[] Return of the DW Krieg aether Battlemage


Welcome to Forgotten Gods forgotten classes edition!
Yes,there is class called Battlemage and I assure is worse than it sounds.It has even multiple dedicated sets-Krieg and Magelord are for BM even if they are suited for DK,also there is physical devastation set:D.Defensively is very good class,but offensively is lacking,both class suffer from lack of -RR at their disposal.For S&B BM looks ok,but how it fares for DW melee?I decided to check and creates analogy of DW Krieg build done by Veretragna. update

Actually build is done entirely by Mad Lee. But he decided to not posted in separate thread.

He tested some different gear combinations and came up with this as BiS version. BM lacks - RR on either mastery, so that’s optimal performance to do ~ 6:30 in Crucibl. Also needs to be noted that Arcanist mastery was improved after I posted initial version in Some changes to the build are:

  • Agrivix relic over Haunt.
  • Albrecht’s duality and Eternal Haunt over Magelord rings.
  • lots of spirit.

GT :arrow_right:



*pic with permanent buffs

GT :arrow_right:

Gearing-Core is Krieg set easiest set to be farmed.
Weapons are dual Mindwarp,their proc is excellent and offers attack speed as well as RR.Pants are just tremendous for any aether build,Rings are magelord set,they are selected over the combo Eternal haunt+Albrecht duality.Conduit is the new aether Cadence one.Relic is Haunt,it’s cheap and have skill with RR to aether .Belt is mainly for a stat stick.Medal is allowing us to wear two weapons.

Devotions-Nothing crazy here,key is to get Spear+Dying God.Some standard devotions like Ghoul and Hawk+Widow for RR and Revenant for attack speed and racial damage

End game

Here is test video from Mad Queen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VHTN4cN9Z3o&feature=youtu.be The speed is decent and I don’t felt pressure from her the entire time.

Crucible-prepare for disappointment.Build is super slow.I can’t go under 9 minutes even with 4 buffs+ 1 banner.Biggest reason is that multiple enemies are aetherial or resistant to aether and our RR potential is severely limited.Build is one of the safest possible DW melee,though.

DK vs BM

It’s not even close for DW melee.For shield version BM is more close,but here Necro provides extra WPS skills,attack speed bonus,siphon souls heal and more importantly instant and big RR.Also health bonus,unlike Arcanist.The mage have sphere for absorb,nullification and flat aether in abundance.Actually the later is misleading,cause Necro also have flat+big bonus from Soul Harvest.

Final words

For melee I will go with DK,just better build,you understand why BM is not that popular class:D.Oh and DK is easy to level as physical Forcewave.BM from other perspective is pain.

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Devotions-Nothing crazy here,key is to get Spear+Dying God

Why in the world would u get Dying God? They don’t seem to fit the build at all. Why not chariot of the Dead or something instead of DG? What am I missing with it?

Hey, Nery. Solid job overall. If you don’t mind, I have some suggestions that might or might not improve your build. First one, major one, try Arcanist’s Conduit for Aether RR to Olexra’s Flash Freeze. Second one, try Agrivix instead of Haunt. Those things ought to be tested, they might work together, only one of them might work, or none of them might work.

Second one, small, one, about skill and devotion points distribution. Devotion map is great, optimal one imo, except maybe last two points. I would go for first point in Aeon and first point in Scarab: miniscule damage loss, but a huge DA gain (about ~70 after you remove extra points from cunning) to get DA to more comfortable 2900+ number. Skill wise, I would try and find the points for maxing out Fighting Spirit.

Third one, even smaller one, Prismatic Diamond looks very good here imo. Flat damage and a massive proc that gives more damage then a Skull in the end.

its for the crit dmg. i know…

nice build, but why didnt you go for theodins mace for the AA replacement or the mythical soulare helmet for more conversion?

While Nery is sleeping I will answer that simple question. Dying God has almost the same requirments as Spear of Heavens, so picking it up is easy. Picking up Charriot means we have to invest into purple affinities which we don’t need unless we are going towards Attack Seru.

Dying God stats are in every way superior to Charriot’s too, including still massive proc.

Because converted Cadence (we are converting all Physical damage even without that Conduit) is in every way superior to AA from Theodin Stick due to huge flat and weapon damage and massive boost from Deadly Momentum.

Nery, good job! I am glad someone else like battle mage builds.

BTW, would be great if you try Arcanist conduit with RR and Agrivix Malice relic - could be also a good option. I used this relic and it was pretty good in my 2h melee/ranged aether battle mage build.

Thanks for your feedback,guys!

Relic,Agrivix proc is good(tested),but since I don’t have albrech duality ring,I don’t think will utilize it properly.Haunt gives easy -15% shred.

Conduit on OFF is interested idea,but aether Cadence and also +1 to soldier is superior in my mind,cause Reckless power is already caped and I will lose point in Cadence and DM.

Dying God is fit,because the proc grants crit damage and attack speed,the life steal will offset the loses.

I tried double rare Theo weapon and is inferior to Mindwarp.The Warp proc is up all the time and also +1 skills to Arcanist.Teo attack replacer is way indferior than Cadence,I suggest it on aether Reaper,Spellbreaker or Spellbinder,but not here.

Devotions,I don’t think my DA is a issue,I have some OA shred.I played Cruci and MQ and actually in few runs I did not a single death,but dual RR lackless class is big loss for time.

Prismatic diamond is very good,but Idk I will lose whole chaos resistance overcap.

I think I will fell a little safer while carrying a shield :smiley:
How about this one :https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/9447

Since I rarely play SR,shield is not needed,but yes this is the shield for aether Cadence builds:p

Well you will lose 12% chaos res overcap from 19%. With good rolls on the chest you will have 11% chaos resistence overcap if use prismatic diamond.

BTW, this variant can do well too (lazy variant :)): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YNnWyKO2. Unfortunately can’t convert chaos to aether, but proc is still neat and we have additional damage bonus againts aetherials.

P.S: I wish we had good support for aether Blade Arc build.

Good idea,will test that variant and will share results!

Please keep us informed - would be great to know testing results! :smiley:

does the conduit conversion apply to the whole cadence line? as in, the flat phys on deadly momentum as well?

No just the cadence attack, deadly momentum is a global buff

Hey, Nery, did you test Edge of Sanity+Mythical Dreadfire combo? -20% RR looks solid on Battlemage.

I test Mindwarp+Teo and Mindwarp+Sanity and dual Mindwarp is best out of these options.The RR and proc of Mindwarp is gonn be lost,so I think that’s best combo.But if I go with Agrivix Malice and Conduit for OFF,perhaps situation will be changed:confused:

It should but knowing how wonky and counter-intuitive mechanics of this old engine can be it has to be tested to be sure. Thing is, with dual Mindwarps and their proc Conduit’s conversion becomes redundant so it ends up being +1 to all skills in Soldier and bit of flat damage to Cadence amulet.

Yes,you’re right,even against MQ video you can see,that they are practically always up.With two Mindwarps conversion is redundant.I wonder without Mageslayer set,does the OFF is worth for the conduit?

And conduit offers solid defensive stats.Other option will be amulet with +skills like essence of beronath or peerless eye.

I tested few versions.What I think is BiS-Prismatic diamond,conduit for OFF,double Mindwarp.

Haunt is actually performing better.Against Nemesis OFF is not working and RR is small otherwise.Also Mindwarp outperforms every other weapon.

Thanks for the ideas,guys!

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Would you recommend any changes with current patch?