[] The Fire Furies - AAR Mage Hunter < 6 Crucible + bonus build BWC spamming Shieldbreaker

  • no dragons here but lots of fire :sunglasses:


Right now am on streak of playing AAR builds, so decided to retest fire in Crucible environment. Sorc is the obvious choice and have slightly more damage on paper but Mage Hunter have better QoL and definitely better defense.

Credit for previously posted fire AAR builds to @omnitrio and @AlexGoldFish_322


  • pic with permanent buffs only

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/vNQEM58N

  • crafts are all with physique


Decided to use some not very popular choices for items here. Since build is little low on RR is important to have more skill bonus points to Aura of Censure. So boots and freshly buffed chest give me that. But if you take away godly rolls of pants you can be little low on resistances and Fateweaver becomes mandatory.

In order to have working fire AAR you need basically conduit, weapon(faction one) and medal. Helm is Ravager with health mode, relic is ice Iskandra,just like my lightning version. Shoulders are Vanquisher, giving health, physical resistance and health. Dawnshard are also nice but they have big physique requirements being considered "heavy armor’’. OFF hand is the defensive AAR one, since conduit have too low WD to allows great sustain.

Rings are also awkward selection, 2018 flashback :smile:
But they have nice AoE proc and usually AAR have great singel target damage and also can hit enemies in straight line but AoE weakness is lack of radius damage. Rings proc, Meteros and Beacons cover that, hence my idea.


For AAR or other spam skills you need less keys as possible. Pain is nice devotion procer and is fire and forget skill, so I take to proc multiple elemental storms. Also I had enough points to do something fancy and softcap Fabric of Reality.


Magi and Torch are usual suspects for fire build, even if I barely can proc them. Had to settle binding Torch to a movement skill and used Amatok, which is great charge skill requiring no target to function.

Ghoul is used for defense, Elemental Storm for big flat RR and also took Chariot for Idk why, perhaps with Wolverine to cover my DA.


Build is safe in Crucible like most Mage Hunters, obviously the need to pay attention is factor. Damage is great, build is sub 6 for sure. I didn’t have any luck with mutators, my fastest run is 5:24 with neutral mutators.

Bonus build

GRIM TOOLS :arrow_right: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/p25dOzBN

  • all crafts with physique

That’s fire BWC spam build. Actually there was heated (as expected) discussion about Infernal set and here’s my build response.

Actually very tough to maintain balance between damage, defense, OA, DA, energy regen, physical resistance and even cast speed. Tome of Atonement for example have DA and OA but no cast speed sadly.

So some sacrifices made so I can survive and have sustain, my idea is to utilize health regen, together with damage absorb, Ghoul and Bat.

Here’s my fastest Crucible run of 5:48!

Non spam version is lot better and didn’t cost gazillion of energy to run it, check it out!


Channel with weapon harm mod to AAR. Or on the other hand exchange for legendary Embodiment of the Inauspicious First light, it’s not so much an uncommon drop.