[] HAMMERTIME - Witchblade ARC 420k Sheet DPS [c+]

Wait, this is very much my Big Bad build.. But it says you have made this build back in January 2018, what? Did I make my Witchblade after yours or did you update yours after mine? I swear it’s the first time I see this guide. :sweat_smile:

Lol this was made during the DA meta tho during that time thus was only for 150 for obvious reasons.

Thank you! Titan Plating seems to be the most compatible way. Until now i had no serious problems with reflected damage. Which boss/nemesis is a special threat with reflected damage?

This is build is in terms of equipment nearly the same since january 2018. I started with Mythical Leviathan. Devotion/Auguments/Components have changed several times. Original title was
“[] Witchblade ARC - HAMMERTIME Big Numbers/Strong Defence/Loveley AoE - CruGlaReady”.
Your Witchblade was born later :wink: …i can’t believe saying this to mad_lee

Sorry, what does “DA meta” and “only for 150” mean?

God damn, it seems that my Witchblade is like a copy of yours since yours was made much earlier. But I swear I haven’t seen your build when I created it, it used to be a Cadence based WB first, I switched it to Blade Arc after I realised how much BA was buffed with the Spellscourge 1h BA crusade. Awkward! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I remember when you first posted this (I was first comment so I know) it was around that patch along with is called DA meta in these places, when a very common (andnone of the only few ways) strategy to clear crucible 170 was just to stack 4000+ DA on every character and it’s good with almost no regards on what build concepts were involved. And I remember you had a vid for cruci 150 at the time.

Funny times! BA was totally uncommon :slight_smile:

Yes, i remember a Cadence Witchblade from that time from you!

It’s always possible to give up one node in obelisk + hammer for owl if you don’t want to change your component.

Regarding reflect, it’s not so much a specific enemy as comapred to how things can all coincide in SR or crucible.

Getting hit with -70% phys rr + Iron maiden armor shred + you critting a reflect mob = dead.

EDIT: If you can find a way to squeeze in m. gutworm medal for 22/12 lacertation, that would be nice too.

This build has been a blast, I just hit level 40 and found a Farmstead Liberator. I really enjoy walking away from enemies when they hit half health, and standing toe-to-toe with bosses while swatting their minions away. Can’t wait to see how it plays with some more devotions under my belt.

Updated build to

  • Changed Gargabol’s Ring for Cronley’s Signet
  • Changed skillpoint distribution a bit

Laceration is now hardcapped (more damage, crit damage, 14 targe’s were hit)

Hey, man,

Since we have very similiar builds, I recommend trying out Oleron’s relic. I have changed to it on mine and never look back. Reason is simple - we don’t need attack speed from Doom and we have enough Vitality overcap without it (at least mine build has). So only thing we lose is armor for more OA (scales insanely well here) and a pretty nice proc.

mad_lee: yes, he can.

Hi @Poisonman2, is this build stil viable after the latest patch? And do you have any suggestions for leveling, particularly devotions?

Hey, man, I am not sure if Poisonman is still active and going to update his build. I have a pretty similiar build but more powerful modernized up-to-date version:

Thanks a lot, will have a look at it!

Hi there,
So I play this build.
And on paper it looks so amazing! OA, physRes and armor many others can only dream of. Killing speed is … extreme. Yes, it´s a lot of fun.
Its squishy.
Health jumps up and down, I die from Port Valbury, I die from some Magi.
I even changed devotions in order to utilize Guardians Gaze, triggered by CoF (works great btw). Doesnt help. Why the hell is this dream-build-on-paper squishy?

If your using the same setup as he shows you should be pretty tanky, his is pretty defensive. Mine doesnt use bloodrager or those devos but all I got is scales and it makes me pretty much unkillable

It´s really strange. Considering myself quite experienced. But in combat health really jumps up and down, dangerously. As opposed to other melee characters of mine, belgo BM e.g…
Maybe it´s due to low attack speed, inherent with 2handers, which gives a too inconsistent life leech…