[] Cult of Dreeg - DEE spamming Sentinel



DEE is a skill we didn’t see being used in builds for long time. And even when it’s used it’s just nuke skill, so I wanted to spam it instead. And I am happy with the results, not top tier build but balanced one without any major flaws, minus maybe the need of green items, but hey this is acid build. Green is the new black, or purple in this case.

So I went Sentinel and not Witch Hunter in order to utilize the powerhouse stat - CDR.

Credits go to @thejabrixone for his nuke DEE Witch Hunter and to @sir_spanksalot for his advice about devotion binding.


  • pic with permanent buffs and Ascension, which also can be perma.


  • damage breakdown for DEE

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQDPQMZ


Key of gearing is to stack as much %acid damage as possible. Dreeg Set is must, chance to pass through and set proc are reason to use the full set. Other options include:

  • Off-Hand - I use insane MI green with weapon damage bonus to DEE. Nardin is the best item for nuke DEE but here even with one good roll MI is better.

  • Relic - Meditation. I like both the flat and % acid damage. +1 To Oathkeeper is also more valuable, since there are other ways to max DEE skill nodes and OK have desired passive skills.

  • Belt - OK belt. Resistance it’s just acid, but I like OA and conversion of vitality damage(mostly relic) as well.

  • Pants - Venomskin. Acid pants, I like.

  • Gloves - Dark One. Main selling point is damage reduction to Pox. Also OA and acid damage.

  • Medal - Lethal Intents it’s good, damage to DEE>

  • Rings - decided to use combo of blue Eternal Rot+new Shuroth one.

  • Boots - decided to use Stoneplate crafted boots, cause I needed the extra stats/resistances boost. Not mandatory selection.


Key is to cap 3 out 4 nodes of DEE. For exclusive skill selected Path of Three, it have great synergy with Ascension and Dying God. Passive skills both classes provide are nice as well.

Devotion map is interested, decided to go north west into blue/red corner and pick DG and Aeon. DG gives nice cast speed and critical damage and Aeon provide stats and resets my passive skills, so perma Ascension. Guardians Gaze is both for damage and sustain. Revenant for flat RR.


Build have insane poison and acid % damage modifier - 3.2-3.3k with all procs, nice OA and crit damage and few procs for fast clear.

Defensively you can have Ascension, also life steal works well on DEE, because of the WD compartment. Physical and CC resistances are also in good shape.


Did few runs with the current spec, didn’t actually die, but few very close moments. 169/170 are hardest waves, be careful against Mad Queen, since she can retaliate projectiles. Kaisan is very dangerous with his crystals and also have high innate acid res. Alex is also slower, but not big problem.

Times are in small diapason 6:30 - 6:55, I haven’t try fishing for good mutators, so build have a lot more potential.

Here’s my video of 6:27!



I was playing with this Sentinel build, Am I totally lost? Again!..


Oh, it’s hybrid!

I don’t like them :smile:

But you should put more points in DEE skill line. Calling @sir_spanksalot to not waste his energy on arguments, but to help!


I don’t know enough about hybrid retal specs to comment. But I do think the biggest flaw of the build is the lack of casting speed.

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I think it is worthwhile to put at least one point in each of Soleal’s witchfire and second rite simply for some more flat damage. This is fully converted to acid, in any case. since you are going with the %wd offhand.


Thanks, that’s good idea!

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Nice build Nery! Unique as always but i do have a suggestion. In its current form you have 125% vit to acid. I would suggest the following aa wierd as it may seem, ditch eternal rot for another shurot ring, get murmur belt for extra fire to acid conversion and this way you will have 100% fire to acid, and try squeezing in Heart of Wrath on judgement.

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Oh, the 100% Ascension cheese? How cute! :kissing_heart: Kidding, six and a half is amazing for DEE spam, nobody even done this, congrats!

BTW, since you got them Stoneplates there, aren’t acid affixes just shit? Come on! Rant with me!

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I can use this but I need activator for Aeon and Judgement have 100% chance. But your idea is interesting. Also it’s possible to use more offensive map with Meteors :thinking:

Oh, thank you very much!

100% Ascension is sweet. 6:30 is decent time for this concept, I am happy with it.

I’ve got greedy with boots affixes :sweat_smile:


Exactly. And you can get both meteors and aeons with dying god along.

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GT please with your ideas, when you have time. @romanN1 if only there was way to do it in some theorycrafting PM :smile:


I would if i wasnt on my damn phone… :sweat_smile:

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I’m a huge fan of arcane spark.

Works extremely well when paired with revenant and viper

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My build basically have 200% CS, since DG is permanent with the CDR. Also energy is fine, almost 200 flat regen.

Going hybrid can create speed/energy problems perhaps.

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That’s not possible in this universe. https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN47vq0Z missing one even after dropping Ghoul. You wanna drop Revenant?

But the whole idea with Murmur isn’t bad. You save a lot of points from Wasting back. With the da. But I’d think about Imp instead… Just that there isn’t much to proc Imp with viably here except DEE itself.

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He can do like we did with our binders, use rune of dreegs vector to proc TD and heart of wrath to proc imp

Yeah… I’m still like “well, okay…” after what Cyclone elementalist could do with Imp when bound to Totems or Devils. Isn’t Heart of Wrath like Volcanic Stride? According to my tests Volcanic Stride does not carry Vire Might’s base proc chance but is most probably a basic proc chance of 15% like any other ticking skill.

Still, should be good enough for a DEE spammer… Let’s not get ahead of ourselves! :wink:

Yes it is similar but the aoe is huge a ticks lots of times on each target, so… I guess it simply need testing :smiley:. Anyway, consistency will be higher nontheless with two eyeball rings. Though, from my experiency, those rings are best used with charge runes. But hey, more damage when swarmed is nice too.

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Oh yeah, it will be the most eye build then. Guardian + double Shuroth + Dreeg amulet. Double Shuroth and Murmur should be sweet.


I tried build with Quillthrower and like 6-7 eye procs.
There’s option of Spin2win relic and DEE as nuke. Build that could ''caught your eye" :wink:

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