[ -] [Caster] Rise of the Lord-Revenant - RtA DE Death Knight [c+] [sr+]

Despite Beronath’s and retal DE nerfs, it is still strong and nice to play so I decided to make a build with it. Credits to @x1x1x1x2 as the first one who made retal DE build and to @kos9k for making this setup. UPDATE: some minor tweaks but build has become considerably stronger.




  • Helmet - BiS for phys retal builds. Unless you have legendary version, you may use the epic one;
  • Armor - 3 pc of Dawnguard’s set for massive retal bonus and resists;
  • Weaponry - despite nerfs, I still consider Beronath very good option. As for shield, it is also BiS here; these affixes are best or nearly best but what you actually need is its mod to DE;
  • Boots - may be replaced with M. Stonetreaders but these ones have more flat retal damage;
  • Belt - huge amount of resists, flat retal;
  • Rings - very good here but may be replaced with well-rolled Creeping Rings or Opened Hand/Closed Fist;
  • Relic - yes, it’s Reckoning. Yes, I’ve tested Absolution and results were more than minute worse.



  • Very simple and very tanky build, capable of doing the majority of game content (except some superbosses);
  • Very safe gameplay - you can just stand in the middle, hold RMB and watch everything die.


  • Some gear (helm and shield) is very hard to get.



CRUCIBLE - fastest run of 5:23, probably can do even faster.


Special thanks to all Safarel Discord Community.
All my builds are available here: Afanasenkov26’s Build collection


Cool caster build and nice results!

I don’t know much about retal stuff but interesting to see use of Beronath despite recent change.

Without Beronath you need 1-2 well rolled green item (or Decree of the Circle of 5 and green shoulders) to convert ~90% of ele retal to phys.
I thought using Bero still was an acceptable sacrifice as far as the results are only a bit worse than Retal DE Oppressor’s ones.

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Solid rectal destroyer!

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Why not honor then?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: The praets made it first, not me :stuck_out_tongue:

On my oppressor where fire retal is around 30% of my total, beronath is basically 67% conversion. Hete in your build fire + lightning is around 44% of total retal, so after penalties it’s effectively 77% conversion. Beronath is much better in this setup compared to in mine.


So retal dont crit, right?
thats why your oa is so low.
But how shall your assassins mark be applied then…?

Low OA is a common problem of such builds but retals do crit.
And I see Assasin’s mark proccing, at least in Crucible.

On bosses - where it makes actually a difference - too ?

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I doesn’t proc often on bosses in deep SR but nevertheless the damage output is still good. In Crucible, if you watch attentively, you’ll see it proccing far more.

nice build

would an addition of boar like this https://www.grimtools.com/calc/O2GKRRJ2 be better?

maybe yes, or maybe no. need some testing, though!

How nice.
By the way, why take Gravechill?
If my knowledge is correct, it is worthless for Retal DE.

PS: Perhaps I was the first to show tools in the forum about the Retal DE DK. LOL

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Hm. If it’s worthless, then feel free to put that point wherever you want!

Hi, i am very interested in your build, i have a few questions…

  1. how u level? Using which skills?
  2. can i play this build with self found gears?
    Thanks in advance.

it’s better to start playing with 2H Forcewave of Blade Arc and play as a non-retal melee.
When you get the proper gear, you can respec into dedicated items.
Unfortunately, the build is poorly working w/o helm, amulet, shield and rings.

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The weapon is also mandatory, since you wanna convert the lightning (and cold & fire) retal to physical. But luckily enough one can shop-farm the blueprint for the non-mythical version of the weapon in Ancient Grove.

The shields can be vendor farmed in SoT aswell, but will be much PITA to get both affix and suffix with retaliation damage.

The amulet is actually in the loot pool for quest rewards. I have gotten several of them by doing quests for the Malmouth faction.

Rings, perhaps these can work as cheap temporary substitute https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/7134

Cheap helm substitute could be the set helm https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9129 which via the 4piece set bonus will grant tons of lightning retal (which will be converted to physical via the sword)

belt and leg substitutes would also be the lightning retal dmg stuff again I guess
https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9054 https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9177

But yeah, playing something else will be much easier to begin with, especially until one has the amulet, one version of the sword and a decent spectral war shield. I have a budget DK FW spam guide here with leveling etc ☄ Collection of malawiglenn's Beginner Friendly builds and also Stupid Dragon has the “pre-Krieg death knight” build guide

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Appreciate it, i think i have the dawnguard sets. Need to search all my toons.

Actually i am in the starting stage to build a DK. only level 35 with FEW but i feel weak.

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I added some more info in the post above.

If you want help on FW DK, you can either look at my and/or stupid dragon’s guide, there is also a video guide on YouTube by a dude named Malagant that is pretty good (a bit old but still very relevant for someone in your position) :slight_smile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4jLMPm60Xo

Furthermore, @RektbyProtoss gives some good advice here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWuJ1zz6egU&list=PL-7HuL5PyGEKhbkCa1JmuICYzL9fpA72V&index=1

Alright thanks

build updated for, new GT and videos added.

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