[] Return of the poison queen-Vileblade DW Witch Hunter, Gladiator in 6.25 on average

You are right…thanks for the advice of the different topic…won’t happen again.
Especially the blade spirit with scorpion sting combo is awesome, to get %weapon damage on the minion - helped alot. Tweaked devotion towards your build (stacking leech) but just couldn’t drop Acid Spray, so no yugul for me.

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Hey thejabrixone, that reminds me:

Adoomgod was asking about the viability of Venomtongue mantle and the way to use this that I could see was basically with this set (and the skills on the set directly aim for this class combo). But I’ve never tested it.

So essentially swapping it in your build and juggling some points over to witchfire. Have you tried it?

Thanks for advises! You’re not Mad Lee, you didn’t write “not taking Undying oath is a crime punishable with prison in some countries” :rofl: I wanted to get high %acid damage. And also this build scales well with OA, so not sure if it’s better. Plus pox and CoF costs lot of energy and don’t want to run dry.

Bloody pox on guardians, yes can do that, although current configuration is satisfactory too.

OA shred is unbelievable, yes. No longer scream queen, it’s now poison queen. See it’s different. :smile:

Hi Hamster!

I really cannot think venomtongue can fit the build. Yes conversion is good, but raw stats and skill bonus is also important.

Venomtongue stats are really bad and it gives irrelevant skill bonus. Reordering the skill points around will make it worse as solael’s witchfire will only give (at max) its 80% flat and attack speed which we don’t really need in this build. It will need to take points in merciless repertoire and BoD, both of which will lower your stats and global acid damage.

@Nery: Just binding bloody pox to GG will cut your clear time significantly. It can give you a constant (as many as) 7 orbs swirling around.
Also, I fix your energy problem with a single arcane spark… :crazy_face:

Next patch will reduce some of the annoying deaths in Crucible and will update the build with different proposals. Still I doubt all will work, but some may improve the quality!

I also meant to ask you Nery (as this build’s creator) if you have thoughts on this. It’s a shame that this mantle doesn’t fit anywhere else (imho).

Maybe it has limited use as a filler until a good MI is found? Or is an any-affix MI better than venomtongue?

@hammyhamster1 Skill bonuses and stats are just not enough to justify using it, at least not here. Plus I need stun resistance. So if I want to build no green, will have to use Radaggan shoulders.

Could someone explain to me why guardian’s gaze is so good for this build ?

Thanks in advance.

Chaos/acid conversion.

Like Sir Spanksalot said chaos to acid conversion is nice, but also my build have good enough skills to proc them.

Just look all the mini eyes that are surrounding you :slightly_smiling_face:

Just food for thought - I was remaking my dervish lately, and this is how I’d make this one: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2m6OPzV (not polished ofc but much LESS GREEN lol). Some explaining: Widow ring is heavens better because it’s craftable (the only reasonable way to get some no-green builds cc res). Stats from points gained from the belt are overall better than Deadly Means, and crit dmg. Crit dmg… I’d even consider double Tainted Hearts here.

Thanks for the suggestions!

I tried few versions myself, improved a little bit the time to 6.10 or so. But will wait to next patch and update the build then.

just getting back into GD and looking for a DoT build, and this looks really cool. However being that i’m noob-like, is this build tend more towards tanky or glass cannon ?

Hi, despite this build having DoT damage like poison, it still remains DW melee, meaning you get the positives and negatives of the style.

This build have great physical resistance, best sources of offensive ability shred and great life steal.

These days being melee means you can be shredded to pieces sometimes. Still this Witch Hunter is one of the better DW melee builds out there. And ofc poison damage with all this procs is fun :slightly_smiling_face:

I just finished trying a DW spellbreaker build and ran into a lot of trouble with it. However i kind of lost the link to the build and was flying solo. lol. So my guess is I started to do a lot of dumb stuff with the build.

This looks like fun and i really like DW melee, also the life steal is a cool mechanic, so that will be fun too. Gonna give it a try ! :smiley:

it’s weird how, across almost all ARPGs, ranged characters are always better, and melee always is at a disadvantage :frowning: You’d think that balancing it out wouldn’t be that tough, but apparently it is…

Actually casters are the current meta. DW melee builds were the kings on late AoM days. They were unkillable, while doing insane DPS. How times are changing :smile:

But my WH is way above average for survivability. Great physical resistance, instant damage reduction, mega OA shred. You should try it, it’s cool. But it’s not invulnerable!

What is OA shred ? Still trying to learn the lingo :wink:

Oops, my mistake. It’s offensive ability reduction. Build have it on Veil of shadow, also on.bloody pox’s wasting and on Murmur devotion. Very good debuff- reduce the chance of enemies hitting/critting you.

Any leveling advice ?
Looks like you have no choice but to start nightblade since the occultist skills are supportive. Otherwise typical leveling strategies, right ?

Nightblade, yup. You can level straight with ABB+Shadow strike. Or you can try with Phantasmal blades spamming. But invest in secondary skill nodes and not the main, because of high energy cost.

I had an idea about beginners guide for WH but the DW version is too similar to to Dervish and vitality is too similar to Reaper.