[] Targo's Whirling Dervish - DW Physical Spinning Blade Bursts and Judgement - ~6min average 170 crucible

Im just throwing this up for now… I ended up having to work a bit today. I will make time to finish this post and my last one after I get home this afternoon.


if anguish gets nerfed too hard this version also clears with similar speeds

this video shows the version with the green belt, and a slightly different setup. I havent had time to record a new video.

I have no idea how this does so much damage! Gratz on the cool build, man!

The pilot carry

looks really fun to play gratz


And I love that you’ve finally joined the YT cult

Been thinking of trying Targo Dervish for a while. Glad it’s pretty strong.

It is a piano build for sure, and proper use of mobility abilities definitely lends to the clear times. I do enjoy a good active build though, and this one feels really good once you get the pattern down.

Yes, this is a good use of Targo. I am little tired of seeing Beranoth on every second physical build (in general, not directing this at you and just feeling whiney).

In spite of that, though, nice concept. I like the devotion path. And all the free pets make assigning those devotions quite easy.

originally I used double targo mace, but the bonuses from using beronath were way better. Converting the chaos on guardians gaze is pretty big. That’s the nature of building though… maximizing conversion will almost always lead to the best version of the build :man_shrugging:

YouTube inscription in the title? That’s another level, I mean the build :sweat_smile:

How do you make the toon whirl/spin almost continuously? “eye of Reckoning” only does it for short time?

You just keep holding the button down. It’ll spin continuously then.

I find that binding it to a key that isn’t on the mouse gives EoR/yugol the most quality of life for me. Some players are comfortable with it being on the mouse though… As said above holding down the hotkey will allow for continuous spinning

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