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Thank you for such datailed leveling info and example! Will try today overpass 6th act and push to 94 lvl with corrected build

I’m using Potion of Clarity but it becomes too expensive due to permanent deathes

Sorry I know this is completely off topic but is your user name from the electronic artis omnitrio? One of my favourite artists ever.

I had a really tough time leveling with aegis. I eventually switched to dual pistols and bloodrager set at level 75. It seems to be going faster now.

Yes :star_struck:
My nickname from Robert Haigh aka Omni Trio

hello there! i got my paladin to lvl 94 but now i have the problem that the pants (chausses of barbaros) require 1035 physique to wear them and i only have enough physique if i put all my atribute points into it…but then i dont have enough cunning to use the guns :frowning: and i see that in your screenshot and also in your videos you only have 935 physique! how is that possible?



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ohhhh!!! i feel so stupid now :smiley: thank you so much!!! i forgot to respec my devotions…

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will the 18% damage reduction from Rune of Wretched Desires stack with the other reductions in this build?

damage reduction does not stack
will work the greatest

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is there something you would change on the devotions since the hydra now has 4% life leech instead of 40% piercing damage?

I made some changes https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZeKW362
Not yet tested
But think all will be fine :slight_smile:

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awesome, thank you! i will test it right now. by the way, i am wondering…i have been playing like 400h since i bought GD and i still havent found a single octavius item. also still missing amulet, relic and seal of might. the octavius set seems to be rare or am i just being unlucky?

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I don’t think so
I don’t hear from our community troubles to find this set
The helmet is much harder to find as all blueprints items

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I need help on the devotion pathing. This is my first character in Ultimate and almost 80 and I have no clue how to complete the path the way you did :sweat_smile::cry: .

I’m not the author, but since this is more of a general question, I think I can answer it, too.

Constellations can “sustain themselves”. This is used here. This basically means that you will have to temporarily invest in constellations you don’t want to reach the constellations you actually want. After you’ve completed the target constellation, you can refund the points you spent for “unwanted” constellations at a spirit guide.

To give you an example: In the updated GT, Revenant and Hydra seem “unreachable”. But in fact they are. How it works:

  • one point into green crossroad
  • complete bat
  • one point into red cross crossroad
  • complete viper

Until now, you only have constellations you want to keep in the final build. But you want to reach Revenant, don’t you? To achieve this, you will have to invest in “unwanted” constellations.

  • put three points into jackal (yeah, you don’t want that constellation, but you need the affinity)
  • now you can take Revenant

You have Revenant, but unfortunately you still have to keep Jackal. Don’t worry. Next we’re targeting Hydra.

  • take purple crossroad
  • take Targo’s Hammer

Okay, I hear you say - but we still need more green affinity. Therefore we take another “unwanted” constellation:

  • put three points into hawk
  • Now you can take Hydra.

At this point, both Revenant and Hydra can sustain themselves. You can refund the points you spent both for Jackal and for Hawk.

That’s basically how you do it: Temporarily take something you don’t want until you can reach your goal, then refund…


Hi :cowboy_hat_face:

The answer was earlier this topic

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Thanks for full answer :sunglasses:

I actually ended up figuring it out. Thanks for the clarification though! :smiley:

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thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

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