[] The Deception of Hallanx - Hybrid DEE Caster Sentinel ~6:30 average 170 clear

There has yet to be a solid spam caster DEE build posted in the FG era (or even in AoM for that matter) It is time to get one out here. Even though this build performs admirably, I still believe spam DEE could use a bit more love. Part of the performance is helped by the new rings procs, so if those end up changing at all it really could use a bit more. I think toning down the transmutor while giving the base skill a bit more nudging would do the trick. The would also prevent bomb DEE/biting blades builds from getting too strong.

Edit: Apparently @Nery did an acid version with similar performance [] Cult of Dreeg - DEE spamming Sentinel

The Build:
The build is assembled to try to make use of hybrid damage types of Vitality/Acid. It has 92% rr for both types and another 25% for vitality damage. Full Dreeg’s set for passthrough on pass DEE. Hallanx head offhand for extra built in adcth and to get our damage close to full vitality. You will want to get low rolled conversion on the shoulder and chest piece to maximize vitality damage on DEE. Eldritch pact provides a nice steady boost of dps which is also hybrid vitality/acid thanks to chaos to acid from the set. Sigil of consumption brings another source of hybrid damage/healing to the build. The medal just needs to provide elemental and pierce resists, although you probably could get away with just pierce resist.

Crucible 170 clears can be called 6:30 average. These mutators are more or less neutral for the whole run, but I piloted well. (very positive 150-160 marked + swift to negative 160-170 leeching) Spam dee and the other procs can be hard on graphics if your system is dated leading to some lag.

I have yet to test SR, but it shouldnt have any problems to SR 70 maybe even 75. (some slight tweaks might be needed)


It’s nice. I had roughly assembled something similar when I saw the Hallanx stats.

I’m kind of disappointed that the best DEE spam is primarily vitality. Ahh…maybe it is just my prejudices in the acid-vit itemization of GD.

But I definitely agree that the transmuter needs to be toned down and some of that bonus damage moved into the base skill. Otherwise biting blades + bomb is the way to go. :man_shrugging: There are some basic skill imbalances that gear just can not fix…well… reasonable gear…


I also think that the base skill itself should have maybe up to 50% passthrough much like PB. Then items can stack onto or override this value. In this case, Dreeg set would add another 16% passthrough.

If you are doing bomb DEE, you typically don’t invest much (if any) in the last node, and as such the passthough would mostly benefit spam.

“There hasn’t been solid DEE caster posted in FG era”???

Why you’re insulting my Dreeg’s Sentinel? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But I want to congratulate you for the result and the way you find enough support to subpar skill like spam DEE.

I guess I missed that one :sweat_smile:

Cool build. Not much to say. Masterpiece.

I’m just wondering, how is it the offensively weaker concepts like DEE must take defensive weapon components and components while the most op offensive freaks run rampant with Seals of Corruption, Coldstones, etc. and dmg augments?