[ -][Vid] Bysmiel + Ghol elemental Pet | Cabalist | SR 100

SR 75 - 76

Update content:
1.Survival Devotion https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2mOW0DZ
2.SR100 Video

95 Keeper + Kubacabra + BennJahr + IronMaiden \ Conclave map
96 Karriv+ Kubacabra + Aleksander + BennJahr \ Conclave map
97 SharZal+ BennJahr + BennJahr + IronMaiden \ Conclave map
98 Salazin + Moosilauke + IronMaiden + Zantarin \ Conclave map
99 Lucian + GravaThul + BennJahr+ Zantarin \ Conclave map
100 Shatteredshaper + Fabius + Moosilauke + Valdaran \ Conclave map

If super lag to watch vedio, put Link to download watch from urlgot.

2 Familiar + 3 Blight Fiend + 3 Spiders



Lots of pets.

But the thing about the spiders is that your character needs to crit, so that may have limited results with few attacks at that OA. On single boss or few targets you might see one, I suspect.

Don’t forget that he’s getting ~350 DA shred applied easily between Vulnerability and Rotting Fumes.

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If you concentrate on lightning damage, maybe it’s worth getting Hand of Ultos instead of Meteor Shower?


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as Baka said. I have 3100 OA

I like Meteor very will in conjuere. it clear very fast than Ultos.
if only for Farm SR76 I think better than Ultos, also Ultos lost 100 OA will hard for Crit.
and for high SR Ultos have RR & lightning dmg may good choice.

But I didn’t test Ultos in this cloud build. Cabalist elemental RR always not enough.
my Conjuere do test before in same elemental RR, Meteor AOE dps better than Ultos.

Do u know Bysmiel ring Acid Damage converted to Elemental Damage including poison or not ?
Because elemental Bilght Fiend not have show high damage. my rings provide 77% Acid converted Elemental

poison is acid so yes.

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OK, thanks

Can indeed confirm that poison gets converted :slight_smile:

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I change to Ultos and Master of death. I forgot offhand have + 250% lightning.
now I got 3300 OA :smile:
Pets have high DPS, but Character only have 15000 HP, survival is very low unless change survival devotion.

I was testing similar build sometime ago but with defensive devotion route. You are pet specialist so I think everything is good here. I wonder only about survivality, cabalists has no totems.

Did you consider going Reap Spirit on 17 points (still you can summon 2 of them) and 1 point into Mark of Torment for some bad situations and Ember claw for additional taunt from Hounds? Or some Decay if you can squeeze some more points into?

Edit: Maybe Cataclysm Eye offhand? It gives you more skill points to manage.

first don’t have more empty space for skill bar. also farm 76 no need MoT and high level useless.
the only way is control Taunt for survivalist. but very difficult.

I’d like to tell u something about additional taunt.

Ground Slam level1 is 40 Taunt and level17 is 100. I think other Pet additional taunt skill same like this.
so u put 1 point to Ember claw is useless, because Nemesis have 45% taunt resistance.

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Thanks for explanation! I didn’t know how taunt mechanics works. So you are right, no point to use Ember claw.
I think Crate should add some description about taunt strenght for skills.

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yes. many things not have description, only found by ourself.

Video update!

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my Conjuere do test before in same elemental RR, Meteor AOE dps better than Ultos.

Video & Devotion update!

v1.1.6.1 Devotion & Skill update:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQkDgYV

Battle Pets quantity:2 Familiars + 3 Bligh Fiends + 3 Spiders

Note:Pet Elemental、Poison、Pierce、Bleeding resist not full cause GT not show Pet 、Component Aura & BOD effect

Survival System:
1.Mend Flesh
2.Blood of Dreeg
3.Dryad’s Blessing
4.Giant’s Blood
5.Tonic of Mending
6.III Omen 25% reduce damage

Fast and safe farming SR 75 - 76
if want to deep SR, 1 point to Mark of Torment from Lightning Strike



note:For reference only

v1.1.6.2 Devotion & Skill update:https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNn0rQOV

Reduce survival and improve reduce resistance
Offhand only for RR, not dps.

Fire resist reduce:Cruse of Frailty 38% + Obliteration 35 + Eldritch Fire 23% = 96
Cold resist reduce:Cruse of Frailty 38% + Obliteration 35 + Rumor 23% = 96
Lightning resist reduce:Cruse of Frailty 38% + Obliteration 35 + Arcnae Bomb 35% = 108
Acid resist reduce:Cruse of Frailty 38% + Obliteration 35 + Rumor 30% = 103

Battle Pets quantity:2 Familiars + 3 Bligh Fiends + 3 Spiders



SR75-76 Passed