[] Burn Sorcerer, CR ~5m [g3][c+][sr+][vid]

Also added walktrough 75SR too(without any signifanct issues)

So, i made experiment between Cataclysm and Invoker’s sets with the same setup(Jusicar). Next Results:


Also setup with Invoker survives slightly better due to better resistances and extra 7%CDR on amulet.Thanks!


What the fuck, where does one even start to nerf? So many different sources of burn.

Mixing 2 set together mostly always results amazingly. Invoker+justicar set is especially brilliant.
I cant even thought how you came up with that skill distribution. That is some grand pianist style there.
Interesting build, shoot. Love it!

Yeah, I should add that while this is OP as fuck, this is one of the coolest build designs I’ve seen in a while

5.10 on Sorc ? Holly macaroni,that’s really really crazy time.How do you pilot this thing,no idea :man_shrugging:

Yup, this is it. Good piloting + Canister Bomb = zero problems with aggro.

Still, raw power of Invoker set is ridiculous. Build uses nothing from Invoker, no mods, no ranks. Stats and procs alone. IMO Invoker should be nerfed and other Panetti stuff should be buffed to make up for it. Panetti is so weak without Invoker.

Shoot, I saw you on youtube piloting your sorc :joy:


I am pretty sure Z is already nerfing Ulzuin and Mortars. Other than that, I don’t think it deserves nerfs, it’s not an easy build to play and results and consistency depend very much on how good you are as a pianist.

EDIT: and I almost forgot Canister bomb, that skills is definitely overtuned right now.

I am scared to post John’s videos of my PRM Mage Hunter, I think even with Invoker’s nerf but with PRM’s buff it’s going to become even crazier. Also, upcoming Arcanist buffs are going to make it no1 candidate for Z’s big nerfhammer, I am sure of that.

I actually last two points in each nod except Supercharged give Panetti pretty masive flat boost. Just try playing with it in Grimtools (remember that all Aether damage gets converted).

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The Iskandra relic is still a bit much if anything.

John’s runs won’t be counted for nerf hammers. He’s not human

It is adequately strong, imo. It does offers quite a bit of damage for Elemental Arcanists, but it lacks any stats, so I think it’s pretty fair. It’s one of the fewer items that I think is perfectly balanced, unlike Ignaffar’s combustion which is a relic for everything Inquisitor basically.

Now with the new mines being a fully fledged multitype rr source, demo is is gonna be the best mastery lol.

Except grenado, all other skills of demo seems really damaging. Now that Thermite mine will become more reliable, I think it’s time to tone down most of the demo offensive skills a bit and give it some more defensive properties like res or cc res or armor.

Canister bomb, stun jack, and mortar seems really overtuned.

Where do I see stun jacks being good?

I don’t think Mortars need nerfs. I realize this a controversial statement. But going sub 5 on Pyran is only due to reckless aggressive play that this set is not designed for. When you speedrun Pyran you can die anytime. This achievement is a little bit like claiming 75 on an unpolished build with low health and res - it’s possible but… If I played Pyran on HC - with lots of kiting and only occasional bursts - I don’t think I could go under 6:30.

It’s not like old Argivix that cleared in record times and didn’t even need Mirror-MoT because CT gave enough sustain for an army (you could literally clear a few waves with your eyes closed - I tried lol) or like Cyclone that drops Devils and can spin around while healing yourself. Mortars give no sustain at all and require you to facetank for max dps. I think they deserve that dmg.

Maybe, seeing how they contribute to this build with so little investment, I’d move some damage to ultimate ranks.

@x1x1x1x2: @AlexGoldFish_322 Made LD elementalist and purifier with spam stunjacks. Doing crazy lokarr kill and super good cruci and off course 76 Sr viable.

@ya1: like it or not, crate will nerf it after they seen sub 5.5 minutes cruci clear. I am sure of it. What I want to say is, nerf is ok but please give something in return. I don’t want the same thing happening like arcanist in the past.

@thejabrixone @ya1 @x1x1x1x2
I have made a Canister&Grenado build (I sacrifice some points in Grenado line to make build more resilient). As you can see Grenado is good enough as well as Canister isn’t OP without full Ulzuin. About this build - what do you expect from +3000 fire Sorcerer with a ton of AoE? :stuck_out_tongue:
Actually I think that this is how cater build should be. A complete piano where ~50% of the build’s power depends on how good the pilot is.
I hope @Zantai will see this idea .

Totally agree with you here. Not necessarily on the piano part but on the skill part. I stopped posting sorcs and demos in general because caster demo is usually piano. And while I do have the skill to consistently play those kinds of builds. I can’t consistently replicate the same aggressiveness you need to clear record times with them. There’s so much variance for this kind of caster imo.

@thejabrixone I totally missed the build :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, what’s this incoming thermites buff everyone’s talking about?

They will not bounce and will activate as soon as they land (i.e. very quick)