[] Silent Assassins - Deathguard Acid Dervish + Cold Morgo Spellbreaker Shadow Strike glass cannons

  • proper DW Shadow Strike build.


Shadow Strike was the first skill I tried and liked in GD but never really used it much in my builds, time to post my own acid Deathguard SS Dervish and for showcase fantasy Spellbreaker using Morgoneth set. Both builds required quite the skill level and are prone to die if you are not careful enough.

Credit for helping me with this build to @banana_peel

Dervish Build

  • with perma buffs and Ascension


Shadow Strike damage breakdown. SS is on 1.3 seconds cooldown.

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2dne5JZ

  • main version, crafts with stun resist

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/YZe4QOdV

  • version without greens, courtesy of banana_peel. Crafts with slow.


Deathguard set is key, I decided to use 2x daggers, probably some MI might be worth it but high %acid damage bonus, +1 Nightblade and global CDR are hard to beat.

Also key is to cap all 3 nodes of Shadow Strike skill, so most of the items are needed for that. Gloves can boost quite a lot SS damage too.

Jewels are also very nice, Shuroth rings procs helps with trash clearing and Amulet provides nice - RR proc.


Going acid route is way better, more % acid damage reaps more benefits. So Yugol, Abomination, Manticore for flat RR, Scorpion for DA shred and Rat all boosting acid/poison damage. And Ghoul as defense mechanism.


Build is prone at Nemesis waves, especially 170. Grava surprisingly or not killed me few times, Alex and Kaisan are standard issues with acid builds. I have few monster runs ruined by dying at wave 170. I’ve made though mega lucky run with perfect mutators/Nemesis combos and even though I made few mistakes which I rarely make, did great time of 4:55!

And slightly faster video done by banana_peel with the no green version:

Spellbreaker Build

Breaker is lot less creative concept, I’ve combined the ideas from @Superfluff Breaker and @ya1 Morgo Infiltrator. Actually I proposed the devotion map with Ultos, Leviathan and Amatok all present and indeed is quite damaging and glassier option for SS build.

Credit here also to @mad_lee and @thejabrixone

  • crafts with physique. Name is meme :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4Vx7Ed52

Actually in video and screenshot is the same build, GT is Ya’s exact devotions, I used slightly different ones.

This is build with fantasy green items, 3 to be exact and is also without Ghoul, for pure testing and showcasing. In reality I would recommend to use either Ghoul or Bat and to have higher health/DA.

Green items even with average rolls will be very good but damage wise this version is phenomenal. I managed to beat my all time Crucible record - 4:39 video!


Thanks, I really wanted to see how to build Acid SS and avoid the Dunefiend trap. I give these builds 4/10 (substracted 3 points per every glaring gold medal that could’ve easily been made invisible).


Dunefiend is bad for SS. I tried equiping one weapon in off-hand slot and yikes. Full set adds CD to SS, so it’s not and option right now.

Invisible medal? I totally forgot you can do that. But gold build for gold times :muscle:

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No surprise that Dervish DG is better than Reaper…sigh. RR in this game…Nice run!

I tested briefly my setup with morg.

With all adjacent nerfs and a single Beacon, no Ultos i got 4:50. Won’t go below that this patch

Interestin relic choice. I still use outbreak and lvl 22 awakening. 17.5 K Dot in GT…sigh again :smiley:

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Good job Nery! Very nice runs a great optimization of the builds! Though i wanted DG Reaper :frowning:

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Best way imo to push deathguard with necro would be putting crit damage to spectral binding imo.

rr to ill omen and properly convert shit to acid on BH would be a start

Well then it’s just a parallel of Morg set and I think that’s too samey for the devs to even be considering. It would work yeah, but again too samey.

Thanks for your comment!

I catch a lucky run with my Dervish. I am interested to try more acid builds, I tried Oppressor even BH/RE CDR build :smiley:

Breaker, wanted to do monster elemental damage, Iskandra is so cool here! Plus I am already at max level of all SS nodes.

Thanks a lot!

DG Reaper was posted.

How about - % RR to RE :smirk:

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Good no green run:

I wouldn’t suggest it for 150-170, it’s a little too thin. But 130-150 farm should be ultrafast.

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You lazy now :stuck_out_tongue: . But that’s mechanically impossible to implement anyway. Only flat rr

The idea for reaper at least is to make BH good. And has to be done for a 1 handed weapon. I’m not sure why the %crit mods on the daggers were nerfed in the past (it can be on spectral binding like you said, so that it benefits globally not just BH) and why it does not have full conversion at least. It needs to hit hard to even hope to compete. It is after all most of the identity behind the set

Than add it to BH just like blightlord adds to SS

Such quick (albeit glassy) SS builds, Nery! Deathguard’s results are especially impressive. I hope this won’t stop Crate from buffing this set tho.

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I can’t wait to play pierce SS with the new weapons, think I am in a SS groove.

About Deathguard, SS side of it’s fine, but might need buff to Necromancer part of the set.

Also Korvan’s need serious change to SS, remove added CD and make it Weapon Damage acid SS focus or just pierce SS…

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Deathguard reaper is my favorite class besides underperforming, SS+BH+Acid procs. and the set look pretty cool.

I’ll level a dervish and try this one.

Thanks for the build.

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Dunefiend just needs to accept that it’s an EoR set and fall silent on SS. Go spin in a corner :smiling_imp:

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I have the vanilla pierce groove, tweaked the hell out of it. But it needs generous buff. :upside_down_face: Pierce SS was my fav thing in vanilla before Belgo came along.

Also if you don’t mind I’ll be trying my luck with my own version of Acid SS on a different build. It won’t have the same kill times because it’s mechanically impossible on it, aside from the beacons, i think it just can’t but it still can be hella fun

We’ll see about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, Nery. I’ve been looking for an SS build to try. How high would this go in SR?

Umm not very far :sweat:

Both builds are the epitome of glass canon builds. Perhaps with good skills it’s possible.