for EoR. Kraken blows aeon out of the water even with the better uptime on dying god and abomination. If you arent comfortable with the DA, then take Hallowed Ground. You will be looking for a 4% da bonus on serenity if possible. For crafting bonuses I went with x2 stun resist, x1 armor, but x2 stun res x1 physique would help the da situation as well.


Average clears will be in the ~6:30 range, but if you luck out, dont hit the +chaos resist mutator, and dont get double reaper spawns everywhere… you can get a run like this @6minutes.
music: https://amonamarth.bandcamp.com/music


I don’t know how you can spin&win with chaos damage? You probably get good, nice build!

I love heavy metal, but this guy sounds like he’s gurgling shards of broken glass.

I can’t believe I’m saying this…but where’s the voodoo audio soundtrack?

I wanted to do something different for once… the next one has what you’re talking about lol

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I’m teasing ya val.

I actually liked it!

Did you consider running arcane harmony instead of barbaros?

I doubt the loss of attack speed and oa would be worth it… but it certainly would be a more defensive option for those that arent as skilled staying alive with spinning. With testing all these spin builds, I’ve noticed bad positioning/lack of movement will result in death somewhat often.

Especially disruption.

There have been times when I’ve been tempted to drop barbaros for arcane harmony on my warborn spec




Any chance you can upload the char folder to try this one out? GD stashing takes too long.

I recognized Gods of War Arise when I heard the first seconds of it, but I know the version from Powerwolf, which is insanely good as well.
On another page, nice build, looking forward to taking it for a spin. :smirk:

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Good for a week https://filebin.net/a0fedggqnlexlqon I use cloud saves and I dont use any mods, but something else might cause it to not work.

This is awesome! A strong and tough 2h chaos EoR? Say no more! I wonder how it will fare in HC.

I would not recommend this build for HC. It is prone to spontaneous combustion


That dps… too many digits… Someone explain ?!

nonono to dropping barba, bitch move!

well done and great song choice <3 too bad there’s no way to squeeze out a little more oomph on this guy :frowning:

Nice build, too bad chaos builds dont have any good boots to wear :(.

This spec gets 100% skill disruption protection from possession, arcane harmony would just be useful for DA, no?

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you;re absolutely right :stuck_out_tongue: