[] Aether Callidor's Tempest/Devastation Spellbinder 75-76 farmer/Ravager/95 SR

Hello. I want to present you some unusual, fun and solid concept for shattered realm - devastation/CT hybrid spellbinder utilizing cdr reduction for endless MoT and Mirror chain. Devastation spellbinders are kinda popular on chinese forum - I saw few builds but my use few others items (I wanted to get rid of rares to be more accessible) and Callidor Tempest for additional damage and life leeching and OOF for good crowdcontrol + incredible easy 75-76 1-3 chunks walking simulator. Full credits for their community for idea and suggested devotion route, after experimenting with few others routes this one was best.

There are two setups, depends of preferences and luck in drops.

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/bVA99lRV -> Maw of Despair setup, more survival, slighty less damage (around 20 seconds slower in Ravager fight)

https://www.grimtools.com/calc/mN4llyyN -> Outcast secret setup, less survival due to less lifeleech from CT, more damage, should be better for 75-76 farming but this helmet is pain to get. If you don’t have hero with access to nemesis Anasteria/don’t want to do 200runs to drop helmet or you want more defense - go for first setup. Otherwise I recommend it.

Gear choices:
Helmets - one of cores depends what you want/drops, description above.

Amulet - Flexible choice. Conduit of Arcane Whispers with OOF mod is just great one - not only it’s solid defensive option because of resistances (Aether recommended but any other is okay too, just some auguments swapping may be needed) but either with -30% reduced freeze duration/-15% aether resistance and Hourglass we can permafreeze most trash monsters/heroes and Zantarin skeletons. OOF mod is not necessary anyway, don’t force yourself to farm it if you don’t want to. Even something useless like acid trozan’s sky shard/AAR mods etc is okay, other defensive stats make it viable. Avoid any conversion for devastation/CT and that’s it.
Another very good alternative (better in some cases, thanks to @txl112020 suggestion) is Conduit of Undying Whisper with -15% aether resistances to Siphon Souls or Impaired target to Ravenous Earth - these choices are better for boss fights. It may force us to relocate few points from Necromancer to Arcanist tree.

Armor/shoulders/gloves/boots - Krieg set is very easy too get and give us everything we need -> easy points for Mirror (we need maxed for our MoT/mirror combo), resistances, damage, other basic stats.

Off-hand - rare one is needed but it’s easy to get and I didn’t use total fantasy one. It should be farmed from Terrnox during road for Krieg set. Just aim for maximum possible OA (18% cdr is nice to have too), ignore everything else if you don’t drop one with offensive ability.

Pants - Mythical Wraithborne Legwraps provide us both OA/DA, damage and resistances we can lack off. Another viable choices are Mythical Leggings of Arcane Currents/Mythical Legwraps of the Tranquil Mind/Mythical Fateweaver’s Legginds.

Rings - Mythical Screams of the Aether and Mythical Band of the Eternal Haunts are best ones (resistances/RR/skills).

Belt - Mythical Cord of Violent Decay because of Fire->Aether conversion which is needed in combination with our weapon.

Medal - Mythical Mark of Anathema because of nice bonuses to CT, no alternatives.

Relic - Eternity is core because of CDR.

Weapon - Hardest part to get in Port Valbury. Sadly it’s necessary and not much alternatives (until you want to farm campaign only). We need this conversion and cdr for devastation.

Physique/cunning ratio depends of rolls and offhand. Remember we need crits for proper resets. For SR go for at least 3k OA and for superbosses 3.2-3.3.

Build can seems hard to play at start until taking practice in managing cooldowns but when you take to used to it - it becomes much more fun and just braindead.

At start you can begin with MoT -> Mirror (wait for Mot expire) -> hourglass reset with Siphon Souls -> Mot and now don’t use mirror until you are forced to. Remember you got Ghoul, Behemoth and good lifeleech. Senseless spaming mirror after MoT may break combo after some time and you are now with no defensive procs and ~12% physical resistances. Wait for good opportunity, reset hourglass smart but you can spam MoT everytime instead. Do not make mistake using MoT and mirror at the same time. Do little sidestep if necessary, otherwise you can easy facetank whole 75-76 rooms in most cases (be aware of Kaisan).

Best tip for learning it is go for Ravager. Just survive first phase without moving - if you can do it then you are at good road to be successfull with that build. From time to time I am making mistake too.

I’ve recorded both Ravager and deep SR to show how it works. 75-76 runs take around 11-15 min (everything depends about boss combo and especially chunks and mobs types) and it has 100% consistency. Pharma is ofcourse not needed. Outcast setup is a little bit faster usually, I recommend it for 75 farming.

Here is the 95sr run, it can go higher but 90-95 is already a little bit “RNG line”. Can facetank most bosses 1vs1 but Kaisan/Grava’thul/Kubacabra/Gargaban may need some kiting/side steps.

Ravager - always get over 3.2k OA or there will be no resets from eternity. The only pharma you need for facetank 100% of the time is energy regeneration one - Elixir of the Void and Royal Jelly Extract. Some OA is nice too, depends of rolls, Mythical Screams of the aether ring can be swapped for Albrecht’s Duality (100OA). With no pharma he is totally killable but it may require some kiting from time to time.

Maw of despair setup (slower, a little bit safer):

Outcast secret setup (faster ~20-30 seconds):

If you are interested in build I suggest to watch carefully videos above how I try to manage cooldowns and rotations.
Callagadra should be possible but with kiting ofcourse, long fight probably.

I am open for suggestions, regards


Build is really good. Got some ideas of the skill points allocation and the amulet. Since every mod of conduit ring of arcanist is trash, OOF can’t do anything against nemises so I recommened the necro conduit amulet with -aether res mod. YNn00GgV

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Thank you! Yes, this necro amulet should be great choice, even better for 75-76, I will add this information to OP. Either mod with Impaired aim for RE is another good alternative. OOF amulet is helpful in sr90+ where Zantarin’s skeletons hit like truck so we have more control over them and it’s easier to push 1-3 chunks.

About skillpoints: I think Ravenous earth should be better for damage reduction because it last longer and we need some Bat proccer - RE is one of the best skills for it. In my opinion just one pointo into Siphon souls and Sear souls for better Hourglass proc is enough, with more points into Arcane Will which will proc basically 100% of the time we have slighly more DA + damage and siphon souls has short range so it will not always hit everyone around.

Agree with you about the RE part but I wanna say, since you got about 26% cdr, for arcane will: 6s X 0.75 means it will be 4.5s CD, that’s about 6/(4.5+6) coverage at most? Blood boil: 162 OA shred means AT LEAST 180 DA buff since enemies OA is always lower than your DA.
Anyway, only my opinion.

Arcane will is basically permanent buff for us, you can see it in Ravager video as example. The only time it doesn’t proc is when Mirror is up. Maxed it provide us either flat energy regeneration - and this build is energy hungry in longer boss fights, especially without some energy regen consumables.

OK. This reminds me one of my build. However, you need very good skill rotation. IDK Whether I can do it or not:joy:

Yes, skills rotation is hardest part but you can learn it pretty fast just fighting Ravager over and over, then you do it intuitively and can always do side step if situation went wrong.
AAR Clairvoyant with Eternity + Aldanars Vanity + this devotion tree works even better, you are basically never out of Mot + Mirror combo, I guess it can go sr100+.