[] Fire Mortar Purifier - Volcano

  • [Caster] [] (mi) (sr-) (vid) [Vulcano](build url) (Vizix)

    • Damage: Fire, Burn,
    • Active Skills: Mortar Trap, Rune of Kalastor, Word of Renewal, Flash Bang, Thermite Mine, Stormfire, Displacement
    • Passive Skills: Flame Touched, Whirling Blades, Aura of Censure, Deadly Aim
    • WPS Skills: none

GRIMTOOLS Kalastor, Canister, Mortar(New)




This build is me experimenting with mortar and the fire rune, build as a glasscannon. I want to start with saying that i am a very bad pilot and not really a great builder too but this combination netted in lots of fun, just don’t stand still ever. This is not really min maxed or optimized, feel free to do so.

As you can see this has 5 mortars. You can get 6, but you will have to take mask of infernal truth. Then you could take more defensive options for shoulder and chest and maybe swap out the belt with the cinderplate girdle. For rings you can take the Judicator’s Seals. Also if you have nice stoneplates with life and pants with life do it. The only MI you have to get is from the wizard Terrnox he is at the basement in Malmouth Outskirts. I got a really lucky drop from him. There is also a conduit that shaves off another 0.5 seconds of mortar, but i took a craftable blue also nice. As you can see you can do a lot defensive wise i just didnt.

Skills and Devotions
You can drop the fire rune a little and artifact handling for the inquisitors seal, given that you have beefed up your defenses as I have explained in the items. Stormfire does a good job of stealing life for you. You can even take bat because pierce is converted to fire for more sustain. I didn’t do all this. I am just experimenting still. Mortar is now at 0.9 second reload. With conduit it would be even less. The rune is basically a sort of offensive defense as well against groups cause it knocks em down. Use displacement wisely.

Right now you simply put down mortars, use stormfire to proc RR and rune of kalastor to keep em cc. Flashbang also helps in controlling groups. The build i post here is mainly offense and in sr above 60 you rather be the backliner. If you wanna do higher SR alone just try the more defensive setup that i explained in items.

  • pros:
    • high damage single and mutli target
    • res are alright ish
    • offensive
  • cons:
    • glassy (like a paper towel)
    • not much defensive skills
    • low armor (the bane of any caster)
    • only 1 escape skill

I did around 9 minutes crucible but it can be much faster, im just a very bad pilot. SR above 60 only with support or with a more defensive setup. Use at your own risk ^^

Video Crucible

7:30 crucible

I like really much the idea of this build but man it’s so so glassy. In the video you spend 90% of the time running from enemies. Mortar traps play style require face tanking, so that you can avoid them miss.

I suggest to remove points from Rune of Kalastor, max Inquisitor seal, take spam skill from component like Stromfire and change devotions adding Bat( placed on BwC with transmuter, Giant’s Blood on Blast Shield and maybe Phoenix on Stromfire. You’ll have lot stronger and faster build too, cause you’ll be able to hold your ground.

yeah im building a second version. Regardless i dont pilot these things very well

Gratz on posting it. Didn’t see that rune for ages, since Sir do you have spare change Octavius nerf )
Some ideas to improve it slightly.
1)Get rid of stormfire/ghoul nonsese and spec intro Giant. Stormfire just screw your mobility and get you killed. Giant with Pyran 3 piece provide enough sustain to ignore most stuff in crucible. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/r2BWyOjV
2)This gun is a noobtrap. Malakarr all the way.
3)Not sure if the rune here worth the effort. You can add Canister if you want more skills outside of Mortar spamming.

You can kite clever, keeping them in place. Alexgoldfish did it well on his green Pyran. He was taking 3 blessings without Empyrion, not Ulzuin, so it shows that how much dmg you can avoid and still keep most dps intact.

Well… 800 regen half the time isn’t enough to out-heal a skeleton archer when you’re debuffed.

Imo regen’s only good on commando tanks and such that have 5-6k base regen, and Giant is a bonus. Otherwise, what’s the point of regen you don’t have half the time? I tested quite a lot of a Pyran sb. Even with 1.2k/4k thx to regen conduit and some extras from components, sustain was nothing compared to good adcth.

I’d say either Warpfire or Grim Fate. Gun is ok for main game/SR when you want your Mortars immediately in a new location. Malakor is fine but is the Censure ocd worth the mods/procs and twice as much %dmg?

Skeleton archers don’t exist and you know it. All trash waves can be facetanked in the middle of CoD w/o ADCTH at the moment as long as you add Inquisitor or Arcanist in the mix.
And when big boy’s come in play your ADCTH don`t work most of the time, cause can’t shoot and run at the same time. ) And you are not packed enough to stand and spam stormfire. Or at least not packed enought to stand and spam during 2 reapers thingy. https://youtu.be/RG-P5sm3JxQ?t=150

Nah, with 3k% Fire dmg all these ~100% increase are meaningless. 20% DMG to eldrich is huge and 8%R with capped Censure is also huge.

Surprisingly, my best run on my Pyran (before the conduit stupid nerf) had two Reapers at 160, and then Maiden, Grava and Kuba at 170:

Crucible 4:50: https://youtu.be/kNOYOfT3p3Q (3b/vb/no pharma/no setting up Mortars beforehand)

That’s from this thread [] Pyrapyraboomboomboom! - Max DMG No-Green Pyran SB (crucible 4:50). I did try different setups boosting regen but I found it never paid. Best results both defensively and offensively were when I dropped Giant completely and maxed dmg. This might have been before the Stormfire nerf, though, idk, I’d probably be using Chain Lightning now.

Well, +100%dmg with 3k%dmg is exactly +3.3%total damage. Add another +50% and the difference is like the old total damage reduction stat on Maiven. It’s never meaningless.

Malakor might be good, idk, never tried. Imo both Warpfire and Grim Fate just give too much. But that radius on Censure…