[] Iron Chef - Blademaster, Pierce PB Spammer

Ulgrim is remembered for his skill at subterfuge and combat prowess. No one remembers that he’s also a fantastic chef. And who said that cookery isn’t an important skill for cooking Cthonians, making Aetherials al dente, and emulsifying Eldritch Horrors? Because sometimes, you just gotta be reckless and throw the whole knife drawer at a target. This is one of those times.


Pros and Cons

If you’ve played PBlades spam WH/Reaper, this is basically that, with slightly lower damage and stupid high defense.


  • Can be played exclusively with the mouse, with all of 5 skills to use.
  • It’s pblades spam with 50k DPS per blade.
  • Circuit breakers out the ass.
  • Fat lifesteal on a 17k HP chassis.
  • Blademasters’ defense shines once again.


  • You’re gonna need a lot of energy. No spirit dump for an offhand, so we need Harvest Scythe, Harp, Arcanum dust, and more to sustain our energy and keep chucking knives.
  • Yet another SR Set build.
  • Basics: SR set, since the dedicated pblades stuff is vit-oriented. Harra is too squishy and starves you for skill points, and your damage output is good enough without that extra blade.
  • Rings: Bladetwister is taken for RR, Signet of the Fallen sicne it gives us flat, % damage, cast speed, and good skill points. There are a lot of pierce rings, but most of them focus on autoattack at the expense of casting.
  • Medal: Direwolf offers a lot of OA for those juicy 2x crits and plugs aether resist. If you’re using some crazy green boots, you can swap it for Mark of Consumption.
  • Boots: Can’t go wrong with Runeguards or Final March. Plugs those resists real nice.
  • Relic: Besides the obvious damage bonuses, belgo gives more harp, more ulzaad, and more circuit breakers.

In summary: Crate, where’s my Sous Chef armor illusions and giant carrot weapon?
My immersion is being shattered right now.

EDIT: thanks to @sir_spanksalot for pointing out the energy leech on Scales, earning this build a shiny 7 RR, partially solving its energy woes, and getting rid of that ectoplasm in the ring. Also for an indirect reminder that DW bonuses don’t apply to 2H.


noooooo! :stuck_out_tongue:

You beat me to the punch.

I was planning on updating the spec responsible for the creation of spite this weekend:

Nice job btw, though I’m sad to say that I’m going to create a thread aimed at nerfing spite

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Just as long as you get them to add a little energy regen after they gut the damage. Having to take ectoplasm on a ring upsets me. But yeah, there’s no way a spec with WH damage output and BM defenses is going to get through unscathed.

The key to energy lies in getting scale’s proc

I’ve PM’d you my GT if you wish to compare notes

Are you a fan of Gordon Ramsay?

The pic is tasty! :ok_hand: :yum:

Also Spite now is different weapon than Rancor, so that mean spam PB have a new home.

This is a melee dual-wielding technique :slightly_smiling_face:

You beat my update edit by five minutes, which is almost a whole crucible run.

With the amount of FUCKING RAW meat in GD you kind of have to be.

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Ha, perfect response and a great looking build. That weapon was a nice addition for some more Pierce love and pb spamming at that really gotta me excited when I first saw it on grim tools. I’m all about those minimal button builds. :cut_of_meat::cut_of_meat::hocho::hocho:

Nice one OP

I gave a warning in testing :smiley:

Spite has 60% penalty but has like 40% or so more base damage than Rancor and can be spammed…

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Not the only one that got beaten. :frowning:

@Smitherson good job with the build, my set up looks a little different and will probably end up being a little squishier with more dps. Will post it once ready, which will probably take at least another week.

Side note: scales is great for this build, my setup has it aswell.

Why this belt? Seems like a worst option for the build.

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LOL we have really share the same thought. I just build Spite BM yesterday, and run to SR7x and clear crucible really fast and safe. Here is my char: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/lNkOmElN. The flat RR comes from Ulcama is awesome, especially soloing boss, and first time when i see 60% vit to pierce, really dont get it. Till Ulcama comes to mind. A little bit different than mine, but i think this concept is way too cool.

Isn’t physique too low to equip the chest armor even with the Veterancy skill?

I’m guessing there are some +% Physique crafting bonuses since other resists should be covered with SR set.