[] Burn Sorcerer, CR ~5m [g3][c+][sr+][vid]


Hello! Today we continue our sorcerer marathon


Unlike from my previous Devastation/Apocalypse Sorcerer this relies more on Burn damage and Defense. Combination of Justicar’s and Cataclysm sets gives you incredibly good stats, so you can without any danger heavily invest to spirit and finally get phenomenal amounts (1575!)


With overall good protection, combo Mirror/Blast Shield/Ghoul as well as 33%CDR and Time Ditilation makes you hard to die even in difficult situations


Unlike standart full ulzuin build, this uses Ulzuin(4 parts)+ Cyclone(2parts). This setup gives you phenomal amounts all-round stats, as well as greatly improves mines. Only one downside is low hp bar

In current state, it’s the fastest sorcerer with overall good protection


Calc(physique/armor bonus craft in 50/50 proportion) (OLD)
Jusicar+Invoker (OLD)
Ulzuin+Cyclone (OLD)
Ulzuin setup (OLD)
Aggresive setup(not intended for SR) (OLD)

=================================STAT PANEL==================================









4m 34s
5m 36s —Jusicar+Cataclysm (OLD)
5m 10s —Jusicar+Invoker (OLD)
5m 06s —Ulzuin+Cyclone (OLD)


75SR —Ulzuin+Cyclone (OLD)


Really nice! i have seen long ago greenless sorcerer build. I saw not much sorcerer in generally.

You did improve it damage-wise, great job! Although it lost a bit of its original resilience and one extra skill made it even more piano then it was before!

@mad_lee @Nandi Thanks!
Added proof that build can clear 75SR.(although with some issues) Video i will add somewhat later.

Compendium is wainting for you

@omnitrio Added)

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yeee nice i havent seen sorcerer build from a long time :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice build!

I really hope to see spirit stacking meta :smile:

I miss Infernal Knight :frowning:

Very good build. Tanky (health kinda low for SR but the spirit dump is worth it). Lots of sources of burn from skills. Crazy %dmg. How are the ticks on the dummy?

The only thing I’d like to add is that the build lacks a high weapon dmg nuke to have output for flat burn (max is ~60% from transmuted CT). That Glyph of Burning Rifts is pretty strong (200burn/s) and it’s a blink, but I was wondering if some other rune with high weapon dmg wouldn’t give even better total ticks.

But maybe I’m wrong. Sorcerers don’t stack as much flat burn as trauma warlords, poison dervishes or bleed tricksters. Most of it comes from skills.

Hello!Around 200-250k, up to 300-320k with this setup. Maybe you right,but as for me enough(because stormfire also deal 60% wd).

Added 6:01 video with much more aggresive devotion (altough lack of aeon devotion makes you to be more careful)

That’s probably the fastest sorc I’ve seen. Congrats.

What I meant is DoTs from weapon damage do not stack from different sources. It doesn’t matter how many 60% wd sources you have. More sources at the same wd level do not make better ticks, only reset them. So what’s important for DoT (usually, maybe not in case of your sorcerer) is to have one nuke with a lot of weapon dmg - like Octavius with Aegis or Venomblade with ABB.

But you probably know that. Lol.

Damn, looking at your video and I want to scream at the screen “BUT IT’S MINE, IT’S MY CHILD” :smile:

But it’s not anymore, congrats on taking it so far.

It’s probably due to the fact that Shoot’s using Mortars with the new FG amulet. Even as few as 2 of them contribute a lot to total dmg.

Added ulzuin setup:fireworks:

Made experiment with maxed out mines(also forgot 1 ring augment in previous version). Current run — 5:25. Enjoy)

Nice. Got gt?



  • Added cyclone items
  • Removed mortar traps completely
  • Slighty changed augments

I ran out ideas how it can be improved(but someone may be know). Total time in this setup — 5:06 . Thanks!

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