[] The Lone Avenger - Deathmarked based, Cold RF Dervish

LOL, I mean my first posted build… :stuck_out_tongue:

Damn, how did you remake them so fast? Were you smart enough to save them in text files or something? :slight_smile:

I still have my bonemonger’s text somewhere, so that’s easy.
About the deathmarked, I still have the thread open in one of my chrome tabs. For some reason, that tab is not updated to the forum rollback. So I just copy the text and redo the formatting… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lucky guy:p.I hope will see new builds from you.

The cold RF conduit is buffed and convert fire to cold also.
This is quite a surprise from crate. This build should be even crazier. Will check tomorrow for cruci time.

Updated this Deathmarked Dervish for the new Make it on par to the current modern power,
Just need to do deathmarked the justice… :laughing:


Damn that sheet DPS is so hot, I mean cold.

Also clear time is very impressive. My DM builds are usually so slow. Point is turned out I can’t play DW melee auto attacker despite my previous claims. And you, despite being caster fan can achieve such times with little bit awkward class combo for cold DW melee build. Hmmm :thinking:


Very nice. Good itemization and smart thinking on Korvaak, both the map and binding. This guy is probably on the level with BM.
I wanted to make 9 DM builds for all possible class combos but time is limited!

If you’d want to make it faster, i’d go with smth like this:

Can probably go below 5mins. But after this patch nerfs all “good” Crucible times are bittersweet. It’s not even viable to farm Crucible anymore :pensive: Poor us

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I play everything that’s fun, not just caster… :rofl:

Here is the save file if you’re interested:
_Thorfinn.zip (744.1 KB)

Putting the points to nightfall and NJE like your trickster? Yeah, I haven’t tried that as I think this guy can’t overcap NJE. I might try it next. Probably can shave off 10-15 sec in my hand.

But careful now, next patch might omit this conduit altogether… :rofl:

Because you always build yours super glassy… :laughing:
You need to get used to the nerfs. Though I usually move on to a new concept and only revisit build that I like very much :rofl:.

I am just grateful that Crate didnt destroy storm beacon and buffed other beacon. Next run maybe trying deathchill beacon.

I don’t think that conduit is op, it’s like Korba helm for Trickster. What i’m afraid of is Nightfall and cold devos nerfs without giving anything back to Nightblade.

It’s not about that, i can rebuild my glass cannons just fine. It’s just that with such severe nerfs to Crucible performance there is no loot compensation. So really what’s the point of making a build guide for Crucible? Farming shards is safer, easier and now - it’s even faster. So Crucible lost it’s only redeeming quality for legit players.

I am joking… :stuck_out_tongue:
I said that because they said conduit is only to enable niche build, while this build is not niche at all.

What i am afraid of is all of the unjustified nerf still there and Crate stop updating and announcing the final GD version with trashy RoH and stormbox…

I honestly don’t know.
We play cruci and keep challenging it patch by patch because it’s fun. It’s also because we have all the gear available, and can easily test new things with GDstash. Unfortunately, crate always do balancing around this top end and GDstashing community.

I don’t want to say how casual or legit player do with all the patches change, because the fanboys will tell me that I don’t know anything about them.

IMO, just let it be. It doesn’t affect us anyway because we can just make another build if one got destroyed by patch… :rofl:

Oh man this feels like DM Infiltrator v3 - stronger and better in any area. I feel Z`s gaze here :rofl:

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Fun fact, when jabby was starting here he was a DW guy :p.

@thejabrixone and everyone else - 3+3+1 is sustainable for farming?

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I tested deathmarked infiltrator at with a twist inspired from banana’s trickster:
Clear time is more or less similar or a bit faster than dervish, so they are quite comparable… :laughing:

I am honored that you still remember my early GD days, senpai!!! :sob:

It’s 2 tribute short. You will end up with 98 tribute after clearing 3 or 4 cruci. So need to do baby run once in a while.

For full 100 tribute, you can do run with 3buff + 4 L1 beacons/banners, it’s actually cheaper than 3+1 L3 beacon/banner. The run is faster and more comfortable because no enemy stuck in the spawn point.


I just started playing again and I have some noob questions,
Before trying new stuff Im trying to finish a cold deathmarked shadowstrike build from 1.0.2-1.0.7, my goal is to clear 170 consistently, maybe try high lvl SR once I have my items, no idea If non-boss targeted build can clear ravager/mog.
However deathmarked and shadowstrike doesnt seems to have any synergy at lv 94, is my build trying to do dead? Most of the deathmarked build Ive seen are auto-attack builds, is deathmarked set designed for dual blade skill tree only?
If I want to do a cold lv26 shadow strike build, is ya1’s Morgoneth Infiltrator the only meta option? However that build seems very hard to obtain and Im not into GDstash yet, still having fun farming.
Is shadow strike even a A tier spell, not many new builds build around shadow strike. :frowning:

yeah, deathmarked set has been remodeled to support Nightblade’s WPS fully. However you can still make it as shadow striker with some twist (my gt link above):

You can have 26/16 SS by using slithscale pants.

Those build is comparable to this dervish and actually can clear a bit faster.

If you want to do morgoneth’s infiltrator with obtainable items, here:

I plan to update it in the near future also with the new patch.

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thanks for the quick reply, look forward to try both of your build.
Can I swap 1 cold stone for shard of baronath on nex & ortus? Is Baronath worth it or 5 flat dmg is better? Im ok with more button inputs.
although nex & ortus give nice skill levels, does this item combo make sense to you(or experienced players)? seems like one of the dmg will always be ignored unless doing some niche build.

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Sure, but I personally think it’s not worth the extra buttons. Because morgoneth is no deathmarked that give a lot of skill point to WPS. If shadow strike focus, I like to just bind it to LMB button and teleporting around.

Yes, nex n ortus is not that good for shadow strike build. The swords just give nice skill points and good procs. Making a nightblade that is not acid and cold (also in some case vitality PB) is super difficult.


hi i am very interested in your build…can u please give a detail guide on your build? which skills to level first?

You cannot do this build from levelling because it is a conversion build. You need the conduit amulet to make it work, which is only available at lv 94.

You can however level it as acid dervish as it will be easier with double RR from both masteries. I suggest follow @Stupid_Dragon guide here:

It is an acid autoattacker dervish, the gameplay will be quite similar but with different devo.