[] Physical AAR Templar pseudo pet/tanky - uses greens

Hello I wanted to post a build here for a physical AAR Templar. This was more of an experiment than anything else and due to the itemization challenges its uses significant greens. The main challenge here is getting a caster setup + AAR skills is extremely difficult for a physical focus. The conversion itself is that that hard to due beronath sword + seal of might, getting caster level energy regen + skill boosts + %+physical dam is tricky.

The optimal (I think) build is :

The somewhat less optimal but still pretty good build with 3 less greens is:

We choose Oathkeeper for a couple reasons that all syngerize well with AAR:

  1. Guardians are very good phys RR, but also they are great proccer for flame torrent and beronath completely converts flame torrent to pure phys.
  2. You get a passive end buff that is both +phys dam and +crit damage
  3. We achieve perma Ascension with Aeon + 4 sec extender, giving us massive OA, flat absrob and 300% all damage (getting phys damage boost is a real challenge so this is great)
  4. you get +energy regen from presence of virtue which is needed.

Ulzads’s decree is up 70% and ascension is essentially seamlessly perma with 16% or higher CDR.

For the above optimal build you achieve the following things:


  • 100% fire conversion 80% aether conversion, 80% lightning conversion. So AAR is roughly 85% physical.
  • 100% vitality to phys conversion for bat and skeletons
  • High + crit damage of 80% raw and 140%+ on AAR
  • High OA 3300+ to make use of the crit damage
  • High damage AAR, you can get ticks of over 40k and crits of over 100k, your crit rate should be over 15% even against nemsis.
    -High cast speed, 194 average, 200 with good rolls
  • 108 phys RR
  • 3 invincible pets + up to 6 skeletons that are also 85% physical, if you have all 9 banging on something its a significant amount of DPS, I am not entirely sure but its certainly over 100k
  • Overall DPS is something like 400k to 500k.
  • Good extra movement option since you can take Vire’s


  • good DA at 2700-2800
  • This is a high end life steal build, AAR steal 6% and bat is 2/3 physical damage. This will life steal roughly 6-7k life per second against an 85% life leech resistant nemesis if my calculations are right
  • 21% damage absrob from Maiven
  • 40% phys resistance
  • 290 flat damage absorb
  • about 1.9k effective armor, due to the interaction of maivens and the flat asrob your poor armor % gets made up for and you have the rough equivalent of 1.9k with 100% armor absorb
  • 15+k life

I am not the best pilot so I don’t have number for highest SR and crucible clear times, but I would assume it at the high end. Feel free to steal this build for yourself if you are curious.

There are variants of this build that use more purples and maybe get down to 2 greens (you kinda need the green off hand I’d say). But they will start to seriously suffer in the damage department you will find ascension hard to get high and fairly quickly lose about 500% +dam, even then its pretty good and would clear campaign easily but due to the way itemization works out you’ll find everything is working towards cross purposes without greens.

It is also possible to swap the matriarch ring for a green and get 1.2k extra life for the losing effectively about equivalent of +50% phys damage.

Suboptimal or immature versions of the build work well in campaign, you can basically do all of elite in lokarr’s set just because of you ability to kite and the usage of your pseudo pets. I started a version of this build at level 1 in elite and it was surprisingly easy even though I wasn’t converting yet (i.e. gotta be 75) but had physical damage devotions. The life steal of bat + offhand still work very well to make for having essentially no armor.

All in all its actually a really fun build to run, its too bad it needs so many greens. I suspect its rather crazy strong and performs in SR rather well with someone who knows what they are doing.

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