[] Chaos Saboteur in Infernal Champion. 150-170 6m 21s. SR 75-76

Hello everyone, I would like to show another build of the chaos saboteur, which differs from the Assembly of the Razin @afanasenkov26 ([] (Hybrid) Scion of the Void - Melee Chaos Saboteur [c+][sr+]) with overcapped cocktails and mines. The game differences are that we have a stronger AoE damage and this build is a kind of hybrid of caster and melee build, since in difficult game situations, you can throw a cocktail + mines and kite, and the proc of a bat that stands on the cocktail will help you survive in such periods. This build feels confident in the 150-170 Gladiator Crucible and has no problems with 65-66 Shards. If you want to conquer SR 75-76, you need to be careful. Below you can see videos of runs and 65-66 75-76.

Build: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/4ZD9X3BN

150-170 6m 21s

150-170 6m 30s

Lokarr 15s

Mad Queen 7s



65 SR

66 SR

75 SR

76 SR


Kudos for your build, very interesting idea!

I like how you can use Infernal set on Saboteur :smiley:

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Nice Chaos Saboteur you’ve got here. :+1:

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Привет, ты вроде бы русский знаешь , если есть желание, вступай к нам в дискорд Safarel , мы постоянно какие нибудь билды собираем и тестим :slightly_smiling_face::grim_dawn:

Thanks for your offer but my Russian is really bad. I know only few words and can read but can’t write, so I can’t be much useful there.

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окей, если что, всегда рады, приходи :slightly_smiling_face:

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