[] *SPOILER* LichQueen, NightBringer 2H Melee Oppressor Sr77 *SPOILER* New Weapon

After seeing all those conversions on the new weapon. I wanted to take it out for a spin. Rift effect seems to carry the weapon just like thunder carries Arctemporal Sword. I have decided to go full vitality Oppressor for Double RR and Blood Knight gear for even more RR. I wanted to move out of obvious SS build too. Here is an AA WPS build.

We get a WHOOPING %51 physical resist with this weapon which is huge. I suggest you guys enjoy the weapon before it gets nerfed. Harbringer of Souls buff also allows us to have enough attack speed to carry weapons lack of speed.


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Bone Harvest and %75 WPS is our main damagers. Pets also deals enough damage that you can kite bosses if needed. I killed zaltarin most of the times like this.

SR 76:

SR 77 Video: https://youtu.be/gaevB4V650w

The Weapon for people who are curious about it


Special Thanks to: Official Community GD Discord. You guys rule.


+8 OA


Nicely executed though


Thanks, but again this weapon is for Vit Shadowstrike. It was wierd to use it for AA

Busted :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This weapon seems really nice and flexible, it’s gonna be fun to see in which builds this is better than Wildblood crusher.

Edit: that phys res, WTF

problem on it is there is no attack speed or cast speed. You literally need to dip into necro or arcanist to get those pumped up

Yea Necro + OK/Shaman seems to be the way to go, when you don’t play around SS.

Sadly this weapon has no skill modifier and attack speed, so its a vitality version of Soulrend which ppl rare use it.

maybe rotgheist +Untransmuted PS+ Transmuted DEE, Chainlightning spam in between but thats all comes to my mind

Yea I thought about rotgheist aswell, but non spam Primal Strike did not get buffed, which is kind of a bummer… For vit spam PS, wildblood should be better I guess.

It might still work with savagery though, insane phys res conjurer. Again loses AS compared to wildblood though.

Soulrend is a fine weapon now imo. Definitely not op, but good/viable.

Some people complained that Rotgheist doesn’t fully convert Torrent’s damage to Vitality and that AoE suffers because of it. Now they can get to 100% conversion thanks to this weapon.

nice build! is there any other, legendary, belt viable in that slot?

sadly no because of the conversion but it could be with any prefix or affix

you really need hungering void with this spec for max performance.

Try this devo setup https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NK9XPQV
Better attack speed, damage, OA, da etc.

Nice spec btw, good to see 2h melee vitality which isnt a conjurer or ritualist

Any tips on lvling guide for this?

I tried one recently, best way to level with this is going pure oathkeeper s&b physical/fire RF with wps, just take necrotic edge, reaping strike and spectral wrath from necromancer line. You can respec everything when you reached 94. It’s safer and faster, ofc you can go shield throwing+ vire’s might but I don’t like that combo.

Ohh okay thanks! What does s&b stand for? And when i hit 94 i go for follow this build. Looks fun and also cool with lich queen :stuck_out_tongue:

Sword and Board, Shield and Blade both works.

Ahh thanks. Gotta make me an oathkeeper then :stuck_out_tongue: