[] Chaos/burn BWC spamming Sorc - Putting chaos AAR in its place (Cr+)

Shoutout to:

  • @superfluff: Thanks for constantly giving me feedback on BWC spam
  • @mad_lee: I’ve got 3 things to say to your chaos AAR spec… L. 2. P. <3

GT: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/8NKdLox2
YT (3 + 1): https://youtu.be/tJToybcgy-8 <— 5:40 clear with 4x reapers

To be completed over the weekend.


My upcoming chaos AAR sorc would like a word with you.

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Touche. But you’re also comparing one of the strongest skills, to one of the clunkiest. :stuck_out_tongue:

LoL, that title! Rest of the guide is irrelevant. :rofl:

But seriously time looks great for chaos build!

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New and improved guardian’s gaze doing work.

Biggest problem with the spec pre was the lack of sustain from double HP drain.

But guardian’s gaze now tears through everything.

lovely spec, Spanky. I suspect it’s more Chaos with Fire/Burn support tho.

Where did you learn to put Grim Fate on Sorc builds tho???

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Using grim fate for its chaos properties mate is something which has spanks written all over it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually the %WD. I initially tried running the spec with DG + blind sage, but the results were vastly poorer than the current set up.

Guardian’s gaze does so much work here.

First time seeing Grim Fate on sorcs or Fire builds, what a breakthrough! :kissing::kissing:

Never would guessed this would perform so admirably, amazing build spanks :smiley: Aether version when??

I am so sad that my bwc spam sorc shoving 150k+ retal through bwc is so far behind this guy in terms of damage output :weary:

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Thanks @TomoDaK - it always means a lot coming from ya!

Regarding the retal BWC spammer…it’s probably infinitely tankier though. This guy requires ninja piloting because of the HP drain.

So maybe yours is more well-rounded?

Yes, me too. It’s interesting discovery. Maybe is worth using it :thinking:

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Infernal knight is the “sun” to Grim fate’s “shine”

The 2 go hand-in-hand

actually my version not tanky at all xD straight up 0 cdr and bat healing isn’t the greatest with 0 conversion so you’re constantly using mirror/absolution skill both for damage, but also to stay alive. devotions aren’t tanky at all tho went phoenix/messenger and then fissure/torch for hybrid approach

apparently my bwc can crit for almost 400k when mirror/absolution both up, but build is slow and not safe lol

Mind sharing the GT?

It’s almost as polished as it can be. As is the case for most of my builds, this is a project I’ve been working on on-and-off for a month now.

The only thing I’m not very satisfied with is the sustain on the spec. Double HP drain really takes its toll.

But it’s both boon and bane.

The downside is obvious - unwanted death. :stuck_out_tongue:

The upside is this mechanic I’ve just noticed - arcane will doesn’t start its 6s countdown unless you go back above the 75% HP threshold.

If you watch the video, you’ll see that I hold off on healing myself, and try my best to stay below 75% HP for as long as I can to keep up arcane will.

If I could somehow squeeze in 5% more phys res on the spec, it’d be perfect imo.

Interesting and most common-sense dev path.

But with that concept, why be boring? My inclination would be to try this devotion path, with the cd that you have: funky devotions (seeker)

Obviously, you need to fill in the stat gaps due to changes.

@hammyhamster1: Mate…you underestimate my love 4 funk. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did try seekers first. It doesn’t work well.

What pushes the build to the next level is actually %WD procs

Good on you for trying the funk. That’s some good testing. I did leave the %WD procs in there, though.

There is a lot of difference in %wd from Abominiation (almost double), but the procs (DG, Abom) won’t be up all the time even wit 30% cdr. (maybe in SR it would be up most encounters). I suppose that probably ends up as ~4x when RR is in play.

But that is what testing is for.

Abomination is a massive damage boost for the %WD procs, and very much so needed for the sustain.

Especially with near perfect uptime

Hey spanky, that’s an interesting concept!

How do you feel about this?

With such low OA i’d do everything i possibly can to utilize that crit you have. Elemental balance is too good here, with 25% crit and increased burn duration.

Also i don’t quite get how this weird eye is working. What’s the duration, how many of the fuckers are circling at a time? Does it provide you with sustain with such low WD? Acid on it is voided into vitality, isn’t it? I’d expect Fiend to perform much better here but will it circle around you when bound to BwC?

Also that run is 5:34 :slight_smile: At least in my system of coordinates. I measure the time based on the buff timer because that is what matters and for me too much fps gets eaten up by lags.