[*] Return of the poison queen - Vileblade DW Witch Hunter!

  • I was gonna add appropriate text from the song Toxic, but is being occupied by someone’s build :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Latest patch was weird for the Vileblade set. It’s was nerfed, but at same time more support for Witch Hunter class. So that’s proper acid DW build. It’s not new and groundbreaking stuff, it’s been already posted before. Credit for that to @afanasenkov26 and @thejabrixone. Update

GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/xZyXjJwV

  • Build is improved a lot and I’ve decided to use new MI medal for even more ABB damage, acid gloves but with Deathwhisper pants to cap ABB nodes, also slightly different devotions route.

Crucible run of 4:41!

And Moggy kill, Ravager is possible but full pharma run.

GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/D2pbdpJZ

Original Build


GRIM TOOLS LINK :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j8J1nZ

Key for the build is the set. Other than that acid builds usually have number of green items. I decide to use only these shoulders, which are impossible to be neglected for skill bonuses. They need stun resistance, cause these build lacks. Biggest question mark is gloves, this poison or Iceskorn, but I think these are optimal. If you want Ring of Steel, you can choose the appropriate medal, but decide not to use that skill at all. :stuck_out_tongue: Pants are Tranquil for slow resistance. Slow it’s still somewhat important, cause this build is semi auto attacker. When ABB is on cooldown, it uses standard attack, which can trigger WPS skills.

Devotions are full offensive, classical for DW acid builds, with many procs like Tainted eruption, Yugol, mini eyes and scorpion sting. Also Revenant for flat RR instead of Manticore.


This build is solid in Crucible, mind that you need to be extra careful in 169 and 170 waves. Don’t allow to be hit by Anasteria’s meteors. Also time can vary a lot. Without lag build can do probably close to 6 minutes or even less, but same time bad Nemesis combos and enemies stuck at spawn points will decrease time to 7-7.20, big margin. Health is rarely moving, but build can die in instant in tough waves. So it’s solid, but not unkillable.

For Yugol proc, you need to be surrounded by enemies, so pick your style carefully, when to face tank in middle and when to seperate targets.

Video from 150-170 :arrows_counterclockwise: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIhesrS-Rj8&feature=youtu.be


Recent patch made Dervish weaker, but Witch Hunter slightly stronger. Still difference in times and performance is too big against different Nemesis combos and mutators. Never the less, extremely fun and cool build :slight_smile:


Good job! Nice to see WH is on top again :slight_smile:
Also updated my build too.

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Yes, long live the WH class! It was my first ever build played in GD. So it’s nice to be able to post working well concept in the forum.

I noticed that you are missing DW witch hunter for your collection of dual wield budget builds :nerd_face:

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Should correct that in the future! After doing physical DW DK and every possible combo with Chillstrifes :smile:

You really should try full Abomination with that chaos->acid convercion. Don’t know why Crate changed it from global to skill modifier only for Occ, but it injects a decilitre of horse hormones into your DPS

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Oh, nice idea! Guardians are already strong here, but what you think needs to be dropped, meteors points probably? Also conversion probably don’t matter, so good idea.

6:25 I see. That’s should br quite similar with my build in the past. Haven’t touch it again though because arcanist is more interesting nowadays.

On a side note, do report if left hand abomination is really that good here. Seems like it will gives so much flat.

You should try to use Pestilence of Dreeg with extra chaos to acid. And Mantle of Dreeg for extra vit to acid. However it would need green boots and pants, maybe also medal, to fix everything. I tried to make it no green and couldn’t.

You must be on strong dose of alcohol, preaching for greens :smile:

Do you think Pestilence is better than Conduit with ABB ?

Hey, Nery, another solid one!

I have few questions:

  • Why no Circle of Slaughter for some fumble?
  • I see that you have some minore Elemental resist problems. Why don’t you use Arcanum Dust instead of Rotgut Venom?
  • I would recommend taking CoF to at least 7/10. It seems like you are losing too much time recasting it due to its very small duration and radius at 2/10
  • I also think that you should find a way to use second Widow’s Sting. I know it’s a bit glassy, but Deathguard Sigil really gives you only some Chaos res which you can find your way around. But two more levels in BoD seems too good to pass up.
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I will revised it based on yours and Dmt suggestions. Yes second Widow sting will bring my defense ability down, but yes skill points are better and bloody pox and veil already have really good OA shred.

I don’t use RoS, cause I have perfect balance of number of skills based on my abilities.

Arcanum dust is good idea, I will use it. CoF more points for duration? Can do that, yes.

With 30 chaos to acid it’s better than the conduit, no doubt. Mods to ABB are a bit crap on this conduit. Radius is nice but ABB is not exactly ranged. Flat dmg is nice, too, but should be %wpn dmg.

But 90% worth of res is not something a witch hunter can afford. And also the problem of no +1 to nightblade on anything acid.

If you were to make a max dmg GDStash version Pestilence would be BiS.

I would also considering using dark ones gloves… 15% damage reduction on bloody pox + good oa + acid/psn damage.

I can confirm abom is good. It adds about ~2600 acid damage with just the conversion from the set… I use it on my yugol WH https://www.grimtools.com/calc/d2j8JrlZ. Greens are self found… pierce resist is still meh and bleed res is under cap after crystal nerf

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I will try different versions. Maybe will post optimal green setup and develop main with one green-shoulders. Thanks all for the input!

Hey nery! Thanks for the guide, i was thinking of trying out witch hunter but no clue on how I would level one from scratch. Any suggestions? Wouldn’t mind respeccing to this build later on if i have to level with a different build

Welcome to the forum! Actually, we were talking with Malawiglenn about the lack of Witch Hunter guides posted.

Possible ways to level are: to play the same way with ABB and Shadow Strike from the get go. Second option is to play Phantasmal Blades.

But I would say it’s possible to play the same style from early levels to the end. Leveling WH isn’t that easy. Especially getting enough health is a challenge. Still fun character.

Awesome build! Thanks alot mate :wink:
Does someone have m Pack of deadly means for trade? sc pc
Best regards

Welcome to the forum and thanks! You can ask about trade in the dedicated topic. Until you find it/trade it, you can use different belt like Murmur kiss or Bladebreaker .

My scream queeeennnnn!!!

I am gonna go like madlee here, why no undying oath? It’s a very much beastly in witch hunter as it giving flat on both PB and BoD?

Also, you really need to bind bloody pox to guardian’s gaze. It is very much the most beautiful feature in witch hunter

Also again, playing with your gt link a bit, here is my re-take on VB witch hunter:

I think my acid devo from misery dervish can still fit here perfectly. Also, 656 OA shred!

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