[] Ultos 2H Primal Strike Vindicator speed of light approved

Thanks for the update and the video (5:14!).
I really like the 2.5s charge movement skills similar to the Will of the Fallen Kings.
There are 3 - 4 of them if I remember correctly. Not only you can use them constantly (every .5s is a huge difference) but they are great proccers (i.e. 67% chance for Raise the Dead, 85% for Arcane Bomb, 100% for Hungering Void). Too bad the calculator doesn’t show the increased percentages.

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Yeah they are super good, especially for melee builds. And via the belt half of the aether damage becomes lightning + big weapon damage compartment. And Fallen kings rune is working like Vire’s might and don’t require target, so you can use it to move around fast. Not sure what other runes have similar skills. :thinking:

Amatok’s Breath https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12072 works in the same way
The last of the three is Violent Delights https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12074 but I haven’t tested it.

I must also update the percentages because I made mistake
It’s the low level charge Rune of the Rahn’s Might https://www.grimtools.com/db/items/12071 with 3s recharge (and smaller 12m range) that has 100%, 85% and 67% chances for Hungering Void, Arcane Bomb and Raise the Dead.

The 2.5s (14m range) runes have slightly lower chances unfortunately - 86%, 65% and 52% to trigger these devotion skills.

The good thing is that the CDR from Ultos items doesn’t lower these values.

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Two of the best builders/pilots in the game took Ultos Vindicator for a spin. So here are the videos.

4:59! by @Plasmodermic

5:19! by @mad_lee

Videos are added under my in the update section. Thanks for testing my build!


Thanks for the build Nery, I’m at lvl 60 now - loving it so far. I’ve mostly been playing it with friends in cruicible and it’s awesome. You gotta love that primal strike haha, the lightning looks and feels awesome.

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Hey Nery,

Would you advise devotion path of this build?
Thank you very much.

You mean leveling or end game specifically?

But order of devotions in GT can be:

  • Red
  • Viper
  • Ghoul
  • Sailor’s Guide
  • Eel
  • Green
  • Spider
  • Hawk
  • Widow
  • Kraken
  • Revenant, remove red
  • Ulots
  • Spear
  • 1 point in Aeon’s Hourglass

For leveling Elemental Storm can be taken fairly early, then start working towards Kraken and Widow. Ultos have priority over Spear as well.


Thank for swift reply.
Actually I have ultos set and just start new toon using 2H primal strike as a main skill.
Any advice for leveling?

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Thunderous Strike is very suitable for leveling from early leveling.

I can say to focus on getting resistances reduction and life steal to keep you going. Start with Shaman and Max Primal Strike with Thunderous Strike, also max Raging Tempest with 1 point Wind Devils. You can put point in Mogdrogen Pact, Heart of the Wild and Brute Force. Then start investing points in Inquisitor mastery and push it to the end around level 40 or so and max Censure. Meanwhile take few ranks in Word of Renewal for heal and DA with Word of Arms modifier and Deadly Aim.

After you have maxed core skills, you can put more points into support skills. Not sure when to pick Savagery. Perhaps if you have low stats. And if you die, you can take Inquisitor Seal.

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