[Builders leave, dead game] Actually, it's about community, feedbacks and balance

i have actually meant completing it w/o camera abuse.

Mm, no. DA is one of the least important stat for SR, it actually matters a bit more in CR, cause there’re a lot of damage sources and a lot of DA shreds. It’s not entierly useless, melee tend to need it more than casters do, but it’s necessity is greatly exaggerated on forums.
As for OA - i’d been playing with ~2600 OA on my acid dervish, and it was fine for beating SR90 and CR.

Completing and consistent farming aren’t the same thing but okay, some build surely can do that with good piloting.

Nope, it depends on the build. Not every build has high life, damage absorption, good damage reduction or high OA shred. After SR 75 nemesis’ can crit you if you have lower DA than 2800 even without DA shred.

That’s an exceptional build with lot’s of aspects along with high DoT. That builds only lacks some CC resists and OA and Ascension provides them for the time being. I probably can’t accomplish those with that so part of the success is your piloting. Not every class combo do that, especially with melee build.

Anyway, no need to hijack the thread. My point was camera abuse and Crucible buffs/banners allows builders to be more aggressive, and without the exploitation SR requires more balanced builds in general, just that.

Hey, ya1, I respect your opinion on competitiveness, it’s amazing what you and other speedrunners did to push GD to its limits, and I fully understand that you’ve done all you want to do in this game.

But there are examples of games with an incredible longevity that are not based on competitiveness. In fact, the game that comes immediatly to mind is none other than Titan Quest, which is still alive, even if we don’t take the most recent DLCs into account. I’d also mention Diablo II, but I suspect people would start making arguments about the competitiveness of seasons, which I find a little doubious. Not that it doesn’t play a role, but I’m pretty sure it’s only part of what makes Diablo 2 still played nowaday. And that’s just looking at Diablo-like, there are other games that stand to this day (Civ 5 for example).

So yeah, is competitiveness in GD reaching its limits? Probably. Will it detract the half-casual/half-hardcore crowd (that never pushed past SR50 but still has half a dozen character concepts to finish) to enjoy the game for a dozen of years to come? If Titan Quest is anything to goes by, it won’t.

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In terms of communication and implementing player’s feedback, GD team is better than the majority of dev teams i dealt with.

I quit because endgame is a bit shallow and stale and requires too much time put in testing and optimizing for too little actual enjoyment from the gameplay. It’s a single player game with no ladders or rankings after all, endgame isn’t the main focus, so no complaints here.

I had a good 1year run and I look forward to possible new Crate’s aRPG. Even though the competition will be stiff with Diablo 4 and PoE 2 comming out, i think Crate has gears and experience to do smth unque yet again.


Im still waiting to see the link for that high SR DEE spam clearer guide you said you found.


Maybe I shouldn’t have said high. Probably more mid. Will have to ask Nery, even if I think he doesn’t like the game mode :

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Awesome, thank you!

Oh come on! I have low power PC from 2012 and it never crossed my mind to complain like that. Lower your settings and game on. Or go write your own game engine. In fact competitive gamers used to play on lowest settings back in the day. What the hell happened?

I don’t know, why should it be standardized ? This is not a racing game or strategy game or what have you.
I have no problem with there being RNG and it affecting your times. Does that mean you cannot really have an objectively best Crucible rusher due to these variations ? Absolutely, but outside a dozen or so people I don’t think anyone cares.

Mixing it up keeps you on your toes more and maybe focus on a more versatile build, not sure how that is worse.

Finally, I would consider a game that outside of 100 speed runners no one still plays a lot more dead than one that no one speed runs but 1000 people play regularly…

This is not a competitive game and trying to make it one probably makes it worse off overall. If because of that it is not for you, then leaving was the right decision.


How can I make it lower than this? And if you ask about shaders, I don’t know but game performs better with medium than low weirdly.

And it’s not complaining. It’s just not fun when you’re in a challenging concept like Crucible, testing the build you can’t play smoothly and the results are purely up to that smooth piloting. SR is better and no time challenge among the builders, so I play SR more than Crucible.

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the two do not have to be mutually exclusive :wink:

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I am almost 100% sure that if you announced a 3rd expansion but took a long time to become “proud” of what you created this community would definitely wait and spend the $ to have another piece of a fantastic game.

I don’t see having “more items” as a hard Rule for expansions. With no real time limit as Crate sets there own deadlines, you could put time into other systems that invoke change.

Any argument that it affects and makes balancing issues is also a “meh” issue to me as skills and items are still getting pass overs even if it is just a shift in numbers. I’m the only person in my group that sees no problem with just numbers changes and yet understand the rest wanting more dynamic changes.

I mean look at the number of MIs were added outside of expacs? That’s like an expansion already to which I am so appreciative of.

I don’t want camera moving taken away from everyone but if the hard, fast rule Crate is keeping us to allow camera manipulation in boss SR rooms, just make it spawn one at a time already if that is the accepted norm.

IMO, you can keep the punishing, unbalanced SR 60+ and still give players a little more sense of control of the stacked RNG. I for one would push my HC characters higher in SR regardless of loot if I didn’t have to esc exit impossible rooms.

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I was wondering if someone was going to point this little fact out. TQ’s community was still alive and kicking LONG after Iron Lore folded. There is something to be said for a game being moddable. While the community likely won’t be massive, it’s still there and I fully expect GD to play out in roughly the same fashion after Crate puts it down.

You don’t need to be a competitive (or online) game to retain a following. A good game with mod tools is enough.


What about Mods? Wont there still be a bunch of people modding in the community?

On that note, is it possible to mod Crucible? Could there be a mod created to establish timers and what not?

I don’t always play SR but when I do, play it without camera abuse, should make it a meme :smile:

To @Knife DEE works better on CD with BBlades as filler but acid Sentinel is the way for spamming eyes. I was thinking of updating the build, Lee even tested it but was too glassy for Crucible. I might try it in the future with the new green medal but was waiting for potential buffs to the skill. But yeah, new medal should help with defense. SR 65 should definitely bring easy, 75 perhaps too. The thing is DEE can’t survive burst damage, due to low WD to leech and fact is spam skill, so you need to stand still, unlike DoT casters like these Sorcs. MH with Panetti is way sturdier than DEE builds and Agrivix Binders can chain Torment+Mirror for comparing. Sentinel way is perhaps permanent Ascension.


That makes a lot of sense, I was going to ask you if the build was up to date, it looks like fun. I did dabble in DEE a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. It was great for leveling, I remember. I didnt get past level 50 with it before branching off to experiment with another build, never to return. Maybe its time.

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I think it is quite possible to mod Crucible but I’m not completely sure on why you don’t really see much done in this area.

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Yea I figured that alot of it was it being about some weird legal “grey” area from past conversations on it.

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I stopped playing this game for nearly 6 monhs already, and the main reason, is because the developers are clearly biased in what damage types they prefer to add more support to the game.

Every fucking new patch, there is always lots of acid, vitality and chaos gear added to the game, or they just buff everything related to these damage types, while the rest either gets nerfed, or just ignored.

How many rings does this game has that supports the wps Smite? Or how many gears that supports Smite for physica and fire damage, that is not a frigging 2 hander?

How many physical/lightning heavy armor sets we currently have?

Why do the only Paladin set this game has is chaos focused?

Why is there constellations that supports pretty much all acid, vitality and chaos damage combos, but there is not a single constellation that supports the fire/lightning combo?

I’m tired of seeing this developer bias in this game, and I won’t play this game again, until they start to even things out.