[] [HC] The Immortal Army - Pet Dervish - Beginner Friendly Pet build! Super fast MC farmer!


I have a version of your fire build which is a lot better but has gdstashed double greens, which this build needs anyways.
I have more OA and DA, more phys res (but still too low), better CC res, more life. Slightly different devotions.
The idea is to hit and run with Rune skill, that triggers meteors. And then let the army do its job and from far away use Stormfire (which deals a lot of damage and heals you).
SR 65 is a piece of cake and I don’t go further with my chars.

I think it is a bit harsh to call someone out like that, even if your build might be better. I believe if you posted a link to your build, and said that this was working better for you, and if any of the veterans out there have any suggestions to improve your build.
I believe an approach like this will gain you a lot more than the line of attack you used here, albeit your own opinion which you are entitled to.

Thank you for sharing your idea, and who knows, maybe a few people will try it out and might even give you some feedback.

I for one am enjoying Contragor’s build, and his others which are made for HC play. There are a lot of good builders out there, and we need them to keep on providing good and easy to follow build guides for all players, especially newer players to keep on growing the game.

Please keep that in mind for when you do future replies.


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I’m waiting for your feedback :slight_smile:

Keep in mind, while this build is VERY forgiving at the beginning and can be used to speed level to 100 quite easily in HC, its low physical resistance can get you killed when facing hard hitting bosses. Don’t get too comfortable, ever. I’d suggest getting at least 20-30% phys res via devotions and gear so that there will be no surprises as you approach level 94.
Best of luck!

thanks for this fun build
any suggestion on the sequence of devotion when leveling?

Well, the build was smooth as butter up until level 61 (hardcore elite). Was absolutely melting everything and booking it through content… then my save files corrupted again. Using the vanilla game with no other programs/mods/etc., so no clue what is going on with it. I think it has something to do with Steam cloud saving, but not sure.

I may try this build again in the future, but I don’t feel like doing campaign on another pet class so soon.

I will say this though: the build is very nice for putting on music and chilling. Not having to worry about pet health/duration is honestly amazing during leveling.

Move saves to local then you shouldn’t get the problem.

Then turn off cloud saving in both the Steam settings and the ingame Options menu.

Yeah I did. That’s the only common denominator I can think of, so I’m hoping that fixes it. Weird because I’ve never had this problem before in the ~1000 hours I have logged on the game.

I’ve been taking a break from the game for quite a while, but I’m thinking about returning to try this. Thanks for posting.

The helmet makes me think about a possible vitality RE Oppressor. Has anyone tried that?

Vitality RE oppressor, or Vitality RE oppressor with Magi Helm?

Well with magi helm, but if there is a stronger one without it I’m all ears too. :wink:

Figures, that it’s you who replies, good to see you’re still here. :upside_down_face:

It would break the popular Dark One set Blightlord set.

I seem to remember Blightlord being about fire RE? Care to point towards a vit RE Oppressor? :slight_smile:

you can do vit too [] Buffed Fire Blightlord? Nope - PURE VITALITY BLIGHTLORD OPPRESSOR- as fast as 6:34 150-170

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Better link @thejabrixone version. It’s updated.

I wish I could but there is no thejabrixone oppressor in the bible… i mean the compendium

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Yeah sorry, I am too lazy to put all of my build in compendium… :laughing:

Thanks @Trudel!


so you mean I have to do inferior builds due to your laziness? :zantai:


Thank you so much for posting this build. Having a TON of fun with it. Again, thank you.

posts GT link with 5 double rare affix greens LOL LOL LOL :smiley: and two purple Magi rings

yeah, right… :smiley: