[] Shocktrooper of Cairn - Bleeding Elementalist SR 75

When fighting a war, armies rely on Infantry and Artillery. Sometimes the heavy artillery can´t reach the battlefield or can´t be used because of the danger of friendly-fire.

To minimize the collateral damage, there are special forces which soften up the enemy, blinding, slowing and confusing them. They are Shocktroopers, a kind of mobile artillery, which support the battle-hardened women and men fighting side by side with them.

The Build


Build Explanation

This is the last of my builds relying on the sturdy chassis of Shaman Mastery and Bloodrager´s Frenzy Set.

Demolitionist has only 3 skills (including skills lines) which are interesting: Flame Touched (with Temper), Flashbang (with Searing Light) and, of course, Blast Shield. But they are a good complement to the already very good Shaman Bleeding Mastery.

  • Gear: You don´t need any green items. As always, a nice Incorruptible Cronley Ring will help to save some augments.
  • Devotions: Standard 2H-Melee Bleeding Devotions, including Empty Throne instead of Owl.
  • Gameplay: Very easy. 4: Flashbang, 5: Devouring Swarm, 6: Grasping Vines…Savagery, Wendigo Totem, Pet Attack and Violent Delights on Mouse Buttons.
  • Stats: Typical Cunning Dump.
  • OA/DA: 2.900/2.900…don´t forget the OA/DA-Shred of this build (OA 200, DA 320)
  • RR: 114…only few enemies have more.
  • AoE: 12/12 Grasping Vines. Enough.
  • Sustain: A lot of ADctH from Piercing Damage thanks to Rancor (30 %). And of course 12/12 Wendigo Totem.
  • Resistances: Poison, Pierce…main concern to cap. Stun Resistance is a little bit low.
  • Other details: There is not much Energy. Thanks to Viper, Revenant and Arcane Spark it is enough most of the time. Bring some potions to be 100 % secure.
Build Performance

Smooth gameplay and Flashbang fits very well in the rotation. The amount of buttons I have to press is ideal for me.

Leveling Guide/Other Bleeding Builds

You can all see it here: A collection of Bleeding Builds

Conclusion to all Shaman-based Bleeding Builds

As said above, the combination of Shaman-Mastery and Bloodrager´s Frenzy Set is great by itself. I have a Single Mastery Shaman which has to be tested by I am fairly sure it can complete campaign (including SR 50). So any other Mastery can add something and make a build more viable. For me, Trickster is still most fun to play but it is my first build (and I played it for a really long time). Second place is definitely Bleeding Druid (still astonished, how well it performs!) and all others follow (so I like the Ritualist a little bit more than the others :wink: ). Sadly, I am a little bit underwhelmed how Archon performs. When FG came out, I hoped to be it a new “go-to” Bleeding Mastery, but it isn´t (for me). RR on Guardians is nice, but Eye of Reckoning, which is strongly supported by items, doesn´t fit for Bleeding Builds (imho) and to max out Vire/Tectonic Shift there aren´t enough points (which are better invested in different skills). Some nice defensive possibilities and/or Bleeding Damage to Smite as WPS might do the trick…maybe.

As always: Enjoy your ride through Cairn! :slight_smile:


Yup bleeding Elementalist. Your everyday common build. And even name doesn’t give you a hint you’re supposed to do it as Elemental damage…

But nice job with your bloody collection. Now every class is a bloody pain in… Cairn.

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Seems like your GT link is incorrect as it shows lvl 67 char, or it is supposed to be so? :slight_smile:

Sometimes, I hate my browser…sorry, will fix it.

Should be fixed.

Update to

Brought her to SR 75, MQ is the real Nemesis here. Small changes (but with great impact), @Superfluff got his ring here. :wink:

Forgot to make the screenshot, will do it later.