[] Piercing the Beacon - DW Cadence BM (4.45 cruci 3+1)


After a recent post [] Pretender to the Throne - maximum damage DW pierce Cadence Blademaster (5:20 min avg. Crucible, SR75-76) Which showcases a great build, This is the reiteration of how I “Crittrain” wanted it. It is very green and I love that while im sure no one else will.
Whats funny is, I have used these same conversion pieces (chest, shoulders, belt) with a DW yugol BM that did well too but I never applied it to cadence because I hate ABB but cant argue with the results.

The best beginner guide for a BM:

If you want a realistic endgame BM:

@Stupid_Dragon For helping me early on, If it wasn’t for you and your guide I wouldn’t be playing.
@Superfluff I want to thank you for your help, All your time spent with BM and sharing that knowledge with us.
@romanN1 For being a monster at crucible and running this for me.

Not much can be said about this that isnt obvious, I believe Unchained is BiS for gloves Iceskorn doesnt make sense (to me) is it the crit dmg on a skill we arent capping? Is it the duration buff? (because you spam it everytime you can anyway) 1 Reaver is BiS imo The dermap I liked using was Sinister/Ruthlessness but I think roman used Heart Piercing/Ruthlessness , 2 Reavers works also just doesnt feel as brutal. kaisan amulet for hardcap of DM and more +skills. Emeralds because cunning is king. This devotion setup feels so brutal, Scales makes you feel so tanky.

Enough Rambling , My average time was about 5.30 but im terrible at running crucible im always half a min or more behind everyone else.

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Hope everyone enjoyed and death to beacons!
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That’s a good result without beacons, nice job. Pierce of all dmg types will be less affected by the beacons nerf because it’s devo RR application is bound to OA which is boosted by Vanguard.

I don’t see a point in a fantasy setup here, honestly. A sub 5min run is possible on it with legit items.

Also, since you are apparently “opposing” my build (as it is clear from the image you used) why didn’t you mention it in your post? That’s kinda common courtesy around here.

Not opposing your build at all, I actually love it (besides the gloves part I didnt understand that) , I love cadence. Only thing Id say I oppose is comparing it to Belgothian while using Beacons. Thats why I did my reiteration of how “I” wanted to see it . This is a friendly poke I can assure you that, atleast you post videos of yourself running your builds amirite?
I will add your build to my post, along with rewording.

The comparison to Belgothian is valid and i stand by it. I used a well rounded, sturdy and optimized version of Belgo by @mad_lee to compare the performance between the two. Belgo comes out on top overall but it’s a tad slower when both builds are played right.

The version Fluff used in his fastest runs… Well, it has sub 2.7k DA, 79% aether res and 5% adcth, that’s all i’m gonna say. I’m not surprised people in his thread complained they can’t play it.

For your setup, i recommend (live) testing dps with AQC. You’ll see it helps to charge up Cadence with multiple hits.

That is a great idea, I always avoid AQC because of all the topics I read about it but it sounds so brutal if the stars align.

Unless you are going for 4+3 having flat rr map wide and ulzuin’s to take place for the vanguard.

Mostly for the lulz, it has very nice damage. Max crit i reached was 1262k

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@Crittrain First time in my life I had fun playing DW cadence. :+1:

the DA part is irrelevant since i’m using buffs. I did naked belgo with 2800 DA - 2850 consistently last week and will post it

As for aether res, if killing speed + ulo buff doesn’t cut it (you don’t need more than 20-25 aether res overcap when you kill so fast) I offered options for those who want to “feel” safer, that’s all i’m gonna say. Naked Belgo on the other hand has 40-50 aether res overcap because it makes sense there. You don’t have ulo and you kill slower, thus enemies get to debuff you more. CAllagadra full purple video i posted also has adequate tweaking for it’s environment and can fully face tank. But the speedrun builds were not made to hold anyone’s hand. :slight_smile:

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Well nothing makes me feel better than hearing that from you fluff, Really happy you liked it.

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I’m not in the mood to go into another 100-post debate, and certainly not in a commentary section to another build.

But it should be said that 79% aether res and 5% adcth is laughably low for Crucible regardless of your kill time. We can agree i know that since i’ve made a melee build with the highest single target dps in the game, both no green and fantasy. If your defenses are low the bare minimum is to have enough res and effective hp to withstand oneshots and enough adcth to heal yourself back in an instant.

In your 5 min video you got very lucky to not being killed by Mad Queen when you took her on solo at the spawn. You also passed 169 by a hair because of your knowledge of enemy timings and Ana’s sky shotgun almost missing you. This attack oneshots your character under Ana’s autoattack debuff.

I understand you made a version of your build house of cards level of fragile for the sake of speedruns. But please, don’t defend it as viable because there are a lot of people who trust you around here. And no, 7.5 sec cd War Cry you “offered as an option” wont help this glasscannon.

It all comes down to the player’s abilities, mechanics knowledge, sharpness and speed to react. Not everyone could pilot my binder properly, yet plasmo did a very good 4.20 run.

Your mood or mine had nothing to do with anything. You say something about a build of mine that i fell is incorrect, I might say something myself, even though, I’d really rather not in general.

5% lifesteal might be laughably low for yourself. I’m doing just fine. Don’t generalize what can or cannot be done based only on your experience, and using so many safety nets because that’s how it feels right for yourself.

Not only it is an option it’s so OP for that build it trivializes the runs with a fast killing toon, in my opinion. Only in naked runs WC is obviously not enough to call it viable.

These are risks that I’m willing to take based on my experience. If I know i can time a heal when I get burst by her aura, in time to kill her fast, or any other boss for that matter, then i’ll do it. By no means does it dictate the viablity of a build. You can just as well kill other mobs and attack her when her aura is down. Good kill runs do not depend on bursting her first. It was a decision I made in that particular moment

Not holding a grudge or anyone’s part but i never died to MQ with green belgo. Just saying

He’s mostly referring to the purple I believe, where pretty much the same thing applies on my part :slight_smile:

How many sources of projectiles does belgo have to suicide with off MQ aura? Blade spirits if used are trivial to command away from her and they fire infrequently to boot. Blades of wrath is the only other source that pops to mind and that again would depend on what you’re binding it to. Seems to be a lot of player choice involved for conscious suicide by MQ.

Nice build and I like how many different iterations DS Pierce can have. I tried recently one with Deathmarked set pieces, so fun times.

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I think it’s more of a question of “how much damage and adtch should a build like belgo have on top of its defenses to outheal MQ’s shotgun bursts”. From my experience of playing Belgo I have never had any problems with her. But if you sacrifice too much adtch and defenses then it might get hairy of course.

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