[] [vids] Pet Beast Element Conjurer -- SR Challenger 105

Build GT Link
Vedio SR 95 - 105

I try many kind way to challenge deep SR, this one is good for SR, but limit is 105, after that even 1v1 boss, many Nemesis cant kill.
the only way is Improve survival. and I found 1150 new Item offhands provide 2 limit wendigo totem + darkone glove, can get double totem 18% HP per second recovery with mend flesh 16% and BOD 28%.so will lost some DMG, but character and pet will more stronger for small palce to 1v1 nemesis.

Attention: for enchanting Mender’s power & Ateph’s Will , when to kill Kura or Fabius、Iron maiden、Moosilauke can use Ateph will. but when to kill Alek、Bennjahr、Gravathul or other have Chaos damage boss need change back to Mender power

the new survival change for try level 110

110 Nemesis datebase




102 level

103 level

104 level

105 level


Ummmm, Does the new waystones allow you to instantly go to whatever highest shard you did before patch or you do 75-100 again? If it’s the latter then I applaud you for the grind. It hasn’t even been a day since patch.

I already do 98 in v1142. so I can use death stone from 95 start
u can everytime finish 5 level. and next time continue

Hmmmm. This is so great for SR players. I don’t really play SR but I appreciate what Crate has done!

It’s ridiculous that Briar at freaking 4/16 can tank so much dmg.

Very creative. Good job! Very interesting devotion choices!

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Congrats on 105! Awesome job! And thanks for sharing. This is really interesting. Very creative use of items and devotions. :smiley:

sick achievement. Man oh man, it must’ve been a dreary prospect to go to 95+ again in after you already did 98 with it in a previous patch (but obvious there were no waystones back then)

I didn’t get ur point? u mean I use patch to 98 in 1142?

because Mend flesh, Totem, BOD, and RR max over 30 +

I am saying you already went to Shard 98 in patch where no waypoints beyond 75 existed. And when the patch you made the same long and tedious road again (I know it takes a lot of time).

Ye, few hours. but really better than 1142.
and will not play deep SR again without max value equipment.

A lot better than going back to 75 tho.

check new item for deep SR. Im worry about Kuba, bacause dmg is very low, without buff only 500%+ dmg. maybe cant kill it :grinning:

I know GT isn’t updated, but it different devotions and weapons etc. Am i missing something? So looking at your HC character you can see what you are using i guess this post was more for those following GD closer than I.

the post photos is for new. will try 110 later. and GT link is video same

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thanks. if u gays like I will share more build here

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this build vs The curse of Cain - the STRONGEST vitality build (EVERYTHING+++)
i like too go deep into sr :slight_smile:

Lol, though I like my build a lot, it seems that pet builds are the best builds for deep SR (100+)
Awesome result, @Duskdeep86!

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing this friend.