[] The Bloodthirsty Troll - 2H Bleeding Savagery Archon Crucible 170/SR 75 viable


Bleeding build deserves the crimson color code for sure. So this is my first dabble into bleeding builds. It’s Savagery Archon utilizing Feral Hunger for AoE damage and the nice Bloodrager set. I use Troll Bonecrusher weapon with dreamy green affixes but you know what trolls are green, can’t beat that.

Credit for this build to @Rhylthar cause he got me into bleeding builds and also cause I kinda took his devotion map as little. Also to Zantai for buffing this weapon and also nice new ring is used.


  • pic with permanent buffs and Bloodrager proc, DPS for Savagery

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe6moXN


Weapon+Set combo is must also most of the items are standard for bleeding builds like the great gloves, Barbaros pants and medal supports Bleeding Savagery. New ring is used combined with Belgo sigil, relic is Massacre, belt gives 2H bonus and +1 to both skills. Perhaps only strange choice is the boots slot, but Stormtitan gives me much needed type of resistances and have damage reduction proc, so I like them here.

Since slow resistance is low, need to craft pieces with slow resistance.


Savagery is main attack skill, deals good amounts of single target damage but AoE is limited to WPS skills and proc, not Blade Arc build for sure. I decided to bind Rend to Savagery for reliable RR and OA debuff but that’s not mandatory.

OA is little lower for my taste but on non Soldier builds you need to invest more points in physique.


You can’t life steal through DoT damage so you need much higher AdctH to life steal through direct damage(mostly physical). Also set procs gives nice sustain. And Ghoul as fail safe option.


In Crucible strangely or not the best setup is 4 buffs and 3x level beacons , times vary between 6:20 and 6:55 with my noob playing. Build can die but t\with little caution that will be rarity. Sadly I deleted my video accidentally :sweat_smile:

In SR build can farm somewhat reliable SR 75/76 and you can pull bosses 1vs1 or kite if you have to since damage dealt is DoT. Also big health pool helps not getting popped easily.

In SR I played with 12/12 Wendigo totem and leave blood pact at 1 point and also Smite can be removed. In Crucible Wendigo is less important cause build is on constant move.

Here 's video from full SR 76 shard, you can see the relaxed game play. :slightly_smiling_face:



The big bad wolf

Love the build as always nery.

Have you considered dropping ascension to a 1 pointer, and dumping points into clarity of purpose or into blood pact?

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I think Guthook belt is still going to be bis here despite the skill points loss.

He needs the res


Ascension actually is very good here, since it’s Blood pact have % absorb.

Armor illusion is Korbaaa.

Yeah, but the uptime on ascension is terribad. I personally don’t like the inconsistency, but I can definitely see the validity of it

I don’t like it on melee build with no CDR either but I experienced massive survival improvement with it. In Crucible during Nemesis waves or in SR boss chunks it’s very good.

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Rhylthar, please untie Nery from the radiator and return him his account. :rofl:


Plot twist Rhylthar was bored from playing only bleed builds, so created new account called Nery. Now he is showing his true colors :smile:

See no Crucible video, this looks suspicious.

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He can easily optimize his augments to use Guthook. Like he can give up that awful Bleeding augment for Arcanum Dust for example and change Arcane Spark for Tainted Heart.

No Guthook, no Bleeding build!


Na, I haven´t updated my Archon, yet, but Girdle/Belt is tough choice here.

My guts tell me Guthook might be better, but there is Gladiator´s Distinction, too. Even more Physical Damage for ADctH.

Nice build, grats. :slight_smile:

Do you really need Wendigo Totem? I have skipped it in all my builds for SR because not enough bang for the bucks because I have to kite more than fighting face-to-face.

Why Revenant? Not for the RR, that´s for sure. :joy:
Maybe skip Revenant and think about something like Dryad or, for Energy Management and OA, Viper.
Or, like I do in most of my last builds: Try to skip Ghoul, too and get Dryad, Viper and/or Scythe.

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Thanks for your feedback!

I play this build as typical melee and also try to tank, in deep realms health regen and healing devotions definetely makes sense, yes. You can see in video how I pull bosses 1on1 and Wendigo helps me to not run away and draw aggro from them. So it’s very good in this type of situations.

Belt is questionable, felt +1 classes is very valuable :thinking:

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Belt…well, let´s not forget the Racial Damage to Humans on Guthook. You can see in Video, was Racial Damage does to poor Reaper. :rofl:

For Wendigo Totem:
Look at the last moments in this fight. You have to run from Aetherslith and Maiden for a moment and lost Wendigo Totem. That would be 8 points you could spent. For example to Rebuke for more Physical Damage (and therefore ADctH).

As for Devotions:
You have a useless point in Crossroads (Ascendant). Change Jackal for Viper with this point and the point in Crossroads (Primordial) gets free and you can get 1st node of Chariot. Better spent points, imho.

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Any tips on how to lvl towards this build?

You should start with Shaman mastery. Max early on Swarm. Then put point/s in Grasping Vines/Entangling Vines. Then you take Savagery and reach end of Shaman mastery bar maxing Primal bond and few points in Mogdogren’s pact line. No need to rush taking OK mastery. Weapon is available since early levels.

Devotions, first priority is Rend. Then Kraken and perhaps Ghoul.

Would you level with bleed? I’ve leveled two Archons to 70+ (don’t ask) and the best combo I kept coming to was 2H fire RF. Good gear support leveling up and goes well with transmuted Vire’s Might skating.

Not sure what’s the optimal way of leveling Archon but bleeding should do the trick and most players prefer to level the end game builds in similar style and skills. Savagery 2H Bleeding should work better as Warder with support from Blade Arc on CD, but Archon is also an option.

I suppose it depends do you want to level a Shaman that is also an Oathkeeper, or an Oathkeeper that is also a Shaman. That’s kind of the philosophical difference. Then again if they want to play a bleed build they already chose the former!