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Stun Res in game doesn’t match Grimtools
Because items have been crafted for Stun Res

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Supa Tnanks @Slev1n for Crucible Video

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nice build, this will be my third purifier

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You have high Life Steal, but no Weapon Damage in your skills at all. What is the sense of it?
It looks you have some conversion of damage to health from Ulzuin’s Wrath, but not from your main damage skills. Please correct me if I am wrong.

He has Stormfire which allows him to life steal a bit of health from the 40% weapon damage per fragment.

He has it bound to Twin Fangs which also allows him to life steal. The 45% ADCtH on it uses the full damage including the Pierce/Vitality unlike Stormfire making it far stronger. The Pierce->Fire conversion from his rings also makes this sweeter.

You are right, but amount of damage converted from Stormfire is minuscule. It looks like 0,4 * 0,14 * WD. Twin Fangs is better, but still worse than Ulzuin’s Wrath with more skill points. While Ghoulish Hunger gives no effect at all.

Factor in RR/crit modifiers for total end damage, casting speed, number of fragments that shotgun big enemies or multiple small enemies in crowds. It’s not the biggest source but it still matters.

How is Twin Fangs worse than Ulzuin’s Wrath? Twin Fangs literally has triple the ADCtH modifier and fires off a pair of projectiles that life steal every 0.5-1s. In crowds, they pierce through enemies and life steal off of every single one hit.

You believe 5 invested Devotion Points in Ghoulish Hunger worth this minuscule income of Health?

  1. Fire Base Damage of Ulzuin’s Wrath 16+12 (274 damage) higher than Twin Fangs (83) with 50% conversion Pierce to Fire
  2. Twin Fangs proc chance is 20%. In 1,5 sec how many time you will cast Stormfire which procs TF? And you will cast not just Stormfire, right? You will spend the time on movement as well. While Ulzuin’s Wrath does not require cast at all. It works automatically and hits 6 targets as retaliation + gives you Health Restore + Total Speed increase + 100% Knockdown + Stun chance + more…
    IMHO spend skill points on UW 16+12 better than DP on Twin Fangs and Ghoulish Hunger.

Yes, it is great when you have a weapon with high damage and skill with at least 100% WD (e.g. Fire Strike)

5 devotion points in an incredibly accessible constellation for a way of sustaining health efficiently that even casters can live with. Twin Fangs is great on it’s own but becomes even better with good weapon damage or Pierce/Vitality conversion to your preferred damage type.

Opportunity cost.

It is much easier to spend 5 devotion points for Twin Fangs and get worthwhile affinity out of it than it is to sink 26 skill points into Vindictive Flame + Ulzuin’s Wrath to try and make it competitive. There is no where he could pull 26 skill points from without losing a ton of damage or survivability in other areas.

Twin Fangs is easier to proc on-demand on your main attack whereas you have to get hit consistently to proc Ulzuin’s Wrath, you can’t kite and regen health with it effectively. If you want the ability to kite and sustain on Twin Fangs, then you can always bind it to Thermite Mines, 1/1 Storm Box or 1/1/1 Word of Pain here.

The amount of healing he is getting is enough for his character. What you might have been confused on initially is that he can work with the amount he has because he stacks large amounts of flat damage absorption between overcapped Inquisitor Seal, Phoenix and Blast Shield/Prismatic Diamond procs to minimise the amount of damage he takes.

The only times he takes significant chunks are big Physical hitters + Physical RR. In his roguelike Bosses video, compare the amount of damage he takes on Alkamos, Shar’Zul and the Valbury trio to Gargabol in his 2nd phase and to a lesser extent Morgoneth to see what I mean here.

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