[]need advice DW melee Warlock struggle in crucible 150-170

Hello, wonderful builders and players!

I’ve been playing GrimDawn 1600+hrs, but new to forum.
I’m not good at building a character or piloting, but this forum has helped me
play this game greatly, so I’d like to thank all people contributing to this forum.

So, here is my character now I’m playing, spark of reality dw rah’zin melee warlock.


I’m not good at playing ARPG, and hate to see my health bar up and down much,
so love to play super-defensively.

This char is no exception, but damage is still decent(relatively) or acceptable, I think.

SR75-76 is doable, Lokarr and MQ are easy(vid links below),
cruci 150-170 with 4buffs around 11min(no vid, sorry)
Ravager of souls in elite is around 7min(using pharma).

Lokarr need kiting::sweat_smile:
MQ no need to use mirror

But he’s struggling to beat cruci 150-170 naked.
Wave160, combination of AoM nemesiss is too much to handle.

Any suggestion to improve this char?
I know RR is lacking and damage is too low, but due to my limitation of game knowledge,
or obsession with takiness::stuck_out_tongue: haven’t allowed me to find a way.

Any help and suggestion would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


That’s a cool character concept!

Warlock isn’t known to be super defensive, quite on contrary actually.

Oh, wow. Let me get a few things straight. Some of the “meta” DW builds can struggle with 150-170 naked too, and you have a build that has 60-70% damage of the meta DW build judging by your 4 buff time.

Also, you said that you love defense, but that’s just not how crucible is played by most. Crucible is a kill or be killed thing - you should have damage to kill enemies before they kill you. Having less damage results in taking more damage, which requires even more defense than what you got by sacrificing your damage in the first place. It isn’t as simple as “okay, I’ll lose some damage and get some defense and will just do it slower”.

Get Solael’s Witchblade devotion at least.

like @Stupid_Dragon said u need Solael’s Witchblade devotion for more RR and fiend and nice build BTW +rep

Thank you! I’m glad to hear you like it :smiley:

Yeah, but this char is turned to be very much tankier than I expected. I love this one so much.
Also, nullification is great defensive gimmick especialy for melee ones. Like it, too.

That’s exactly what I was thinking :rofl: Thank you for finding that out!

Thanks a lot for suggestion!
I’m testing this setup

Much faster, I could make it through wave 160 naked,
but in wave 161 Alek’s meteor whacked me down :disappointed_relieved:
LIttle bit squisher, but this is the way to go in cruci, I guess.
5.4 sec mirror matters so much. Need better piloting.

Thank you for your input! I’ve realised the power of RR :laughing:
Took much time to that understanding, 1600hrs.
I haven’t played endgame very much.

Nice to hear you like the build too, thank you very much!

Fiend, that’s difinitly to be considered.
Do you think it’s better than recently buffed Guardian’s Gaze?

actualy its prety the same exept fiend have burn damage & guardian gaze healing so based from what u said before u like defensive build so guardian gaze is for u.

Thank you for your reply, btw I like flame torrent much better than guardian’s gaze,
better proccing rate, fast move.
With ring’s conversion, fiend can be much better offensively.
Going to test that, thanks!

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I really really like this concept, and it’s nice seeing more japanese players in this forum :stuck_out_tongue:

I have quite a bit of experience in naked Cr piloting, but no experience with this concept.

Can you send me the chatacter file for some testing?

It’s an honor to be offered testing by an experienced player like you :smile:
I will send you the google drive link by PM.

btw, how do you know I’m Japanese? My bad english? :slightly_smiling_face:
I can’t find any description of my nationality…
Just wondering :thinking:



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Ah! That’s easy! :star_struck:
日本語お上手ですね :blush:

Unfortunately, there is no way for a very gimmicky melee build to be really effective in endgame. I think you already did more then could be expected from it.

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@mad_lee It’s unlikely to do naked cr, but maybe wiht aeon’s + belgo relic cheese it just might.

5.4s mirror is no joke when coupled with ghoul

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why would you ever wanna do naked crucible with melee warlock tho, that’s the real question here

why would you ever want to do SR 100? Or do sub 5 cr?

it’s an arbitrary challenge :stuck_out_tongue:

with melee warlock tho? )

Thank you for your comment. That’s what I feel in some way, the build is kind of meme from the start :smirk:
I have not even expected this char to do SR75-76 initially.
But… greedy a man can be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would like to try your Luminari Godkiller next :+1:
I love DW melee so much

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As I said, the fact that you got that far is already a compliment to how you have assembled this gimmick.

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why not?

if hilly succeeds, it’ll be the first DW chaos 'lock to do naked cr that I know of

Sorry if I repeat someone else’s comment. Op build - dmg and sustain is too low to handle multiple bosses. Ghoul and Witchfire are a must. Revenant, too.

But nice original build.