[] Vitality Radaggan Apostate

I dont see much use of Radaggen set or Apostate builds recently, and really love the idea of burning monster with Aura of Censure, so here you go, my first attempt build Apostate (still not optimized yet): https://www.grimtools.com/calc/a2d4bX82
This build is really fun in main campaign and crucible. With 70% pierce + 100% elemental converted to vitality (mostly Fire and especially Cold), the damage is quite good, and the “vitality burning” from Aura of Censure and Rune of Hagaraad is awesome. But in higher crucible and maybe high SR (dont test SR yet), this build is so squishy and easy to die (even with 16k HP and 3k1 DA) due to very low armor and physical res. Standing inside Seal and spam Chillspike while lay down RoH and sometime Bone Harvest doesnt really help, even with 22/12 Censure and a bunch of Dam Reduction. I try to sqeeze everything i can think of to sustain more, but not help. Only clear Crucible 3/10 runs.
Really hope to get some advices from more experienced players/builders, thank everyone for reading this :slight_smile:
P/s: if the problem is my bad piloting skill, then i got nothing to blame anymore :(((

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wow, tks so much for the guide. But… still the same fragile build as mine. And how can you do crucible so smooth :(((( man feeling bad now

Shouldnt be too hard if you have a proper rotation of your skills tbh. I cant look closer to your build since im on the phone at work to see devotions and all of that but yours should be tankier than mine.