[Builders leave, dead game] Actually, it's about community, feedbacks and balance

I don’t always play SR but when I do, play it without camera abuse, should make it a meme :smile:

To @Knife DEE works better on CD with BBlades as filler but acid Sentinel is the way for spamming eyes. I was thinking of updating the build, Lee even tested it but was too glassy for Crucible. I might try it in the future with the new green medal but was waiting for potential buffs to the skill. But yeah, new medal should help with defense. SR 65 should definitely bring easy, 75 perhaps too. The thing is DEE can’t survive burst damage, due to low WD to leech and fact is spam skill, so you need to stand still, unlike DoT casters like these Sorcs. MH with Panetti is way sturdier than DEE builds and Agrivix Binders can chain Torment+Mirror for comparing. Sentinel way is perhaps permanent Ascension.


That makes a lot of sense, I was going to ask you if the build was up to date, it looks like fun. I did dabble in DEE a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. It was great for leveling, I remember. I didnt get past level 50 with it before branching off to experiment with another build, never to return. Maybe its time.

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I think it is quite possible to mod Crucible but I’m not completely sure on why you don’t really see much done in this area.

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Yea I figured that alot of it was it being about some weird legal “grey” area from past conversations on it.

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I stopped playing this game for nearly 6 monhs already, and the main reason, is because the developers are clearly biased in what damage types they prefer to add more support to the game.

Every fucking new patch, there is always lots of acid, vitality and chaos gear added to the game, or they just buff everything related to these damage types, while the rest either gets nerfed, or just ignored.

How many rings does this game has that supports the wps Smite? Or how many gears that supports Smite for physica and fire damage, that is not a frigging 2 hander?

How many physical/lightning heavy armor sets we currently have?

Why do the only Paladin set this game has is chaos focused?

Why is there constellations that supports pretty much all acid, vitality and chaos damage combos, but there is not a single constellation that supports the fire/lightning combo?

I’m tired of seeing this developer bias in this game, and I won’t play this game again, until they start to even things out.


Meanwhile people complain that acid has no CC res or crit damage, and that chaos damage is the weakest damage type in the game. And vitality got mostly nerfs last patch.

Guess Zantai is not buffing acid and chaos enough. :scorv:








frigging https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12131

Octavius works for Physical Paladin.

Virtue is awesome if you want to go Fire Paladin, and I’m pretty sure Justicar is strong too.

And there are a LOT of physical and fire build guides out there, and I mean, a LOT.

I don’t see Fire/Acid, Lightning/Acid, Lightning/Chaos, Fire/Vitality, and Lightning/Vitality constellations.

I mean, maybe you could ask for building advice, there are some pretty famous options for Physical and Lightning builds out there (Mythical Beronath is looking at you).

Did you just try to introduce facts into this?


I try my best, success not guaranteed!

Vitality acid and chaos are overbuffed fact.

Chaos bwc pyro best build fact.

It’s so op has damage reduced physical resist absorb heal fact.


Please do it! Something norse-themed would be amazing.

Did you read his reply? :rofl:

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Just dropping my personal opinion. I don’t wanna start an argument about elitism or whatever but the way I see it crucible times was the only somewhat reliable measure of how good a build is (also don’t wanna start an argument about SR times, imo it’s not reliable because of the variance). Big emphasis on “somewhat.” So why not make that measure more reliable?

You may ask why do we need to even have that measure. If we talk about deep endgame and keeping veteran players hooked, imo that’s what kept them going: not just making any builds but making the best builds possible. The word “best” already implies that there must be ways to measure and compare stuff.

About RNG, this is because getting a good Cruci time is a HELL OF A GRIND. It’s very frustrating. I can’t count the times I had a perfect 150-160 only to see Armored or Aetherwarped or other such mutators on 160-170 (impossible to beat a time with that). From my personal perspective, one of the reasons why I quit. Every time I outlined a new build or an update to an old one, I knew I will have to go through the same grind. Finally, the satisfaction from eventually hitting that time stopped outweighing all the frustration of getting there.

PS. I hear the above was greatly improved with the aggro fixes so that’s a great thing, great job!

yes, ‘best’ needs something to measure against. Even with somewhat less RNG in Crucible there will still be some RNG involved though, so unless you take all RNG out and play it on rails, you still do not get there - or you average 10 runs to do so without changing the game.

Does that make that char the best char though across MC, Crucible and SR ? If not, is it the best char or is it ‘just’ the best char for a tiny fraction of the game ?
Is it even the best build or is it the piloting skills of the player and a different player would get worse times or not even be able to finish while having better results with a different build (not faster than the original player, but faster than with the build of that player) ?

Personally I find this whole hunt for ‘best’ misguided, but that obviously is only personal opinion too.

Just so you do not misunderstand this, I absolutely understand optimizing a build, I just find the notion of best meaningless here for the above reasons. There definitely are great, good, mediocre and awful builds. I do not think there is one objectively best build :wink:


Yeah, I disagree with them that stopping at 2 is best. :stuck_out_tongue:

As Zantai has said, the main storyline needs more than just another expansion. And adding another one would make the game even longer to play through on all difficulties, especially if the level cap isn’t raised.

Let the team have a break and work on some new projects. I’m curious to know what Zantai’s “GD fans should be interested in” one will turn out to be.


I’m good no matter which way they go but Zantai first started hinting before FG release that it was likely to be the last one and then since release he has made it abundantly clear that FG was the last and he has dropped no hints that they have changed their minds on it.

Sure, all us “hardcore” GD fans probably wouldn’t care at all but casuals and noobs might be put off by so much DLC. There are already some that throw a tantrum with the amount of existing DLC there is and accusing them of nickel and diming people. Plus there is the bloat factor that comes with it. There is a whole lotta game there already with both xpacs… adding more would start making it unwieldy to play for most people I’m thinking.